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  1. vanair

    Paracommander work drawings

    Yes, feet. and I didn't think para gear would still carry pack opening bands Thanks
  2. vanair

    Best thing you've ever seen a student do....

    TV show Ripcord used one, but then$$$ talks
  3. vanair

    Urban myths in skydiving

    what about the czechoslovakian stewardess? 30,000' got sucked out of blown door. Landed in Mediterranean next to fishing boat. 6 mo. in hospital
  4. vanair

    Paracommander work drawings

    Hi, I just got a 27" RPC, 1972 in great shape. It has a sleeve, I am looking for a bag or POD for it. Any ideas? I used to jump one with a POD 1973-5, no problems. Also any ideas where I can get pack opening bands for the Pioneer 3 pin it came with? Thanks, Van
  5. vanair

    Proposed Amendment of BSR concerning TI Medical

    Can I vote for you now?
  6. vanair

    Hard of hearing

    Please, more details abut injuries etc.
  7. vanair

    stinky nylon

    To an old dog that is the heavenly smell of memories
  8. vanair

    Being "stalked online"? What to do?

    Toe thing? as in Camel?
  9. Stopped using Ben-Gay when I grabbed it in the dark instead of KY.
  10. Nothing like the smell of Ripstop.
  11. T10 in 83? wow, I had a square reserve by 1980 3 yrs earlier. 5 decades for me. 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and 10s. 28' telsan tern when I started in 1973. Wow I am old, but at least I was only 16 when I started.
  12. vanair

    Descending in a 182

    I used to tight spiral all the way down with full opposite rudder to create the most form/parasitic drag possible. Would drop like a rock while keeping the airspeed low.
  13. He doesn't jump, the earth propels away from him.
  14. vanair

    ~ Eddie Andreini

  15. vanair

    C 182 Jump door and step STC

    Years ago, early 70s, Sha-Wan-Ga NY DZ, Hudson Valley Skydivers C-182 had a Kicker Plate instead of a handle on the inside, worked great. Convex side facing interior.