Need some major major vibes, please.

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I hope everything will be alright. Prayers, {{{{{{{VIBES}}}}}}} and (((((((HUGS))))))) for you and your family!
To put your life in danger from time to time ... breeds a saneness in dealing with day-to-day trivialities.

--Nevil Shute, Slide Rule

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Prayers and vibes and love and hugs for his safe return, and a smooth resolution to the entire situation - or at least a rapid one.

let me know if I can help.


~Do Angels keep the dreams we seek
While our hearts lie bleeding?~

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Me 2, Skybytch.. I paged down to see...
Next time it will be good news.

Stay positive Daizey, and loads of vibes your way.

It never ever hurts to have loads of friends in your corner with good thoughts, support and some prayin. Add another on the list.

Prayers, Ann


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Well, I have some good news! My cousin was sent to school on friday-the day my aunt normally would pick him up..it was the first time he was sent all week. My aunt went and picked him up and he is now safe with her...he is fine.

Unfortunaltely now shes dealing with threatening phone calls from her ex husband. And also Kyle i a bit comfused. He is beginning to finally open up and tell about what his life has been like these past few months. His mother was able to see where he had been living and it brought tears to her eyes. Kyle is beginning to realize what he has been though and is dealing with it fairly well. But it is going to be a long road..

It is a good thing she was able to pick him up when she did because that night her ex husband was in a car accident....totalled the car. Had my cousin been in the car he probably would have been killed since the only survivable area in the car was the drivers seat....

I want to thank you all for you thoughts, vibes, prayers, hugs, concern and kind words. It means so much to me as well as to my family. And it certainly helped because our week of hell is coming to an end my cousin in now home safe and sound...


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