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  1. We're always looking for new teamates. If you are active duty Army and think you have what it takes please visit http://armygk.armylive.dodlive.mil/ for more info.
  2. I thought I'd share with you all a few images from the Golden Knights winter training. They started 21 January and will wrap up next week. Images courtesy of the US Army Parachute Team Photographers: SSG Dan Cook, SSG Kevin Presgraves, SFC Joe Abelin, SGT John Lopez
  3. Analogs stick from time to time especialy under canopy, It's just the way they are and why they have a stated margin of error. I use one for work and we've sent back numerous Alti-2's thinking our smoke slag was fouling them up but got the same performance immediately after they were refurbished.
  4. Tough croud Glad you all enjoyed the pictures
  5. This marks the end of yet another winter training down here in Southern Florida for the GK's. This was taken today over Homestead, FL. Our new guys this year have been "on it" when it comes to CRW. They even like strap work I think I over shrunk these pics though to get them to post...?
  6. He's pulling on the outside A line. Esentialy a front riser dive but on big canopies the riser has way to much pressure so you just pull on that one line and away you go.
  7. And when you do clear the plane deploy your parachute! Both of these videos bug me. There's no good reason to perform an emergency bailout then go skydiving with the plane
  8. That depends on the AO. In Ramadi, anyone observing with optics, talking on a cell phone, digging or carrying a weapon in the open constituted hostile intent in the ROE, allowing us to respond "accordingly". I know, I've been there(Ramadi). But things have changed. On a side note everything we do is reactive and its pissing me off.
  9. I agree, I already said that. How so? with any weapon, Lethal or LTL there are rules to follow. You can't shoot it at someone standing on a street corner 300M away talking on a cell phone. Could he be studying you, yes. Do his actions show hostile intent, No.
  10. Oh so this is going to be a Fixed system, not mobile? I see, so the criminals will come to it
  11. And where is this "Large Dish" going to go? Do we remove the lethal weapon system from one truck to make room for it in an already cramped turret? Im not going to go into the headaches this would cause. This thing will get destroyed pretty quick by IED shrapnel, then what are you left with? Besides our trucks are grossly over weight as it is by several thousand pounds. Do I sacrifice a counter IED system, an armor panel, extra water to accommodate it? hummmmm. "Hey sergeant why the hell did you kill that guy digging in the mortar tube, don't you know that you're supposed to zap them with the ray so they can run off and try again later"
  12. 2kcomposites helmets don't come in sizes (s,m,l,etc) they make it to fit your head size and shape. But they specialize in camera helmets. If you can't find anything that fits from the classifieds or local gear shops you could get a custom built Side -FX, then you'd have a platform for a camera later on.