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  1. "I have fond memories of jumping at Chris' DZ and his piece of shit Twin Bo's. " I remember that piece of shit Twin Bo.....I survived the crash into the forest. Still loved Tullahoma and jumping with Chris..RIP
  2. I was on the plane with you last weekend and was asking TK about building a formation around you with several good skydivers. What do you think? Is that something you want to try?
  3. They were one of the first people on the scene. They helped people get out of the plane and get to the hospital. I had a head injury so my memory is a little foggy as to what exactly happended after impact, but I do know that they helped.
  4. I'd like to hear if Jimmy is still jumping too. He and his wife helped me during a plane crash in Tennessee. I didn't listen to country music and had no idea he was a star even though I jumped with him almost every weekend. He said he played music for a living, but I just thought it was a hobby. He's a very likeable modest guy.
  5. Hard to believe it's been a year. She'll always be remembered at Z Hills.
  6. Skydiving should not be used to treat depression. The depression must be treated and in remission for one year before jumping is even considered. Ed Jackson MD Psychiatrist
  7. Medical info is a good idea. DNR if the injury will give lasting brain damage.
  8. Good point. Do the protech helmets have any impact testing or rating? I still jump one. It helped allot during a plane crash in Tennessee. When the plane crashed I was thrown backward and hit the occipital area of the head. I had a huge bruise even with the protech. The full face helmets are higher up and do not cover that area of the skull.
  9. I think they were filming the PD factory team at ZHills this summer.
  10. There's no telling where the lost antlers are now. Good thing my head's still not attached to them.
  11. Blue Skies Beezy. Tell Chris Martin I said Hi. I'm sure he's waiting for you.
  12. Here’s an interesting article about the origins military parachuting. It was written by Norm Olson, a retired Navy Seal that still jumps at Zhills.
  13. I was talking to a friend at the drop zone last weekend about his time as a Navy Seal. He sent me an article he wrote about the Leap Frogs that might interest a few skydiving historians.
  14. She lost her life after her third base jump in 2001. Erin was a good soul but seemed naive regarding the dangers of skydiving and base. I wonder how many others have gotten caught up in the excitement of the two sports without really appreciating the dangers.
  15. We lost an engine after take off. The plane crashed into the forest which ripped off the wings and caused a fire ball. Everyone got out, but there was some serious injuries. It ended the era when Tennessee Skydiving Center in Tullahoma had allot going on.