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  1. skyjumpsteve

    MT Washington Boogie

    Would love to amigo but can't make it this year. Have a great time if you go.
  2. skyjumpsteve

    Books / DVDs about swooping

    For someone who has no knowledge? is a great book:
  3. skyjumpsteve

    Puerto Rico Boogie 2010

    Umm....are there plans for additional lift capacity? Can't imagine going again next year if the waits are 3 hours + with the last loads of the day needing to be manifested by 1:00 P.M. Please post any info you find out about the fleet they are planning to have.
  4. skyjumpsteve

    USPA Recognizes Wingsuit Record Category

    WOOOO HOOOOOO is right! Massachusetts state record next weekend at Pepperell. Let's do it. 8 way? 10 way? 12? Who is going to be around?
  5. skyjumpsteve

    Hello all!

    3 tandems in a day and "finished AFF in 2 days"? Props! Way to jump right into the sport! Welcome.
  6. Pick a place that is busy during the week. Most debauchery at DZ's happens on a Saturday night so if you leave on the 20'th you don't get to be around for any Saturday night fun. Check the calendars for the DZ's you listed and see if any are having events during the time you will be around.
  7. skyjumpsteve

    Cookie GAS Full Face

    Check out the "intelligent molecules" in action around the 35 sec mark: ....and you can see the GAS as well.
  8. skyjumpsteve

    Wingsuits on Ireports~

    The link is now also on the front page of
  9. skyjumpsteve

    Wingsuit book

    Have not read that one yet but also get a copy of Scott Campos' book "Skyflying - Wingsuits in Motion". He has a new edition coming out soon...if you go to his website there is a note "Under Construction 2'nd Edition coming soon". You can find it here though: ....definitely worth it for someone wanting to learn about wingsuits.
  10. skyjumpsteve

    Cypres II model question

    Yep....can be done. From their user manual: Converting models A conversion between each of these four CYPRES2 models (Expert - Student - Tandem - Speed) is possible. To prevent accidental setting, this procedure has to be performed by the manufacturer. You can donwload the user manual at
  11. skyjumpsteve

    Wingsuit History and Progress...

    I can't get to the link you posted: This content is currently unavailable The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.
  12. skyjumpsteve

    PARASKI 2009 - Vermont

    Would slots be available for people just wanting to pay for a couple of jumps? Would love to do the comp but can't ski due to a knee injury.
  13. skyjumpsteve


    Not due to the spite of
  14. skyjumpsteve

    Skydive Elsinore World Record Wingsuit Flock ;)

    Nice Boxing Day present.