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  1. flygirl03

    Kim Dear

    Hi Kim.. Nice to see you here! I hope you are doing well. I know you don't remember me from all your countless visitors. I only got to visit once. The next time I came to see you they told me you had checked out. I was sad not to be able to say Hi again... but So thrilled at your progress. You are a remarkable young lady.. and Such an encouragement I look forward to seeing you in July!! Cindi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ earthbound misfit
  2. Yep, this one did it.... Thanks for posting. I had the Pleasure of meeting Kim in the Hospital.. I had NO idea .. how Serious her injuries were... She was so full of life, smiling, positive... truly a remarkable lady. A Blessing to those who's lives she has touched. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ earthbound misfit
  3. 140+ each way... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ earthbound misfit
  4. Hi Steve What a Big step, being able to sit up and type. Thanks so much for the personal update. I hope Robyn told you I stopped by a week ago Sat. Sorry you were not feeling up to visitors. I will be passing through STL on my way home from KC this Sunday and will try to stop in. Stay tough, my friend. OSAAT!!! Cin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ earthbound misfit
  5. a girl friend at work had a sore throat that turned into cough so bad she was choking and couldn't catch her breath. she would cough so hard she threw up. she had this crap over a week. diagonosis: Whooping Cough ...yeah that thing you get vaccinated for as a kid.. it is apparently making a come back hopefully yours is just allergies due to fall pollen or something.... feel better! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ earthbound misfit
  6. I so TOTALLY agree with you, Jen I got to meet Kimberly and her mom, yesterday. She is exactly as you described her. When I walked into her room I was greeted by a beautiful smile. She is a beautiful young lady.. inside and out. Kim.. You are a sweetheart!! I hope to see you again, Soon. Mom.. hope the rest of your birthday (Sunday) was a good one and that you had a safe flight home today. Blessings to all of you!! Cindi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ earthbound misfit
  7. Hello Mr. Dear! This was a Cool thing Joe started for Kim. Glad she loved the messages. I hope to get to see/meet her this weekend. And, YES, you Are all a part of the "Community" our Family, now! Blessings to Kim and all of you. Cin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ earthbound misfit
  8. I feel that way about the lyrics from Mark Harris, "For the First Time" and FFH "Ready to Fly" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ earthbound misfit
  9. Ditto on Mercy Me. I can't get "Homesick" out of my head. Ever since the fall of the Twin Otter and loss of friends at Quantum Leap. It has been playing over and over in my mind. Also Love Jars of Clay, Third Day, DC Talk, Todd Agnew, Sanctus Real.. the list goes on. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ earthbound misfit
  10. jen, i heard about the petition for re-naming the airport. how can those of us who were not there saturday, sign it? has anyone set up an online petition? can that maybe be done on QL's home page? c ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ earthbound misfit
  11. Kim, me again. You can see, from all your Birthday wishes, the immense love ... from the sky dive community, of which you are now a part. It is not all about jumping. It is also about friends you have never met and many that you will meet along the way. A common bond. Welcome to our world.
  12. Rob's is posted on the QL web page Maybe take a few minutes to read and sign the guestbook, too, while you are there ???? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ earthbound misfit
  13. maybe take a few moments and sign the quest book at the dz web page? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ earthbound misfit
  14. Hi my friend... it looks great in 'real life' too.. The photos don't do the colors justice. I am SO happy for you. I know you can't wait to "get it all together" and start jumping it!! Congrats!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ earthbound misfit