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  1. Just wanted to ask,(yes, I am new. And dont have any jumps as of yet, just thought it would be good to read up on safety before I go for my first) What is: 1) reserve PC out 2) d-bag out 3) freebag out I dont fully understand the terms as of yet Thanks
  2. Wow. I didnt expect answers so fast How would I go about setting up a "fun" tandem jump? Also, How much can i expect to pay for both a "fun" tandem jump and the AFF course? Thanks for the answers guys. I will be posting here a lot more
  3. Hey all Name is nathan, have been looking into skydiving for some time now. Decided to go ahead and try it out. needing to know a few things first. For a newbie. How do you recomend that i start. 1) tandem 2)AFF And why? Also.. I cant seem to find a DZ around my town. Durant, Oklahoma. If anyone could point one out to me.. That would be uber. Also. What type of gear do you think i should go with. And a place/web page I can look at to order the gear... Also.. How much is a full set going to run money wise...(yes yes, I know. Sell everything) ok, I think thats about all for now... Thanks all