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  1. Well, I have B-12s and love them. Its never been a problem using them with a wingsuit - more convenient when it comes to taking the suit/rig off PtL No, Not without incident
  2. I have the GS1 demo at the moment with the new wing. I jumped it saturday and sunday and will be doing the same again this weekend. I will post a summary of my thoughts on it next week PtL No, Not without incident
  3. Face the tail, exit in a sit position, this will loop you over, open to arch and you come out of it like a fighter jet facing the DZ. Not much height lost and you gain speed. Pete the LADD No, Not without incident
  4. You see Landing speed has a vertical and horizontal component. Hopefully both are brought to 0 smoothly at the end of the landing. Initially, the PLF was designed for landing rounds where most of the speed in the vertical and using a kiss approach (keep it simple stupid). It also figures use the largest shock absorbers first and sacrifice them if need be i.e. a broken leg is better than a busted spine is better than a smashed cranium. I have been involved in martial arts(judo) for about 25 years and find the traditional PLF fine for when the canopy drops out etc and you plunge downwards. it has saved my ass a number of times. However, when I have had occassion to come in with the horizontal component being high and need to fall, I have ended up rolling it off ( as my judo reactions take over ). However, 5 mins on an FJC would in no way prepare a new jumper for a judo roll type reaction to a high horizontal speed landing and so the sliding in the PLF landing is again kiss based and easier to teach. Imagine a 3 month class, twice a week for an hour just to get someone signed off on their rolls so they can make a jump. No, Not without incident
  5. A thread on canopy stalling - why do it, what it teaches etc..;search_string=stall;#1139017 Ptl . No, Not without incident
  6. Go start a better one then. Reminds me of the wing loading debate - many voices willing to shoot down and few to build up. Try something constructive and get back to me. PtL . Ron - I feel your pain..... . No, Not without incident
  7. Noones being ordered to march to the beat of my particular drum. I am looking to see what underlying reasons/excuses exist for unreported accidents. BTW, I heartly disagree with your argument and expect at some later date your thinking will probably change. People Please answer the poll, It gives some hard numbers. Lets say that Given you seen or were on the DZ at the time a serious incident occurred and had some initial info, would you - most of the time - agree with option A, B or C . Note if a perfect match cannot be found, pick the closest one. Even if you have never witnessed one - what would you theoretically do Ptl . No, Not without incident
  8. I did on what I thought was a serious accident. Please refrain from a "why dont you ... " i.e. the 2 wrongs make a right philosophy PtL No, Not without incident
  9. Lets not cloud the issue here with saying that common sense should not prevail. If someone stubs a toe or skins a shin, its not going to be posted nor am I advocating that it should. Plenty of people bemoan the fact that only fatalities are reported and would'nt it be great to have stats on non fatal injuries, their frequency and causes. I personally think that the biggest reasons, silence reigns on incidents serious enough to be posted are : A) It takes a level of responsibility to put yourself out there and report on an incident and these days responsibility is usually avoided. Lets face its sooo much easier to let sleeping dogs lie B) It probably wont make you very popular at your local DZ as it may be perceived you've told on them and it makes the place look bad. C) if its you personally that have had an incident, you dont really want to face the armchair quarter backing from others with their fanatical edge and you may have convinced yourself it was outside factors anyways or you know your mistake so you've already learned all you can from it. To all who say, this site is not the be all and end all reporting tool in skydiving then show me a better one. Its a remarkable source of information for skydivers worldwide PtL P.S. Chill on the conspiracy wording, I am more interested in the reasons not the wording . No, Not without incident
  10. I see this as another cop-out. How can anybody know what a new/recent forum member can learn or has missed due to a short history in the sport. If we only posted incidents caused by mechanisms that never happened before, the incident forums would be a ghost town. PtL P.S. To everyone, I know not everybody has access to these forums but thats the least likely reason for an incident not to be posted IMHO . No, Not without incident
  11. I think thats a cop out. If a incident occurred then post what ever facts you know even if its just a terse "Incident at DZ X on x/x/2005, no details can anyone give further information" Setting a seed like this has many times caused someone else to pipe up with concrete info PtL No, Not without incident
  12. I was at the same DZ as Peter this weekend, and tho one the one hand, its always good to learn from accidents, its not an obligation of anyone to post anything on here. I know legally there's no obligation but what about ethical/moral responsibility of holding back info that might help others ? Do people think that overall, the reporting of incidents on these forums is a bad thing ? If not, then it seems people are willing to only take from the trough and not give back - a selfish attitude. Something to ponder PtL No, Not without incident
  13. I seen 2 ambulances at the DZ on the 4th of July weekend and on two previous weekends as well. Today, its thursday and there's still no mention of them in the incidents forum. It makes me wonder just how many incidents and problems are kept quiet at DZs around the world through either peer pressure or a misguided sense of loyalty. The incident forums are about learning from others mistakes and a reality check about the dangers of what we do so why the blanket of silence ?? People are quite happy to talk and interrogate others about incidents at other DZs but stay zipped about whats going on around them at home. PtL No, Not without incident
  14. Thanks to all who are contributing to this thread. Loving the info frothing out of this topic. Is leading a flock on your back (similar to tracking ) recommended ? I do foresee some navagation issues but lets say for 1/2 the dive ? I know the fall rate would be faster but that in turn might help the faster falling wing-bricks and gain the advantages for good video, adjusting flight coz you can keep an eye on the flock etc etc. Correct, however 6 flyers could multi-level in two 3 wedges. It is probably a bit ambitious but something to think about if everybody just happens to fly their tails off. PtL . No, Not without incident
  15. Can we keep the noise down on this thread ? Start a 'wheres the spotlight' or 'witty banter' thread to do the job. If you have actual input to the topic header i.e. flocking then post away.. PtL No, Not without incident