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  1. I was involved in a 182 crash several years ago. Had I not buckled my tandem student and myself in I would almost guarantee that we would have crushed the videographer when we came to a stop. Never in a million years would I believe that I would be involved in a plane crash let alone live thru it. The seatbelts saved us, its just that simple. Just wear them and wear them correctly! Great article Thanks for posting it.
  2. Funny that the Vector and Sigma are not closer to the same. Or vector larger. I thought that you have to be Vector certified with a Sigma endorsement added. At least that is how it was when I got rated 5 years ago.
  3. I agree. I have no problem taking larger people. The extra $1.00 per pound over 220 defiantly helps pay for the Advil during the week. largest to date was 6'6" 281. But that was when i was much lighter than I am now. I limit myself to most anyone under 250. don't much like taking the 220+ women tho. most cant pick up their legs to even get into the plane let alone on landing.
  4. My home DZ we get 50.00 for a tandem but we also have to pack the main. Packers get 15.00 for a tandem pack job so it makes the tandem pay at 35.00 If we shoot handcam and edit our own video we get a additional 50.00. editors charge 15.00 so figure 35.00 for handcam. When and if I get to use my own equipment I get a additional 40.00 per jump. Our tandems cost above the industry average so to keep the TI's around we keep the pay decent. When I travel to events it is usually 75.00 for a tandem using my own gear. I have to pay a packer and it cost between 12.00 and 15.00. The places i visit, if hancams allowed are 35.00-45.00 with no editing.
  5. Does anyone have experience with a double leg amputee? Is there a special harness or special rigging to use? We recently were asked if it would be possible to take a gentleman with both legs missing. I don't have all the specifics on where the legs are amputated. I was hoping to have some answers for him. I have taken several paraplegics in the past and one amputee just below the knee but nothing on this scale. Thanks for any info/advice anyone can give me.
  6. 30-40 is a good average here in the midwest. Several places here use TI's with their own equipment to do the large weekends. You may not be able to use your stuff at your own personal DZ but definitely enough mini events with large planes every weekend that you can utilize your own gear. The DZO's are happy to have you and pay pretty decent if your willing to work. Just remember to put some of the gear rental money away for the repairs and other maintenance that you will have. I own 3 rigs and stay busy every weekend. 25-30. Add the rental with the normal pay and it is very much worth it.
  7. What Sony CX camera is best for tandems? I have a CX 100 for handcam and tried a CX 130 for outside video. The 100 works great but the 130 seems to have excessive flutter tried it with the stabilization off or on. Any suggestions for the best camera to use for this purpose
  8. I'll bring the Pirate Punch for Jimmy to warm up with. Less than 40 days and no Jimmy-isms on this thread
  9. Contact the makers of the cameye directly. I had one made 2 years ago for exactly what I wanted. It is a little pricey though. Well worth it. Or you can check this url They have several items you may be interested in The best bet is still the Mfg they will make exactly what you want in 2-3 weeks
  10. My ex used to call it a PTA bath. Pussy, Tits, & Ass, or for the men Prick, Tits(hopefully not) & Ass
  11. Lee, I can tell you touched the hearts of so many people by reading this thread. I only knew you for one weekend yet I feel that I knew you much longer. Here's my story... My son was editing videos for Lee at our boogie in Nebraska. Lee didn't want to lug his editing stuff along and would rather pay someone than to take it home and do it later. (wanted the tandem jumpers to get their memories right away) Now my son is only used to a couple of videos per weekend so editing at a boogie was quite a shock to him. So when the editing got backed up all he would hear from Lee was "no worries mate" And to a nervous 14 year old, that meant alot. He always had a bright smile for my son. I know he will be missed. Blue Skies my Friend
  12. My Eyes...My Eyes........ Augggg I've gone blind just thinking of that. Oh yea, Power is all hooked up Rv's are already pulling in, Better come early to get the close spots.... Close to Doug and Linda's margaritaville that is. See ya all in a couple of days. Oh yea Jimmy......... I figured I better mention his name or suffer the wrath of of the Legend. A post is not a post without it
  13. What info are you looking for?? Boogie Meister is Frank Forlini You can contact him at [email protected] But I am sure if there is a specific question that you don't want to bother Jimmy with you can ask it here. A quick witted reply will soon follow. Even the great Jimmy Coiner may answer. (but don't count on it)
  14. I just want to verify this for everyone. Jimmy Coiner will be at the Redemption Boogie. See ya all there. Lucky Chuck Oh yea, I got my nickname because I got to jump with Jimmy once.
  15. Karry, Sean is going to pick some up. I'll bet if you ask nice he will save you a pair for your pair. How about a grass skirt too. Lucky Chuck