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  1. Yea, I didn't wave off big enough. We talked about that at the end of the day..LoL There are somethings you only do once to understand why it needs to be done better. Fun Jump thou... Stop Touching Me!!! Muff Brother# 4466
  2. Sorry People, had an issue with my YouTube, so I had to re-post this video. Thanx again for all the comments and thanks again to Team Zhills .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYYjS2T4jGU Stop Touching Me!!! Muff Brother# 4466
  3. Hello people, well its been a while since I have posted anything. Just to busy enjoying life as I assume you have been doing also. Well, just to catch you up some I'm the other wheelchair jumper here in Florida. I have been really busy at work, which for a while had been taken up my time. But as any jumper that didn't mean I couldn't or would not jump, just had to spread out my time some like anyone else. Any whooooooo, slowly but surely I have been continuing my dreams. I hope to visit your dropzone sometime in the future, I can never learn enough. ...Blue Skys my friends...video from today... sorry again no landing pic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3b-mpnVQSE Stop Touching Me!!! Muff Brother# 4466
  4. I met Al a while back when him & his wife came to Zhills. Great people.. Stop Touching Me!!! Muff Brother# 4466
  5. Thank Jimmy Stop Touching Me!!! Muff Brother# 4466
  6. Yea, Stroup and yes your right his cell number changed a few times. Stop Touching Me!!! Muff Brother# 4466
  7. he's a buddy of mine and I've lost touch with him. Thats all.. Stop Touching Me!!! Muff Brother# 4466
  8. Hello People...Have you seen this Guy? His name is Bill and he’s my friend. He’s a jumper who may be in the New York area. He’s also a handy man, so you could find him around doing odd jobs. He used to come to Florida to jump while doing odd jobs around the DZ. If anyone knows him please let him know I am trying to reach him and if possible get a contact for him. Thanks to anyone that can help.. and yes Bill is all I got sorry no last name. Stop Touching Me!!! Muff Brother# 4466
  9. I got married about a year ago and one thing that I let my wife know is that my hobby is something I refuse to do without. So I budget out every two weeks for skydiving. Why work if you can’t enjoy the spoils? So in other words, “ I work hard so I can play hard “ and that’s all there is to it. Yea, I could be using the money I spend on something else. But all in all this is my choice and this is what I choose to do with the money I work so hard for. Stop Touching Me!!! Muff Brother# 4466
  10. Hey Jerrett, SorryI missed you this past weekend. I like the video and I am sure we will get a chance to make one together sometime. The Base jumping is "Sick", I need atleast 2K of altitude befor I would concider doing a base jump. Stop Touching Me!!! Muff Brother# 4466
  11. Hi, who's this? Krip where's your DZ? Stop Touching Me!!! Muff Brother# 4466
  12. it's all good, Good thing we jump out of planes then ride skate boards. That shit can kill ya, or make for a long rehab and as we all know, Safty 3rd... Stop Touching Me!!! Muff Brother# 4466