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  1. fallin


    Awesome guys (and lady hehe)! I appreciate the experience. How was it for flare power on straight in approaches? I'm going to a new DZ for my first flight with it. G
  2. fallin


    Hi all I'm the proud new owner of a VG135 and am looking for a little pep talk from current/previous owners! I'm leaving the cold north (Yah!) for a week to give it a try in Deland. I've read the threads...just looking for more. What do you think of it? Thanks G
  3. Has anything 'skydiver friendly' been released and on the shelf (since the cx7). My company has to buy knew so ebay is no good. Thanks for your help.
  4. Does anyone have the insider info as to why the CX7 has gone obsolete? The replacement is apparently not skydiver friendly ...can anyone enlighten my troubled mind. Thanks
  5. This has to do with a cam helmet...thats why I posted here. Sorry if its the wrong forum.
  6. Has anyone been in contact with anyone at RAWA recently. Ive sent off three or four emails in the last 2weeks...none of which have been reply'd too. Im wondering if they are still in Buisness! or maybe on holidays.
  7. geez...I was expecting something a lil' tougher. Thanks for the info
  8. Hey Guys Does anyone know what the 'style series' for the CSPA C cop consists of. I keep finding references to it having to be done...but nothing says what it is. ANy insight would be great Thanks
  9. There has got to be someone out there who can enlighten my dumbass.
  10. Hi guys Does anyone have any experience jumping with a cameraless helmet cam. My camera is in for repair right now--Im going jumping tomorrow-not sure if I need to cover up the holes on my d-box or not. Im assuming that the air rushing through the box will be an issue but thought Id ask anyway. Im using a RAWA Imagem with a side mount for a hc42. Thanks Dudes
  11. Is anyone using a Rawa Cam helmet for RW. I noticed they market it as a freefly helmet. I do both--will that be a prob? ex. poor aerodynamics, lifting ect. Thanks
  12. You are sooooo helpful! Thanks