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  1. Do not try it yourself, much more fun to get someone else to eat it. LOLQuote the name says it all, freaking horrible stuff. Fly like an aardvark
  2. Oh and in reply to the lifting issue, I can honestlysay that Ihave never noticed it doing anything strange, I don't even think about it, much to my annoyance when I forget to turn the camera on. LOL Fly like an aardvark
  3. I use one just for fun RW jumping, I found that it "aimed" a little low. After a few jumps and checking the footage, I decided an adjustment was in order, Only took a little time with a dremmel and a couple of new rivets and it now takes a picture of what I am looking at. The box can be reattached as good as before . Fly like an aardvark
  4. Does anyone know if WMM has a plug in to make a reversed sequence, i.e jumping back into the plane, I also have Pinnacle studio 9 , But i cannot see a way to upload the Video files from my Hard drive , it only wants to accept from the camcorder, does anyone know how to get an upload from the harddrive? Cheers Fly like an aardvark
  5. You May need to change the region that the laptop/PC will play. My laptop tells me that I can only change this 4 times before the system will lock up on the last setting chosen, Fly like an aardvark
  6. I got a Rawa, awesome helmet, fits like a glove, only on my head When I measured my head I was right in line for a Medium, however when I got it, it was too tight. The guys at aerostore were great, I sent it back and in a week had a new large size one fitting perfectly on my head. of course I just might have a strange shaped head. if you can try one on before hand, do it. Fly like an aardvark
  7. Hi , Has anyone heard from Quickdraw recently? I need to contact him about getting together for a few jumps and a few beers. Cheers Fly like an aardvark
  8. I use a fixed blade utility knife, being left handed I find the retractable knife are just an accident waiting to happen, been there, done that, seen it happen. also I check all the stows before starting to pack my canopy, this way there is no chance of ever nicking the canopy if I was to slip.Cois the bands are all changed before the canopy gets near the Bag. Fly like an aardvark
  9. Aerostore sell Rawa helmets, apeak to Larry in sales he helped me a lot with my purchase and their customer service was great. Fly like an aardvark
  10. Thanks Medusa, I have the sizes, i was wondering if the sizes quoted appear tight or not, I fall right between the medium / large category. Cheers Fly like an aardvark
  11. Hi to those who have a rawa helmet, I am thinking of buying one. So How does it fit, did you find the sizes that it is sold as are correct? or does it feel on the small/large side? Cheers for your input. Fly like an aardvark
  12. theres me thinking this is summin we should all do when we jump a new canopy, or at least flare as much as possible to see if the canopy has shorter than expected brake lines. obviously this should only be done at altitude, if possible and you are gonna try this then plan on pulling high, get all this playing outta the way before you get to a higher than normal hard deck, If I decide to play then i check with Manifest and then the pilot , just for safety and will pull at 7000, this gives me all the time in the world well almost before I even get to my normal pull alti, then I get back onto my normal landing pattern. Just make sure the higher alti winds are not doing summin strange, otherwise you could be heading somewhere strange whilst playing, dont do this on the first load of the day, cos that is the wind sock load Fly like an aardvark
  13. the only thing that is a right pain in empuria is the wind, in the summer it gets up ion the afternoon and then dies down, and there is a wind that can come in for a few days that stops everyone jumping, except for the russian team, who will pretty much jump in anything, lol Fly like an aardvark
  14. I did my AFF with Kevin from the freefall company, The poor guy had to teach me to skydive, and I used to fall like a dead cat in the air, So I can only say he put up with a lot of crap, making me into a safe if not naturally good skydiver, He is definately worth giving a call to , or visit his website, and Empuria is a fun place to go to jump anyway, whoever you learn with, the problem is someties the nightlife interferes with getting up in the morning, tho, an early jump, can sure get the fuzziness outa your head, Have fun, and if you see Kev or Mike say Hi from me, cheersQuote Fly like an aardvark
  15. Anybody know if there is a suitable full face helmet that will take a bracket for a PC105, or has an enclosed bracket for the PC105? also I have seen that the Boomerang is described as OK for "light " camera work, does anyone know if this includes the PC105? cheers neilly Fly like an aardvark