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    To Ken's and your point - we cannot drill our way to energy independence, but we can use this as a bridge towards weaning off the petro-tit. Today, my s/o goes looking at EV's and PHEVs and moves towards ridding herself of a massive gas-eating lift-kitted Tundra. That may not mean much to you, but for the country girl; it's a large step.
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    I was recently hired by the USPA to lead the team that is writing the new version of the Skydiver's Information Manual. I'm an AFF instructor and a TI with 23 years in the sport, but my day job is as a college professor, where I specialize in the translation of complex technical concepts for broad public audiences, so I'm pretty stoked about this project! As part of that effort, we are soliciting feedback from the skydiving community about what should be in the next version of the manual. Is there something in the current SIM that you absolutely love? Or something you completely hate? Is there something missing from the SIM that needs to be there? We have a plan and a draft table of contents, based on our own understanding of what the community needs, but we want to hear from you! Our goal is to create a resource that can help everyone throughout the sport, so tell us what you think! If anyone has specific questions, or has links or materials they wish to share, feel free to email me directly at [email protected] Blue Skies! Tim Miller D-27737
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    Russia doesn’t have the resources to occupy Ukraine. I think it is just as likely that Ukraine will bleed Russia dry, the government will collapse and we get Russia 3.0. Czarist Russia collapsed after WWI. The end of the Soviet Union was helped along by the failure in Afghanistan. Given the economic devastation and failure to achieve a quick military victory, Putin’s Russia may meet the same fate.
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    name redacted,, it is in part 33 page 228
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    Well it's not a spigot per say. Just as Canada doesn't have a spigot. But helping Europe and other countries in the world buffer the current shortfalls in oil supply. Through increased free world production IMO is necessary. If punishing Russia and sooner or later by alleviating the shortfalls. We all can teach the Saudi's and the UAE that their loyalties to Putin will have a cost.
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    That pipeline is and was mostly a symbol, not a solution.
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    I agree and feel your frustration. I agree, Biden should say he made a mistake about the XL pipeline. The US should open the taps on drilling. But at the same time go all out to wean itself and others from the shackles of oil.
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    Cut it out. Your one warning.
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