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  1. Why not write a song about how you're too much of a pussy to skydive, or a song about how skydivers are fucking idiots, or how gravity always wins or how you're doing research on the internet about skydiving? Something even remotely true. I mean, why not go to a car forum and ask what it feels like to "roll with your homies" because you have neither a vehicle nor a friend, and never will? Same basic idea. Are you that much of a poseur?
  2. IANAL, but I do have an LLC. It will not do a thing to protect you in this case. An LLC is useful if, say, you run a dropzone, and one of your employees does something which gets the dropzone sued. The dropzone is liable, but as you were not personally involved (only involved as it is your corporation) you don't lose your house or your personal assets. If you, personally, were involved in this skydive gone awry, then I'd expect both you personally and your LLC would be named. Again, I'm not a lawyer, but that's how its been explained to me.
  3. As an employer, I will say that I will NEVER hire a smoker again. I used to have three. Now I have two. Soon i suspect it will be one. I only have a ten person sample, so its not statistically significant, but my smokers take dramatically more sick days than my non-smokers. They take more breaks and they waste significantly more time during the day. I never cared before, which is why I hired them. I don't much care about the medical costs. Nonsmokers are more productive. As a private employer, how is it not my right to say that? If its not a protected class, I can restrict my labour pool any way I want. If I ONLY wanted to hire left-handed rockclimbing teetotaling skydivers with long hair, that's my business. If I can't find any, that's my problem.
  4. There was a little person who made a tandem jump at my home DZ a few weeks ago. Of course, his torso was relatively normal sized, but I don't think he was over four feet tall.
  5. Tom never goes anywhere without an entire posse of Scientologist enforcer type guys. Nicholas Cage wouldn't have a chance. Unless he took up kabbalah real quick, then Madonna would have his back...
  6. I had this problem when I was going through AFF also. A lot of it is that I'm a very skinny guy, so no natural padding, and early AFF you're pulling at 6k, so your canopy ride is 2x to 3x longer than it will be in the future. A quick, dirty and ugly fix would be to get some padded socks, cut the toes off and slip that tube over the leg strap padding before you put the rig on. Three or four layers should give you somewhat more cushioning for under $10. Also, make very sure your leg straps are good and snug. If they're at all loose, when you open you'll be slammed down onto the straps harder. I bruised pretty badly if mine weren't tight enough.
  7. I don't know nothin bout nothin, but I do know your reserve is a seven cell...
  8. If you ban all dogs, its a policy. If you ban one guy's dog, its personal. One way or the other, why start a fight? You'd be really suprised how many people tolerate. I'll put up with your dog and the next guy's dog, but only out of basic politeness. I hate dogs. I'd prefer people brought pet flu virii. I don't hate "big dogs" or "yippy dogs" or "bad" dogs. I hate ALL dogs. Even skydiving ones. You'd never know it, and in my experience dog people would never understand it anyway. So I'll try to ignore your little angel and when it demands attention i'll scratch its head , and when it runs amok I'll stay quiet, and when you come over to gush about it, I'll have somewhere else to be. Its not my house, so its not my rules. Were I a DZO, no dogs. Ever. 100%
  9. Skydiving survived the last major oil bubble in the 70s. Oil's a boom and bust industry. Always has been, always will be. By the time the aircraft designs adapt it'll be back to $20/barrel (inflation adjusted)...
  10. I dated an ex-dominatrix for a while. Nice girl, she's a librarian now. Not a big deal, really. A bit juvenile IMHO, but we jump out of airplanes for fun, who are we to judge how people get their kicks? I'm a little curious why you feel you couldn't tell your family or co-workers.
  11. $100 says oil goes under $100 a barrel again within five years. Deal?
  12. Housing prices only go up, so you'd better buy now! Tech stocks only go up so you'd better buy now! Its a goddamn bubble, no more no less. Just like the tech stocks. Just like housing. It'll pop.
  13. Why do people equate sleeping with lots of different people with lack of self confidence? I will never understand that. Its not that you claim to be sleeping with lots of women. There are man-sluts with great self-confidence. There are man-sluts with no self-confidence. Then there is you. You are posting about what a stud you are. On the internet. I repeat, You are posting about what a stud you are. On the internet. The pathos is coming off you in waves.
  14. Its possible to do a great many things that weaker people think can't be done. Your lack of self-confidence doesn't impact the rest of us.