Flock ‘n Dock 3.0 Z-Hills Mar30-Apr1

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Go Fast Scotty
Island Guy
Mark M
Packing Ryan (who both should both be mended and back airborne by then)
Rigger Ryan
Steve H.
Tennessee Matt
EG Wing Suits

I'll be there with demos (Volturius and Rigor Mortis).

It should be a good time.
EG Suits

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That sucks I'm not going, Europe sounds better now

no more tailgates?


looks like we are going to be able to refund money to the team since fuel prices are still low and we have replaced 3 CASAs with 4 Super Otters. Stay tuned.


deinflate your ego

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I just got a message from DZO TK Hayes.

Apparently the owner of the Casa's sold them all without warning. TK is replacing that lift capacity with Otters. So at this time there is 1 Casa and a bunch of Otters. I can only guess that Casa's cost a bunch more to maintain and operate than Otters do.

So if you were coming for the tail, that's likely not going to happen.

A lot of bitchin' dives will happen though. Stay tuned ...

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We're tough in Nebraska but I'm tired of winter and snow, and would like to fly without stuffing ski clothes under my suit. I got my plane tickets and registration in, I'll be there.

Damnit, More people going and I am getting the itch to look into flights again. WX here is causing the same for me :P not snow but just general bad weather.... who knows the $ might have come down some and I might swing it. I can try and gleen photo info from Matt, get good flocks, have a lot of Beer and good vibes.... DAMNIT, I have to go look at flight times and costs... DAMN YOU Z-FLOCK!!!! MY BANK ACCOUNT HATES YOU!!

Scott C.
"He who Hesitates Shall Inherit the Earth!"

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I got a travel alert from Travelocity - search their site and try leaving on the March 28th and returning on the 3rd/4th..roundtrips for $264 from Seattle!

Camping is cheap and the temperature is going to go back up into the 70s and 80s this weekend.

Hope to see you here Scott.
Z-Flock 8
Discotec Rodriguez

Too bad weapons grade stupidity doesn't lead to sterility.

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The weather should be awesome – highs in the low 80’s, lows in the high 60’s, winds light and variable, skies clear and blue with frequent periods of nylon overcast. ;)

Come on down and thaw out! Don't forget your sunscreen and shades. B|
Play like your life depends on it.

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