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  1. Baby is due next month, so I'm looking to buy some cute/funny skydiving clothing for my baby boy. Not really mpressed by selection at cafe press. Any other suggestions? Inveniam Viam aut Faciam I'm back biatches!
  2. Inveniam Viam aut Faciam I'm back biatches!
  3. There have been rumors of the line being discontinued since 2008. There aren't many fj's in dealerships and the ones that are in stock don't last very long. Unfortunately quite the opposite is true about discounts. There are no discounts or incentives at all Inveniam Viam aut Faciam I'm back biatches!
  4. Just got one yesterday :) Army green beast. I love it:) Inveniam Viam aut Faciam I'm back biatches!
  5. Im thinking about getting the fj cruiser this month. It's in no way a practical vehicle but it sure seems like a fun truck. I'll use it as my daily driver with an occasional trip to the dirt. Does anyone have this truck and what do you think of it? Inveniam Viam aut Faciam I'm back biatches!
  6. Inveniam Viam aut Faciam I'm back biatches!
  7. Found you! The face gave you away
  8. My fiancee and I are on the market for a new bed and we are debating between two mattresses: Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme vs Sealy Posturepedic South Court. They are both comfortable but the Tempurpedic is significantly more expensive, however with financing it seems doable. The sealy being a standard mattress, I'm more interested in feedback on the Tempurpedic from anybody that has one or has slept on one. thanks Inveniam Viam aut Faciam I'm back biatches!
  9. My fiancée and I are in St Louis for 1.5 days. Any suggestions on things to see or do? Inveniam Viam aut Faciam I'm back biatches!
  10. Question for the jumping Docs. When did you take step 3. I have a few friends taking Step 3 before PGY1 begins, because step 2 still fresh in their heads and they will have more time to study. I'll be done with school by mid March, but the idea of a vacation, some silly job, drinking and jumping again seem alot more appealing to me than the misery of studying for a couple of months, Inveniam Viam aut Faciam I'm back biatches!
  11. The Total price for both is $910. I are both "designer" but I don't really think anybody famous - "Jack Victor" and "Michael Kors". I'm really not a suit person, I'm not even a shirt and tie person, but as far as suits go I think they are nice. Don't know if nearly $1k nice, for clothing that will mostly sit in a closet, but they are nice. I'm getting these suits for job interviews, and the second essentially to take advantage of the deal and so I could have a spare. I have 1 other suit, but its a 3 button and I think its looking kinda dated. Inveniam Viam aut Faciam I'm back biatches!
  12. When buying a men's suit, are the alteration included in the purchase price? I just came back from Men's Warehouse where they are having a promotion --buy 1 get a second for $100. -- so I decided to get 2. The end price ended up being a higher than expected, but I figured it was the tax. Well, I just looked at the receipt and they are charging me $150 bucks for alterations - Not major things but waist, length,etc. I haven't bought a suite in a while, but I thought it was part of purchase price. I kinda want to go back and cancel the order, because I was definately not impressed by the tailor, he kinda just eye balled the adjustments, not really getting any measurements. My other thought was to allow them to fix the jacket and take the pants to a dry cleaner and have them to the sizing. What do you guys think. Inveniam Viam aut Faciam I'm back biatches!
  13. Unfortunately the kid didn't make it (multiple gun shot wounds to the chest), but not for the lack trying. He was worked on for a long time. In what may appear as very cold thing to say, it was a great learning experience with great teaching - Hopefully we can use the lessons from this patient for a better outcome on the next. Inveniam Viam aut Faciam I'm back biatches!
  14. Every once in a while need little reminders of why we do what we do. Why put myself through the debt, stress and misery of med school? I got my little reminder a couple of nights ago, when I had my hands inside the chest of 16 year old, pumping his heart with my hands
  15. Tomorrow, I'll take another life altering exam - A 10 hours long miserable experience that determines how the rest of my life is going to go. Hopefully, it won't be a repeat of the last test, where I was about 100 times more nervous and freaked out than I have ever been jumping or pretty much doing anything else. So, if you can spare a second or two, send me some good vibes, a little prayer, or what ever it is that you do. I would really appreciate it. On the positive side, as these tests and school are finally coming to an end. I'll be able to start jumping again Thanks. BTW, the test I'm taking is the USMLE step 2 - A medical licensing exam that kinda determines where I go and what I do for residency. Inveniam Viam aut Faciam I'm back biatches!