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  1. cacrinklaw

    You Know Nothing About Seatbelts - Part 1

    I was involved in a 182 crash several years ago. Had I not buckled my tandem student and myself in I would almost guarantee that we would have crushed the videographer when we came to a stop. Never in a million years would I believe that I would be involved in a plane crash let alone live thru it. The seatbelts saved us, its just that simple. Just wear them and wear them correctly! Great article Thanks for posting it.
  2. cacrinklaw

    Wanted: CamEye II with Zoom

    Contact the makers of the cameye directly. I had one made 2 years ago for exactly what I wanted. It is a little pricey though. Well worth it. Or you can check this url They have several items you may be interested in The best bet is still the Mfg they will make exactly what you want in 2-3 weeks
  3. cacrinklaw

    diamond 0.3 vs. black eye 0.25

    Stay away from the Royal lens!!!!! There is another thread about people not getting there lenses and not getting a refund. Dont know how to put in the link to the thread but it is only a few down from this one and it is named "problem with lens dealer" This would be a good read befor getting a lens from them here is another thread also
  4. cacrinklaw

    Icon Sport

    Well constructed container. I have owned for almost a year and 100 jumps. Fit upon arrival was perfect. Harness is very comfortable before and after deployment. I opted for the chest rings(even tho Distributor said I did not need) This make it look even better and I feel it is more comfortable. I feel there is a couple of issues with the container. I have a 100+ jumps and the riser covers (internal) seem to not stay put during packing and start to bulge (edges curl). I have also noticed that the main tray seems to have loosened up over the last 100 pack jobs. I have a airlocked 170 and it seems to pack looser in the main tray. I don't think it is my pack jobs getting better. All 4 closing flaps seem to be looser during closing. even after replacing the closing loop and shortning it. Over all I do believe this is a very safe container and the value is great. I would recommond this to anyone looking.