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  1. ScottGray

    How to make a snow angel / Visiting Brokeback Mountain

    Speedy recovery James !!! Be a good boy and do all your physical therapy !! -- says a voice of experience.
  2. ScottGray

    Funny base video

    NICE !!!
  3. ScottGray

    Eloy Bigway video

    Nice vid Zack !!!
  4. ScottGray

    What is a "perfect" flock anyways???

    Good call on the new thread.
  5. ScottGray

    new birdie in the flock

    Congrats Liz !!!!
  6. ScottGray

    My New SM1

    Nice suit bro. I still like the one in your avatar.
  7. ScottGray

    pretty slick!

    Great vid Jarno. Thanks much for sharing. Showed it to my fam, they said I am forbiden from flying lower than the tops of pine trees.
  8. ScottGray

    SkyRay back on the radar

    I want one !!
  9. ScottGray

    parapack or rip-stop nylon

    Where do you jump and how often?
  10. ScottGray

    How I saw Puerto Rico

    Nice bro !!!
  11. ScottGray

    BASEclimb 2008

    pics --- see below
  12. ScottGray

    EG wing suits demos at the MOTUS Boogie, VA

    Wish we could be there. We were already committed to support other events. Nick is great. Very glad to hear he will be supporting this boogie at the DZ that started it all for both Chris and myself. Maybe he will jump his para-commander with his wing suit !!!
  13. ScottGray

    REMINDER: Orange Boogie AUG 17-19

    Calling all birds --- everyone is welcome, get yourself to the Orange boogie and get you Flock on. Could be a great way to tune up for Flock N Dock 3.5 Hopefully we will add many new folks to the larger US Wing Suit flock. Feel free to add your name here if you can make it.
  14. ScottGray

    picts from perris boogie

    Very nice !!!