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  1. Alright, I will bite. But I start wondering if that is the case, and there were enough explosives planted, without anyone seeing anything, in a huge building to bring it down what is the point of flying the planes in? The planners had to know that when the plane hit people would leave the building. People leaving the building would significantly decrease their body count. I would think that they would blow it up around 10AM without any warning whatsoever. Have Rig will travel ...
  2. Jerry, I am going over to do some blue force tracking with the Army. Think GCCS watch on the ship. Have Rig will travel ...
  3. Thanks everyone for the well wishes. My flight got bumped back a day so I am going to have to have another round of scotch tonight. For the record, despite the huge lead that I had on the bottle I ended up losing, Bad. Oh well. Have Rig will travel ...
  4. Brains - I will most certainly take you up on that if I am ever in your area. Thanks for all of the well wishes. I can not wait to get over there. There have been a hell of a lot of men and women that have gone over and done their time and it is they who I want to follow. BTW ... It is currently Aaron: 11; Scotch bottle - 0. There is a hell of a long way (half the bottle to go though) to go. Edited because I am half drunk! Have Rig will travel ...
  5. Current score: Bottle-0 Aaron-6 .... For now. I have a funny feeling that I will lose this one. Have Rig will travel ...
  6. http://www.419eater.com/ This should give you some ideas! Have Rig will travel ...
  7. +1 for handbrake. I was able to rip the P90X DVD's which I was not able to do with any other program. Handbrake is free and also will have you download VLC (free also) to play it with. VLC plays every kind of file that I have tried to play. Have Rig will travel ...
  8. First off, congrats on your commission. Be careful what you ask for ... here is 14 years of Navy boiled down to a few lines. Always work harder and try more. - To some extent it is an organization where mediocrity is accepted (think about the contracts that everyone is under) and it is easy to fall into. Don’t let yourself. To that end commit to yourself to try harder and be smarter than your peers by trying harder. Leadership – it is a skill that can be honed like anything else so read and study. Start with Lincoln on Leadership by Donald Philips. Then read 360 degree leader by John Maxwell. Most of the Navy reading list is pretty worthwhile. Always be on you’re “A” game. Someone is always watching and judging you be it a supervisor, peer or subordinate. ALWAYS. Like several others have said ALWAYS listen to your Chief (cant tell that I am one can you …). Until you have know better seek out a seasoned and respected CPO to learn leadership and your job from. When you first think that you know better than he does you are wrong. This will first happen around a year into your Divo tour. Your Chief and you are a team, be a willing teammate. The Chief will guide you but you still need to have a mentor. Actively seek out another officer that is well respected and at least 2 pay grades higher than you are at the time and talk to the regularly about everything. This is the single most under utilized program and has been amazing for my guys and myself. Follow my four rules for success in the Navy until you learn better. 1. Be 15 min early to everything. 2. Work hard to be in the best looking uniform of anyone there (that is all that most people will ever know about you first hand, it really does make a difference) 3. Do what you are told and more importantly do it RIGHT NOW. 4. Be sober at work (yes, I actually have to say that) Develop a strong problem solving ability and use it (again, more challenging than you think). Think about problems at least 4 levels deep. Recite to yourself over and over again “What do I know and who needs to know what I know”, it will help with communication. “Start with the end result in mind”. If you decide that you want good xxxxx figure out what that looks like in your organization and work backwards from that to design a way ahead. After that is done TELL EVERYONE ELSE. In regard to your guys, defend those than need to be defended and hammer those that need to be hammered without regard to your emotions. Some of the time the best thing that can happen to someone is to be punished, don’t forget that. You are already on the right road by asking these questions. Keep it up. Have Rig will travel ...
  9. I think that is what I will do. Any idea on the mechanics of taking it apart and more importantly ... putting it back together? Guess all is not lost, it gives me an excuse to get a new one but I sure would like to get the data off of it. Have Rig will travel ...
  10. Hey all, I came home today to find that my wife had washed my Neptune altimeter. It was on at the home page for about an hour before I took the battery out. It has water that I can see between the protective plastic and the LCD itself so I am sure that it is soaked inside. Does anyone know how to take this thing apart? I would like to try to dry it out with a hairdryer to see if I can get at least my jump time total info out? Thanks in advance. Have Rig will travel ...
  11. Could not agree more! Do the Dave Ramsey debt thing before you invest any for you or your kids. Pay off all cars and CC debt first! Then do 401k up to the match then Roth IRA. Traditional IRA's are NOT as good! I would look at college saving's acounts for the kids then when they are of the working age (14) you can contribute what they make at ajob to Roth IRA's for them. You can get all of this on Ramsey's web site. Also if you look on his site he has ELP's (endorsed local providers) (top right of page). I have had great luck with a few of his ELP's. He has them for financial advisors. Check it out. +1 on the Dave Ramsey thing. Also think seriously about going thru this 13 week course called Financial Peace University. What an amazing program. Think about it as everything that your parents should have taught you about handling your financial life but didn't because they didn't know either. Have Rig will travel ...
  12. To me it is a very calculated decision. I have studied the statistics, read a lot in the "incidents" forum and tried to glean anything that I can from the posts and information passed on. I feel like I understand the risks. The being said, I have chosen gear and procedures that I feel do not push the limits of my experience and ability. Bottom line is that I will quit when my perception of the risks or detriment to my "family" life exceeds the satisfaction that I get from jumping. Have Rig will travel ...
  13. Sorry, I was making an assumption. I'll make a couple more, 1. that you are talking about Kroops goggles and 2. that you wear them under your helmet. You put on your goggles, then your helmet, then you pull your goggles up to where the top edge catches on the "foot". They should stay there until you are ready to put them down on your face and exit. I also forgot to add that if the foot falls off too easily it can be screwed on glued on. I have tried on the aluminum Gatorz type glasses and they do not fit very well. I have actually been wearing some Oakley Flak Jackets. They curve in towards your eyes at the bottom and are very good for keeping the wind out during in all orientations of flying with the exception of tracking. Have Rig will travel ...