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  1. Way to go Simon!! What a great idea and how wonderful for the winners!! Congrats to you!!
  2. Yes I know with all the talk of landing a wingsuit there are a lot of skeptics out there. But here ya go....done that!! I send this link out on Valentines day, as my gift, to all the Birds out there World Wide. May you all Play Safe, have a great 2011 season, and continue to amaze us all with your great videos. Hope to fly with some of ya this year..... somewhere....and I hope you all enjoy the video. Somebody had to do it and it might as well be a Bird from the Great White North!! Ha ha. [url] Don't know how to make it clicky....maybe someone can help.
  3. Just checked it out today myself. An awesome piece of video. They should be very proud. Great for the sport!! Thumbs up guys!!
  4. Guana


    I love to see what guys put together out there. I'm sure that's what drives many of us to do a lot of things in the sport. It's following your dreams. We just wanted to put something out there that was just ordinary guys having fun in our sport. I encourage everyone to keep putting out their videos for all of us to enjoy. We may not be famous....but we sure are having fun!! Here's the link to the Dropzone Boyz Trailer on Vimeo. Up and running now...ha ha....Play Safe!!
  5. Guana


    Thanks for the kind words on our project Jarno. I just started with Vimeo yesterday and unfortunately deleted that particular video as I am loading another that may be cleaner. Sould be up in about and hour. Thought no one could see it on Vimeo yet but it seems to have gotten out there...ha ha. This thread kind of got me going so thought we would post a few things others may get a kick out of. I know how much work goes into things and I am sure they will have a great promo out in time. Hey we need a sponsor to.... or maybe a spot on Soar...ha ha..... Disposable wingsuits teaser [url]
  6. Wow....wish I could have been there. Due to circumstances beyond my control some traveling has been out this year for me. Missing jumping with you all in the flock and hope to see you in the new year. Play Safe my friends!! Awesome stuff.... keep it coming!
  7. Guana

    Project XRW

    wow...unbelieveable!! Can't wait to see the videos!! Great to see you guys pushing the envelope to bring us these spectacular sights. Play Safe boys!!
  8. Well it's finally happening...the Purple Mike's Wingsuit Rodeo Boogie. From a dream to reality. Good for you Mike!! Wish I could be there. Play Safe!!
  9. Yes they were exceptional and I was glad to be part of them as well. Just hope I can be involved in more in the future.
  10. Saved my threat? I am just stating facts not threatining. Getting a litttle paranoid are we? Is the list of Yurine haters growing so much that you feel you need to building a list now?? What does that tell you?? Not very stable are it geting a little dark in that dingy little room of yours......don't you feel proud of yourself for gaining so many fans??
  11. Once again you make my point of what an asshole you really are. You really can't shut up can you. Your comments might be quite impressive ....for a grade 3 or 4 class but I doubt it does much for anyone any older. Keep pushing everyone's buttons and someday you may find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time with some who's buttons you have pushed to far, since you continue to insult everyone. You may find yourself "corrected". In case you haven't heard the old saying I will tell you.."what goes around...comes around" and your day will come as it usually does for most people like you. Hold your head up high knowing you are the "biggest asshole" on Enjoy the have earned it. King Yurine!!IMHO
  12. I applaud your post and also apologize if I lumped you in with others. I do not post often, but always read the forums to find out also what new innovations others are coming up with. It is a very informative site on many topics. Hopefully someday, in the near future, I will get to take part in such awesome 3D jumps myself. Yuri can be funny at time I will agree but he needs to reel it in a bit I think....its getting old. Lets keep this a place where people want to go to learn and progress. The discussions about flying methods ,since the big way event, have been awe inspiring. So many good idea and input from all. Just Keep on ever you can......after all thats what its all about!
  13. First you should probably gain the experience to even fly in such formations instead of following Yuri's lead and beginning with ignorance and sarcasm. Seems Yuri has gained and new worshiper. Maybe when he grows up he can carry the the black dick for him. DSE had great comments but other's sarcasm and nasty remarks are far from positive adult input. Yuri just proves that one of the worst things that the internet has brought us is those who post everything and anything, anonymously of course, looking for attention because obviously they have very low self esteem, no social skills and no life. Hiding in their dingy little rooms and typing away without anyone knowing them. I doubt that he is this ignorant in person or someone would have take his obvious favorite toy and shoved it where he likes it. Now I might be "old school" but I do believe in a positive outlook for change and new innovations. But for someone to just continually badmouth everyone else for Flocking is getting very old and childish. But now, unfortuanly, it obviously appears he is rubbing off on others and now building his own little flock, who don't know any better and deep down only wish they could fly formations efficiently with others. Grid or no grid. But what do I know anyway.......
  14. Same to you!! Merry Christmas to all you flockers out there!! 2010 should be a great year! Play Safe!
  15. Well-said Supergirl!! My personal experiences, at the big way, this year will never be replaced and always will be well worth the trip. It was obvious that all those who came...came for the same reason. To enjoy the thrill of flocking with so many others. There were no brand war comments or any thing even close. Discussions about how they liked their particular suit etc were shared openly with no negativity to least not to anyone I was involved with. The tremendous work of the organizes and all involved, especially Eli, were impressive. To have been lucky enough to have been a part of it was one of the greatest accomplishments of my skydiving career so far. I look forward to new ideas, innovations and progression in this area of the sport. After 30 years of skydiving, Wingsuiting has built a fire in my heart ever since I got my first Birdman Classic in 2002. I am sure we all looked up to the sky, when were kids, and dreamt about being up there with the clouds and flying like the birds. Well fortunately for us all we are as close as man can come so far. Going fast and long, flocking with our friends, 3D dives, buzzing the clouds, rodeo flights, doing a series of acrobatic maneuvers with a partner...and the list goes on. Who would have ever thought that we would have all of this in a few short years? Lets all enjoy it.....savor the moments.... and consider ourselves very luck to be some of the few, on this planet, who have this privilege. Always remember..... if it wasn't for the would be pretty empty. I look forward to flying and flocking with you all again in the upcoming years, and also to see if Lurch can resist the urge to make his own modifications to his brand new suit...ha ha Bring on the new tricks!!! Play Safe my friends....