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  1. skyjumpsteve

    Houston Wingsuit Demos October 2009

    Fun event! Glad I decided to come. Thanks for organizing Jenn. See you next year.
  2. skyjumpsteve

    Nashville TV News story on Skyride

    Here is the refund policy of my home DZ. "...and don't get to jump due to weather, do not want a rain check, and cannot reschedule we will happily refund your money". it sounds like a ton of DZ's have customer friendly refund policies.
  3. skyjumpsteve

    unsafe Camera man at Nationals

    To find the vid simply go to the Nationals website and click "live". ...on the right hand side click Oct 16. when that comes up click the first video (it says "8way/16 Way/Freeflying judging feed - Fri Oct 16) and go to 6:05 can fast forward right to it.
  4. skyjumpsteve

    Wingsuit photography book now available

    sweet....sweet.....sweet. Just ordered! Yo Matt, is the book available for immediate shipment? Do you know if I order 1 day shipping would it be shipped tomorrow?
  5. skyjumpsteve

    Buying a suit?

    Seems very high. I have bought suits from MW at least 2 or 3 times and the alterations were never more than $20 or $30 per suit. If I remember correctly they charged "per alteration" so if the waist needed to be taken in and the pants hemmed it would be two separate charges of $10 to $15 each. On one occasion because of a sale I got them free. The alterations (at least at this store) are good for life so additional alterations are free if you ever need them. But....$150 does seem awfully high.
  6. skyjumpsteve


    Every single "discipline" forum now has a thread "Missing Discipline". If he was posting to one forum that would be one thing but to read through that incomprehensible drivel in thread after thread and forum after forum is really too much. This is beyond ludicrous. Posting privileges should be banned indefinitely. A week or two is probably not going to cut it. How about until at least 2010? Seriously.....
  7. skyjumpsteve

    MT Washington Boogie

    Would love to amigo but can't make it this year. Have a great time if you go.
  8. skyjumpsteve

    September "Parachutist"

    Me too....on time.
  9. skyjumpsteve

    Any luck with the stolen gear database?

    I had a bunch of gear stolen out of my car a few years ago and other than the deductible insurance covered everything. It was all my gear minus the rig. 3 or 4 suits, altimiter, audible, goggles, camera helmet, the insurance check within a week after I collected all the receipts. A friend recently "lost" a canopy, camera helmet and video camera after a cut-away and he too was fully covered. Sucks to have our shit jacked but insurance should cover it assuming you have no exclusions.
  10. skyjumpsteve

    Where to stay in Maui??

    It aint cheap but the Grand Wailea hotel was awesome. They have the most amazing pool.....
  11. skyjumpsteve

    Houston Wingsuit Demos October 2009

    Hey Jen, are the jumps just on Friday and Saturday or on Sunday as well? I will wait until I get the e-mail from Al but I wanted to poke around and figure out what flights made sense. Thanks, Steve
  12. skyjumpsteve

    Stolen Post

    Bonus link - Right beneath the pic of the poor bovine a link for "Antelope fakes its own death to avoid being eaten by a cheetah" caught my attention. Check it out....pretty cool.
  13. skyjumpsteve

    Anybody got Tom-Tom for iphone?

    yes it is a little clip that shows it: A friend has it and loves probably going to download it soon as I hate the built in Pioneer GPS I have in my car.
  14. skyjumpsteve

    Facebook Failure

    That is the number for the U.S. Department of State....we all know which Hillary works there!