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  1. hmm Not sure... Sounds funny as hell I would go for it
  2. is it working fine for everyone? let me know before I go to bed.. THanky
  3. OK.. I have put it up.... I have 1 gb of band width a month and then it stops working... so have fun.. Just clickhttp://www.angelfire.com/scary/skydivevideo/ *edit1.. grrr html no worky here *edit2.. Just overlook the banner ads... I cant remove them grrr....
  4. I have it saved on my pc.. If anyone would like to see it I might be able to put it up... not sure yet... let me see.
  5. Just downloaded it... hehe im on dsl OMG.. that looks like it hurt Im glad you didnt brake anything
  6. wanab

    Focus problem...

    mmmm beer *edit... damn smilies
  7. wow... im sorry... Hope you get to feeling better fast... remember... tulsa is only a 2 hour drive(well 3 1/2 if I dont want a ticket ) for me... so im not that far off.. I know how bad you must feel... I "used" to climb towers for the wireless internet company I worked for.... I broke two bones in my foot on one.... I havent gone back up.. Thats was in november of last year. Get to feeling better soon!! *edit for my l33t spelling skills.(you all will get used to seeing this )
  8. hmmm... If I start driving right now.... hehe sorry skybytch grrr pizza cost lost of money.... Oh well... They make more
  9. OMG that sounds good.... You offering to come cook for me
  10. LOL.... I think that about covers everything I have two for pizza... Anyone else have any ideas? I would prefure fast food at this point... I hate cooking :p
  11. ok... Im about to wither up and die due to lack of food. And due to my recent decision to try skydiving... I havent went to the store for food in a while.. And it seems I have run out Anyone have any ideas???
  12. wanab

    Amusing web site

    ... OMG
  13. DUDE!!! That's awesome!!! I feel really cool now, hahahaha!! Thanks!! I mean, you're welcome!! I mean, thanks!! .... If im ever in ohio, I will have to look you up. But you should think about coming to skydive dalles(after i start jumping that is{just 3 weeks }) ... plus the weather is a little better in texas