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  1. Yeah, I gotta jump in here though to what Kallend said. Tunnel time? Altitude Awareness? Doesn't compute. I've only got 68 jumps and as such I'm not an authority on this sport. But I will tell you, I had a jump, where I came within some short seconds of pounding in. All due to loss of altitude awareness. Nothing helps that besides simply being aware. No brain farts, no amount of panic, nothing. Either be aware of where you are, or die. As a friend told me then. In this sport, the ground is always there, waiting for your should you lose your place. Blue Skies, and Good luck. J It's a gas, gas, gas...
  2. I've met more than a few coaches that I'd pay good money to llearn from. I paid Pat McGowan for coaching time in the Perris tunnel last year and I cannot wait to go back to Perris and actually jump with him. I'd pay for that too. Now, I like the spirit of giving back just as much as the next guy. However, let's not lose the fact that depending upon your skydiving goals, there are a great many coaches out here that are damn well worth what they charge. that said, this is a damn dangerous sport and I take it awfully seriously. the thought that I'd have to pony up every now and then for some quality training, well, thats just not too hard to stomach. j It's a gas, gas, gas...
  3. Much love to you and your family. I've been through this, a few times now, the last time was my son... He made it through, though when I found him he was gone. Nevertheless, the pain endures, I don't think I'll ever get over it, it shapes my days. Please, if there is anything I can do, let me know. PM and we'll talk, what have you. I know this to be the toughest thing I've ever had to deal with, don't know that I'll ever recover, but I am getting better. prayers and love to you and your family Jack It's a gas, gas, gas...
  4. Saw it on TLC or some shit, big machines show, very very fucking cool. Loved it, with tons of other HUGE freaking machines. Great stuff, j It's a gas, gas, gas...
  5. Awwww Shit Laurie, that is so freaking cool. Please pm me and let me know how it turns out? Hugs, J It's a gas, gas, gas...
  6. I'm prolly gonna get blasted for this, if anyone actually takes offense I'm real sorry. I'd burn in. I mean, I'm a bit of a coward, and out of all the ways in the world there are to die, alot of them are fucking frightening. So, one of the things I'm least scared of, and I know it may sound sick, but I don't think it is, is burning in. Reason? If I go in at terminal, I figure it'll be lights out. Now, hundreds, probably thousands of other ways now days, involve notification of the impending doom. Somehow, I've always thought, knowing your end is coming, is fucked up. I always thought, if I'm going out, I'd like it to be a HUGE Surprise. I'd like my last thought to be on this planet, "OH SHIT, WOW, SO THAT"S HOW I'M GOING". Then seconds, milliseconds, whatever the fuck, OVER. I've buried alot of friends and family in the last decade, after months, of struggling and fighting for life. I've learned alot from it, and seen very courageous people. I'm not one of them. When it's time to die, I just fucking want to go. In the end, were all going there, I'd like to go out in a blaze of glory, with a half ass smile. I'm not a nut, I won't hasten the arrival in any means, I have a respect for life, but, if it's coming, I'd like a bare few seconds to contemplate it, then checkout. j It's a gas, gas, gas...
  7. Ok, Since, Slappie, Zep, and Turtlespeed (as usual) took all my answers right off the bat! When I've left the plane, nice solid body position, and I see the sun glinting off the wings of the plane, in a bright pure blue sky. Makes my heart pound, grin from ear to ear, and thank God that I'm alive on this fine planet. That is definitly a favorite shiny thing. Thanks Sunshine, j It's a gas, gas, gas...
  8. When I was 18, I had a marathon for about four months with a girl. Neighbor did too. For the longest time, it seemed as if it were a contest... Too fun. The "sounds" of the act tend to unnerve me. I've always been a bit of a voyeur, but the sounds get to me worse than anything. Of course, thats "good sounds", I'm sure there are quite a few that wouldn't have such a positive affect. But, nonetheless, two people having at eachother in a severe way, well, kind of makes it hard to focus on "normal" stuff thats for sure. lol (too much information, to be sure) It's a gas, gas, gas...
  9. Ahhh, see, I'm not "in love", but maybe I'm healing. At least, at this juncture, the idea of being in love is palatable. Up until now, it hasn't been something I've felt singing about, at least for the last year or two. ;-) It's a gas, gas, gas...
  10. Ok, Been playin a little bit lately. So nice to have it back in my hands... Just spent the last hour working on a simple tune, but, nonetheless well written. Howie Day, Collide... What a tune. So absolutely wonderful. Lyrics incredible, guitar simple yet sweet. Good times truly, makes you want to kiss a girl. ;-) Whats your favorite love song lately? peace, j It's a gas, gas, gas...
  11. Well, Not to attempt to ruin the mystery of chemistry, but, it's actually quite a natural thing if you think of it. Natural selection, survival of the race, many many things are happening behind the scenes when two people pair up to mate. In alot of cases, the "need" is so strong, the desire so overwhelming, that common sense is thrown aside and nature makes all the choices. You've seen it time and time again, guy or girl, who is befuddled because of the relationship choices they've made. They always seem to satisfy the beast within, but leave alot to desire elsewhere where theres need. Ok, my theory is, these people (all of us in some cases) have just witnessed genetic slavery. We've been manipulated by nature, because nature saw the strength in the match. Problem is, nature is looking for physical survival in many cases. Leaving out the nuances that a human requires for fulfillment. There you have it. Thats my theory. You got admit though, when it comes to getting the heart thumping and the blood racing, Nature knows her shit. Wow. lol j It's a gas, gas, gas...
  12. Sounds incredibly painful Rick. For the fact that your in that kind of pain, my sincerest apologies. Sounds painful. For the fact that I didn't get to witness your mindblowing stunt, well, I'm just speechless. So, why don't you spew and share more details about what motivated your drunk ass to leap the fence? LOL I'm trying to set it up in my mind, but just not getting it. Truly, after all the stupid shit I've done drunk over the years, and my buddies, it still doesn't take the place of actually witnessing it. Hope you feel better bro, seriously, all kidding aside, it sucks that it's knocking you out of the game for awhile. J It's a gas, gas, gas...
  13. Happy Birthday Gary!!!!!! jjf It's a gas, gas, gas...
  14. Michele, Take a look at Pattern Recognition by Gibson. Very cool read, I enjoyed it thoroughly. For a short one, I just finished The Girl With A Pearl Earring. My daughter had just read it and wanted me to. Pretty cool as well. J It's a gas, gas, gas...
  15. Random acts of kindness and love just completely rock.