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  1. fencebuster

    Skydiving in Class D Airspace

    I looked into moving an operation to Martinsburg WV a couple of years ago. I met with the airport people and they were enthused. I had a meeting set up with the military and civilian FAA tower personnel, but the issue became moot because the rentable space for my operation was priced way out of the reason of profitability. I know that they flew in Class D at the operation in Myrtle Beach SC, but that place was closed because of locals claiming dangerous conduct (with which the FAA disagreed), which I believe is still in litigation.
  2. fencebuster

    EPs: Look up before pulling reserve?

    i hate the one hand on each handle procedure. i know two people who have pulled the handles out of order and neither are skydivers any longer. one by choice after a two out downplane landing that resolved just before it was too late, the other due to serious injury arising from the out of sequence deployments. Under pressure, the opportunity to fuck up is too high, IMO. i have 5 cut-aways, all just like i was taught in CAT A.
  3. fencebuster

    Rebuilding a 182

    I have paid for a bunch of overhauls. Each time, I bought new engine mounts. It makes sense -- the mounts take a lot of wear. Failure of an engine mount on a newly reman engine would be a major bummer.
  4. fencebuster

    How to recover from a flat spin on back?

    Yikes. Tandem side spin recovery is track. Not ball up. WTF? Over.
  5. fencebuster

    How to recover from a flat spin on back?

    Getting off your back is a CAT E student progression requirement. Go back and review CAT E; review your log book for your CAT E1 jump. This is a BASIC skydiving maneuver for anyone with an A license. If you have questions, seek out an AFF-I at your dropzone. Someone missed something if this is a question for you with an A license.
  6. fencebuster


    Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures and Training Center in VA right off I-81. Where are you located?
  7. fencebuster

    Wingsuit and valkyrie

    Really? Can I be on your ash dive?
  8. fencebuster

    How do you learn the AFF-I specific skills?

    Find yourself an AFFI who has been an AFF course evaluator and go to the tunnel. You can learn spin stops and flip overs very well in the tunnel so that you are not burning up skydives trying to learn the techniques.
  9. fencebuster

    More than 10.000 tandem jumps

    Chris Whitley at Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures.
  10. fencebuster

    Skydiving in Class D Airspace

    Is there a DZO or manager out there who is running an operation in Class D airspace that would be willing to talk to me about pros and cons and dealing with the FAA on application under FAR 105.15. PM me if you are willing. Charlie Gittins, 540-327-2208 AFF-I, Sigma TI, IAD-I MEI, CFI-I, Senior Rigger Former DZO, Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures
  11. fencebuster

    How do you teach for a Biplane- two out

    Read the procedure in the SIM. Follow the procedure in the SIM. Those procedures are written in the blood of those who went before us.
  12. fencebuster

    dry rate for skydiving 182

    In a pinch a couple of weeks ago, I needed a second airplane and I leased a C-182A from a nearby DZ for $130/hr dry, without pilot. $110-130 seems reasonable to me.
  13. fencebuster

    Neck Pain

    Neck and back pain every Monday. Goes with the territory.
  14. fencebuster

    How old were you?

    51. CG
  15. They pay for the ride up. If they choose not to jump, the dz still collects the fee and does not pay for a pack-job. I cannot understand why ANY dz would force a tandem passenger to leave the plane. The TI still gets paid. The video guy still gets paid. Why force a non-consenting student to jump? stupid, IMO.