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  1. Yes, feet. and I didn't think para gear would still carry pack opening bands Thanks
  2. TV show Ripcord used one, but then$$$ talks
  3. what about the czechoslovakian stewardess? 30,000' got sucked out of blown door. Landed in Mediterranean next to fishing boat. 6 mo. in hospital
  4. Hi, I just got a 27" RPC, 1972 in great shape. It has a sleeve, I am looking for a bag or POD for it. Any ideas? I used to jump one with a POD 1973-5, no problems. Also any ideas where I can get pack opening bands for the Pioneer 3 pin it came with? Thanks, Van
  5. Please, more details abut injuries etc.
  6. To an old dog that is the heavenly smell of memories
  7. Stopped using Ben-Gay when I grabbed it in the dark instead of KY.
  8. T10 in 83? wow, I had a square reserve by 1980 3 yrs earlier. 5 decades for me. 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and 10s. 28' telsan tern when I started in 1973. Wow I am old, but at least I was only 16 when I started.
  9. I used to tight spiral all the way down with full opposite rudder to create the most form/parasitic drag possible. Would drop like a rock while keeping the airspeed low.
  10. He doesn't jump, the earth propels away from him.
  11. Years ago, early 70s, Sha-Wan-Ga NY DZ, Hudson Valley Skydivers C-182 had a Kicker Plate instead of a handle on the inside, worked great. Convex side facing interior.