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  1. Thanks for the help, I haven't had the opportunity to take a picture it was still unassembled and in the original packaging from the manufacture. It got stolen from my cage at work on a secure compound on a Navy base. I am very disappointed because there is not a lot of theft where I work. I will see what my home owners insurance coverage will do for me, the Navy has not been helpful. Thanks again Mish
  2. Hello All, Some useless sack of poo stole my brand new Mirage G4, for some reason they left the brand new reserve that was on top of it. Gravitygirl was kind enough to put it up on the stolen gear database on this site. Has any one recovered stolen gear or got home owners insurance to pay for a replacement. Feel free to PM me or we can chat on this thread. Thank you, Mish P.S. If you are the guy who stole it you are more than welcome to return it hassle free. Unless you are 250lbs and jump 120s it wont fit you anyway.
  3. This may be old information but Casada Larga is a dropzone that is used out of Pattia Airport in Panama City. That is where I used to go. It was only on the weekends but they had a twin otter. It is a nice crew of jumpers there. I am biased its where I did my first jump course. Good luck, Mish
  4. mischo


    I have a new one that is not much fun, it looks easy but it is not #13759
  5. You are not Girly, you are a viking goddess
  6. mischo


    Hi Steve, As far as the advanced field goes there are a bunch of good teams. K2, Onyx, Divewerks, O2 project, Carolina Ice, theres more teams out there as well. I hear that Perris Voltage is pretty good. Heal up and get back on the horse next year. Mish
  7. This is the perfect place for this kind of discussion
  8. Hi Steve, We had a nice first meet. Our score was 67. I don't know what the disconnect is between Kurt and the west coast but it always takes a while. I am also looking for the rest of the scores as well. Mish
  9. Hello everybody, Though it is not related to the Perris meet I was wondering if the Cross Keys teams participated and how y'all did? Mish
  10. Hi Blane, That is also too bad. I will see you in Eloy, take care. Mish
  11. Sorry to hear that. Good to see all of you as well. See y'all soon. BTW, Onyx is looking sharp in the tunnel. Adios Mish
  12. Just a bump, Oynx or Divewerks are you coming?
  13. Hello everybody, Just curious but, I was wondering if there were any teams planning on attending the SSL meet in Perris on the 19th. Voltage will attend and I am looking forward to a nice competition. Mish
  14. Hi Ron, Big guys can skydive too! Sometimes whatcha need is a bigger hammer. Mish