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  1. Also, backflying is backflying. If you already know how to do it without the suit, then you'll be fine. It's not that much different, it just adds some challenge to it. Ted Like a giddy school girl.
  2. Jarno, you are my new hero. Ted Like a giddy school girl.
  3. I also use my wings for every discipline, including video, and I have all the wingsuit mods (dynamic corners, longer bridle, "anti-line twist bag, and bigger PC) and have had no ill effects. Spectre 170, BTW. Ted Like a giddy school girl.
  4. You must be reading a different forum than me... Ted Like a giddy school girl.
  5. He has a Vector, and PD canopies. Those are approved (TSO'd) components, so US rules apply. He needs a repack to jump that system. Ted Like a giddy school girl.
  6. Yeah, used gear is the way to go for your first few hundred jumps. Hold off on buying a new, custom, rig until both your landing ability has become more consistent, and you have a canopy you want to stick with for a while. Ted Like a giddy school girl.
  7. File under "7:1 glide ratio..." Ted Like a giddy school girl.
  8. You need to put yourself under an appropriate canopy, no doubt, and a 1:1 WL is usually a good place to start, but that's all it is, a start. Once you choose your canopy, then the real work of becoming a pilot begins. I think you're overestimating the amount of extra safety that you'll get from loading a canopy lighter and lighter. You can injure or kill yourself under a canopy at .8 just as well as at 1.0. Also, please don't let the current fixation on wingloading dominate your thinking. Wingloading is just one variable in a much more complex equation, and the belief some people seem to have that if you're within the recommended WL guidelines, you're safe, is simply false. Wing loading is a very easy thing to get caught up in, because it is easy to determine, easy to harp on, doesn't require any extra effort from more experienced jumpers, makes sense on initial inspection, and is, in reality, part of the problem. However, fixation on WL is obscuring our view of the larger problem of inadequate training and not enough focus on canopy control. Ted Like a giddy school girl.
  9. There is no safe limit. The risk never goes to zero, no matter how big your canopy is. The pilot is what is 'safe' or 'dangerous', smaller canopies just expose your piloting deficiencies more readily, and make the consequences for mistakes worse. Stop worrying about your canopy choice and start worrying about your canopy piloting. Ted Like a giddy school girl.
  10. Professor


    I need a canopy for working/video, freefall/freefly/etc, and team training, so I guess the classic version will be for me. Thanks Kolla. Ted Like a giddy school girl.
  11. Professor


    I've got a velo 103 and I'm planning on buying a 96 before too long. Should I wait for this new thing, or just go with the old Velocity? Ted Like a giddy school girl.
  12. Wow, you beat Josh to posting this. Also, what are the dates? Oct 26th - 28th, I'm guessing? And what canopy is being given away? Ted Like a giddy school girl.
  13. At least 3 of those a/c, BA, MF, and SF, have been jump aircraft at skydive spaceland within the last couple years. BA was at skyfest being jumped under a month ago. I don't recall ever seeing 70551, though. Ted Like a giddy school girl.
  14. A pre Atair-split Cobalt 120 is exactly the same size as a Stiletto 120. Not sure if either company has changed measuring schemes since the split. Ted Like a giddy school girl.
  15. I'd be leary about going underneath as well. If you do that, be careful. If you kill yourself, every wingsuiter in the country is going to take shit every time they put on a suit, so please, think of us Also, make sure you get a foot bracket that holds the smoke off your leg. I've burned holes in a V1 with smoke directly attached to my foot. With a stand off bracket, I've never had a problem. Also, keep in mind that one minute smoke will be out early if you do a jump from full alt, while 2 minute smoke actually last more like 4 minutes, so you have to watch it under canopy and especially after landing. Make sure you do a practice run. Best to do a jump without the smoke, just practicing the buzz, then do a smoke jump without the buzz, then put the 2 together, then do the actual jump. Ted Like a giddy school girl.