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  1. My first reserve ride was at jump 2,025. Nothing out, high speed deployment. Having taken that long for my first malfunction, I had concerns about being able to react. Not an issue. Eleven jumps later same story. Then at jump 2,175 I had a jumper inside the otter chop my main on exit and I didn't know it until deployment. My main came off my back and went away. Now that will make you pucker. Three reserve rides...all high speed deployments and no I don't worry about being able to react.
  2. In Example One, I was the belly organizer that followed the tracking group out the door. They were under canopy and we were opening in the same airspace. Very scarry.
  3. I was on that 4-way. Late Jake, Q, Smiling George and me. Rests Peaceful Late Jake.
  4. We did a POPS State Record at Skydive Oregon last July and Joe and Theresa and the entire drop zone staff were Top Notch! I had a childhood friend come to the DZ to do tandem and that too was great. Their Caravans are second to none. Their landings area was fabously maintained and they were one of the first DZ to give swoopers their own landing area. I would recommend Skydive Oregon to everyone!
  5. Our current formation is a 126-way. I can't tell you how many will be at our event that were at Deland, because I didn't see the manafest for Deland. If I was to guess, I say maybe 10-15 jumpers.
  6. I will be at the Moab with Ginger Kuhlmann organizing RW jumpers. We plan on doing a Utah State POPS record and a USPA State Record. Come join us if you can.
  7. I felt the main come off my back and then within a couple of seconds I new I had nothing out, but didn't know why, so I fired my reserve. In the saddle a 1,000 feet. I was thankful I beat the cyprus. I've already had one of those.
  8. I don't think he snagged it. I think he was doing monkey hand of hand a grabbed it to work his way up to the wrist grip.
  9. The cutaway handle was a pillow. I'm fairly sure I know who did it because he was beside me in the door and was part of the base we launched. He had a leg strap grip on me and move up to a wrist grip. I think he pulled it when he made the move from leg strap to wrist.
  10. There was video but you couldn't see anything. The handle and cables were gone completely. I checked my handles just before climb out.
  11. I was organizing a 12-way last week a Lost Prairie and during the climb out or very early in the jump, someone chopped my main. At break off I tracked and pulled, felt the main come off my back and then...nothing. I fired my reserve and was in the saddle at 1,000 feet. I always wondered what that would feel like to have the main just go away. Guard your handles like your life depends on it.
  12. When I asked Bob to join me in my otter for the POPS 2007 record team, he was very humble and asked if I was sure I wanted him. Hell yes! I said. I also remember being last out of an otter at Lost Prairie and telling Bob I'd race him to the base. To this day, I'm sure he let me win. I thought of you often last week when I heard you had got skydiving on the other side. Save me a slot, I will fly with you again one day my friend.
  13. Sorry one more change. We moved the date of our Texas POPS Event from Oct. to July 20-22, 2012.
  14. Come to Eloy and I'll jump with you. I load organize on weekends at skydive Arizona.
  15. First reserve ride was on Jumps #2,025. The second was on #2,036. both were hard pulls, so I had nothing out. So I've not had any cut aways so far.