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  1. hi there , i am looking for some one in the UK ( army parachute rigger ) that may be able to help me with some information on the GQ 360 low level static line parachute system , i was told they were used by the British armed forces a few years back , i am after some parts for one and not to sure where to start looking
  2. yes they did , three ring release and a single action cutaway , the harness can be used for static line and ripcord , i have tryed the gear and rigging forum with no luck so i thought i would try here ,
  3. My wife"s sister knocked me out cold last night , i was so pissed off . I mean what sick bitch puts chloroform on their dirty knickers .
  4. hi there , is there any one on here that can put me in contact with some one that can help me out with some missing parts on the harness , its a GQ 360 static line harness used by the UK armed forces , its new , never used , im allso looking for information on what canopy's it used ( main and reserve) and if any one can get hold of the cutaway handle . any picks of it in use and info about it would be great, i have had no luck looking it up on the internet , maybe some one knows of a surplus store that may be able to help , many thanks
  5. just after some info on this rig , it came with some gear i got at a auction , its two small for me and would like to find out what it may be worth if anything , i have never seen the brand before , D,O,M is 9/92 i cant find a date on its service life and the internet isnt any help . the harness and pack look to be in very good condition for age
  6. twodogs


    still waiting for some picks that were going to be sent
  7. twodogs


    hi there has any one have a pick of the SOS cutaway handle off the GQ 360 , i have a few people that say they can make one for me if i can show them what they look like a pick or info on where i may find some , all the picks i have seen so far dont have the handle in them and some picks of the main deployment bag as well if i can ,, thanks twodogs
  8. hi there i am looking for any information on the GQ 360 parachutes , any picks of the the harness and the main parachute in use , i have a new 360 harness and i am looking for some parts to complete it , i dont want to use it just make it look right in my collection , i am looking for the cutaway cable , and deployment bags and reserve pilot chute , any information on where i may be able to get said parts would be great , many thanks twodogs
  9. twodogs


    OK i have the risers and what i thimk is the right static line , i just need the cutaway handle and cord if any one can help me out
  10. twodogs


    Hi Wolfriverjoe is there a chance you could post a pick of the sos handle you have and if its what i am after would you be interested in selling it , not to sure what the static line looked like if you could post a pick off the one you have i could see if it might be what i am after . the picks are of the harness that i have . interested in anything ells you may have that fits this rig , deployment bags ect thanks Twodogs
  11. twodogs


    Hi Skybytch the cutaway ripcord for this harness is not the same as the ones you find on civi jump rigs , this ripcord is combined , it has the cut away for the three rings but it allso has the steal ripcord that opens the reserve pack as well , when pulled it does the two actions all in one pull , cuts away the main and opens the reserve container , i can get the risers but i would like to keep as it was made , this rig was use and still is in use by the defence department
  12. twodogs


    hi there is there any one on here that may be able to help me with some information on the GQ360 low level static line parachute . i have just got hold off a new unused harness but its missing the risers , the cutaway ripcord and the static line . i dont intend to jump this rig i just want it for my collection that i have and just want it to look complete . would any one on here know where i maybe able to find said items , i have found some risers on ebay but they dont post Australia for some reason . any help would be great ,
  13. hi there , i am on the lookout for some t10 round parachutes , i would like a full harness and pack if i can , very hard to get them in Australia as the army dont sell them to the public over here , a full rig would be good but just the parachutes would be fine , i have a number off harness sets and just need some parachutes