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  1. bshl

    5-year-old skydiver

    Uh, yeah. He and my 8-year-old daughter have both done that. Fortunately I was there to act as an accuracy pad. My wife shudders at the BASE aspect they're already practicing. She liked her tandem jump and wants to go again, though, so that's a plus. Blue skies and happy landings!
  2. bshl

    5-year-old skydiver

    All three of my kids like to "skydive." My oldest son took his backpack, tied a couple of rings to it to act as leg straps and announced that he had made a rig and was going skydiving. I was impressed that he thought of the leg straps himself, grabbed the camera and here's what I caught... Blue skies and happy landings!
  3. Quite a while before I went to Iraq. I'm not eligible now and won't be for a while since I recently returned. It's just a good thing emotions don't make their way directly into the bloodstream or I'd be banned for a whole lot more than just a year! Blue skies and happy landings!
  4. I didn't really get it until I worked it out for myself. Start with your basic trinomial and solve it by completing the square. You know that works, right? Solve that and *poof* you have the quadratic formula. Once I did that I understood and had faith in it and it made a lot more sense. Good luck. Cheers! Blue skies and happy landings!
  5. I touched an electric fence one time to see how it felt. It had rained the night before but my tennis shoes had me pretty well grounded. Once I figured out what was wrong (provided that's the right term), I reached over and touched my aunt's prized goat. Scared the little sucker so bad that when she returned to the earth she took about two steps and dropped all her little goose berries in a very concise editorial on my actions. I haven't touched another fence since. Goats, on the other hand... Blue skies and happy landings!
  6. bshl

    It's a.....

    Kudos to you and your wife, man. Enjoy! Blue skies and happy landings!
  7. bshl

    Extreme game show

    Clicky Blue skies and happy landings!
  8. bshl


    I'm really sorry about this loss, man. Hang in there. It's nice to know that she was so genuinely loved and cared for. Blue skies and happy landings!
  9. Blue skies and happy landings!
  10. Blue skies and happy landings!
  11. My Dad rocks. He was my best friend for years and we could practically communicate simply by sight. All we had to do was make eye contact and we'd know what the other was thinking and burst into laughter. We played racquetball together and he helped me with my calculus and physics in college. His love for my kids is tremendous and I don't take for granted the blessing that we're given with each day that he's able to spend with us. Yeah, my Dad rocks and I love him. Why? Because he's him. Blue skies and happy landings!
  12. bshl

    Talk like a pirate

    Clicky Some people have entirely too much time on their hands. Others of us waste our time on the DZ forums... Blue skies and happy landings!
  13. Okay, so Photoshop was involved. So what? It's still pretty funny... Blue skies and happy landings!
  14. Talk about eye strain! Blue skies and happy landings!
  15. I'd put the money toward a replacement motherboard or a new laptop. Motherboards tend to be layered circuit boards and a soldering iron on top can destroy itty bitty traces underneath. The heat goes down through the layers and, as small as some of them are, it toasts the little guys. We found that out the hard way and ended up chucking the whole thing. Good luck... Blue skies and happy landings!