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  1. IslandGuy

    Z-Hills Demo Suits

    Hi James, There are quite a few wingsuits, pretty sure something would fit you. Tony took a bunch more to some boogie but they should be back here this weekend. If not, I've got an S3 or a Mach1 that would fit you. I'll be there Saturday afternoon. I'm sure there will be a flock of others there to help out as well. Come on down... it's been way too long! Looking forward to seeing you again. Mike
  2. IslandGuy

    Your Longest Flight Time?

    At Flock-n-Dock 5.0 we did a high altitude load (22k ft.) so there were probably a lot of birds that made personal best times from that. Jarno and I maxed it out and broke 5 minutes. In summary: Exit: ~22.2k ft. Open: ~ 3k ft. Flight Time: ~ 5min. 30 sec. Distance Covered ~ 7.5 miles Temps at 22k: -28C Suit: Stealth (original) Video: GoPro Recording Altimeter: Neptune Field Elevation: ~ 85ft. Attached are GPS data files, Paralog profiles, and screen captures from the flight. Haven’t analyzed them yet but hope to soon. One thing that caught my attention was how little difference there was between vertical True Air Speed (TAS) vs. Sea Level Air Speed (SLAS). I thought the TAS would be much higher than it was since at altitude the air is less than half as dense as it is at sea level. When I get some time, I’ll look at the data and see if there is anything useful that might help on the next hi-alt flight. Would be sweet to break 6 minutes.
  3. IslandGuy

    Flew a Z-Wing Eagle this weekend....

    Lookin' good. Were you wearing a Neptune or GPS? Did you get any data on the flights (vert. speed, time in flight, etc.) Would like to see what kind of numbers folks are getting.
  4. IslandGuy

    Z-Hills Flock - THANKYOU

    Hey James - had a great time flying with you. Lots of birds, nice flocks, perfect weather, no wait for the planes - awesome time. Hope you get to join us for Flock n Dock. As I was heading home, I was thinking that I should have asked you to swap suits with me for a load as I've never flown the Raptor before and we are close enough in size that it would have probably worked. I've tried the Mach 1 but I don't think there is a Raptor demo in our size yet. Anyhow, a thought too late - plus, really, what are the chances I could have parted you from your new toy anyhow? Safe travels!
  5. IslandGuy

    Flock ‘n Dock 3.0 Z-Hills Mar30-Apr1

    OK - list starts. Looking back trying to get those that indicated they were going (if I make a mistake, please make corrections or additions as necessary) Lurch Island Guy Mark M aerodynamite badenhop PhoenixRising SkymonkeyONE Notsane
  6. IslandGuy

    2007 Puerto Rico Freefly Festival

    Right now, I'm 95% sure I'll be there - no conflicts. And, after talking with Scott, I'm pretty sure he'll be there, especially since he's been listed as the organizer. That makes three so far.