Skydiving Quotes You've Learned.

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"Having a blast on every jump is more important than achieving a task in every jump"

I've never heard that one before. I think it's nice.

One of the discussion points I use when teaching skydiving actually came from teaching snowboarding. It goes like this:

The whole point of skydiving is to have fun. If you are having more fun than anybody else, you are the best skydiver!
Tom Buchanan
Instructor Emeritus
Comm Pilot MSEL,G
Author: JUMP! Skydiving Made Fun and Easy

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One of my buddies who is a Tandem Master to a coworker of mine making his first tandem "Who is your BEST friend"...student sd "my wife" NO DUMBASS you don't have a parachute on I AM YOUR BEST FRIEND!!"

LMFAO..................that ones a good one!!!
Wanna Hug It Out, Lets Hug It Out..Bitch!

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The variant on your 2nd one there that I always heard was, "Keep pulling handles until blood fills your goggles."

Kinda along the same lines...

"If your main doesn't work, cut-away and pull your reserve. If your reserve doesn't work, walk towards the light."

... and I can't believe no one has posted this yet...


The quote of all quotes when it comes to skydiving!

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"Don't get dead. oh ya, and have fun."

"Try not to kill me on this jump."

"Don't forget to breathe." (From the early student days :D)

And some more useful ones...

"ALWAYS get a pin check."

"Check your 3's -- rings, buckles, handles."

"Never stop fighting"

"At 13,000 feet nothing else matters."
Team Funnel #174, Sunshine kisspass #109
My Jump Site

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"Please don't kill the load organizer" Eden North-1997

"Passion 8 makes creeping look good" Nationals-1999

"Crap, the Aussies are here, now non of us are gonna get laid!" Lost Prairie- 1994

"Looks good on paper, you first!" Brento-2000

"We always land that way at my home DZ"

"Skydiving, it's safer than driving to the DZ"

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"It's better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air than in the air wishing you were on the ground."

"The best thing you can be on a big-way is not noticed."

"Anything less than 10 years and you're only a tourist."
quade -
The World's Most Boring Skydiver

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"Slack Valley is that-ta-away."

"Don't fuck up."

"if you're gonna go low, take someone with ya."

DZO/Jump pilot as the exit is called "Sorry guys, didn't quite get to 13,000, so you have my permission to make up the freefall on the bottom end."

"That guy's not even stable!" Newer jumper after seeing my video of Craig G. taking a dock on a 30+ way in a solid knee fly.

"Look ma, the airplane is pooping people!" Wuffo 6 year old.

"It wasn't us, honest." Anonymous, the morning after the Boogie Party.

"Who's that guy think he is? King of the geeks?" Dan Smith, after hearing another jumper tell a group how things were going to be done, since he had won a gold medal at Nationals.

"What the fuck was THAT?" Me after narrowly escaping being caught up in an 80 way funnel on a 120 way attempt.

"FUCK!" Me as main side JM after getting punched in the face by an AFF student deploying their pilotchute.


You're not as good as you think you are. Seriously.

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" Try not to think about dying, that'll only make you nervous"

"Speed equals lift, unless you didn't pull"

" Very important safety briefing! DON"T FUCKIN' DIE!!!!"

"Another important safety briefing! NEVER RIDE WITH LIZ!!!!"

" Try not to think about eating through a straw and shitting in a bag either, that will make you nervous, too......."
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

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"Here...hold my beer...watch this..." (at any bonfire)

"Flare when you hear the crickets" (blind skydivers)

"If neither one of our 'chutes opens, don't follow me, follow the other light" (tandem instructor to student)

"If there was a cow here to hit, you could have experienced all the possible hazards" (personal experience :ph34r: )

Owned by Remi #?

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" Hey, make sure you check out my landing,, I 'm gonna try something NEW":o[:/]

"ten minute call for load 5. Ten Minutes"

" wanna be on a big way"????

" I'd rather take an Otter, freefall for 25 seconds,
and find myself at Nine -Five.
than to take a cessna, sit in the airplane for 25 minutes,
and find myself at Nine-Five".

" He who hesitates, Shall Inherit the EARTH " :PB|

" Wind ??? what wind???"
" Clouds??? what clouds???"
" Carb Ice??? what carb ice??"
" Spot ????? what spot ??? Get Out !!! "

here are some from a long time ago...

" hey man, would you stand tension for me"

" did you hook up the bungees"???

" my apex lines are wearing out"

" thumbs in the rings, feet together, sitting position, break away, pull reserve with right hand, cover capewells with left forearm"

" pods have it ALL OVER sleeves"

" flake that cheapo"

" lift tickets are a buck a thousand"

" hey watch THIS " !!!

" what the hell is a "throwaway Pilot chute" ????

"squares are for squares"

" L. A. G. N. A. F. "

seen on a tee shirt... Spyder Slider Glider Rider...


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