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  1. Yeah, I gotta jump in here though to what Kallend said. Tunnel time? Altitude Awareness? Doesn't compute. I've only got 68 jumps and as such I'm not an authority on this sport. But I will tell you, I had a jump, where I came within some short seconds of pounding in. All due to loss of altitude awareness. Nothing helps that besides simply being aware. No brain farts, no amount of panic, nothing. Either be aware of where you are, or die. As a friend told me then. In this sport, the ground is always there, waiting for your should you lose your place. Blue Skies, and Good luck. J It's a gas, gas, gas...
  2. jumpinjackflash

    $50 per day

    I've met more than a few coaches that I'd pay good money to llearn from. I paid Pat McGowan for coaching time in the Perris tunnel last year and I cannot wait to go back to Perris and actually jump with him. I'd pay for that too. Now, I like the spirit of giving back just as much as the next guy. However, let's not lose the fact that depending upon your skydiving goals, there are a great many coaches out here that are damn well worth what they charge. that said, this is a damn dangerous sport and I take it awfully seriously. the thought that I'd have to pony up every now and then for some quality training, well, thats just not too hard to stomach. j It's a gas, gas, gas...
  3. jumpinjackflash

    Newbies: Do you pack your own rig?

    No other way to roll.... If I go in, because my bag is shit, it'll be because I fucked it up. Kind of sick thinking I know, and? I've had some VERY qualified people pack my shit, and it's all good, I just like knowing what went in the bag before it goes on my back. yeah, kind of a control freak like that. J It's a gas, gas, gas...
  4. jumpinjackflash

    Downwind Landing

    Good points all. I do my best at this point to avoid the slide, and since I've put a few on that canopy, I'm landing fairly well at this point without the need for acrobatics. The butt slide thing worked great for me a couple times, however, there was that once that it didn't, which sent me the other way completely. I can see why you'd modify your landing for those purposes though. J It's a gas, gas, gas...
  5. jumpinjackflash

    Downwind Landing

    Exactly what I was saying!!!!
  6. jumpinjackflash

    Downwind Landing

    Terry, I just gotta ask, per Bigun's statement above regarding PLF's vs sliding in (arms/legs vs spine).... Don't you believe the butt slide is something we shouldn't do at all??? I've done quite a few this year, and thought it was fine as I was learning to fly my first canopy (transitioning from student gear). However, the last one I did, I liked to broke my tailbone (close but no cigar) and walked with pain for weeks. Upon doing that, I searched the subject on these forums and for what it's worth, came up with the realization that it's fairly easy to make a mistake on that slide in and damage your spine fairly significantly. That said, shouldn't we avoid butt slides at all cost? If we can't stand it up, PLF? Anyhow, that's where this youngun is coming from currently. Could you give me a reason why I'd want to do opposite? J It's a gas, gas, gas...
  7. jumpinjackflash

    Is your Wingloading within the WNE Chart?

    I'm 1 point over the maximum. My exit weight out the door with equip is approx 212. I'm flying a 190 Sq Ft Canopy... I'm loading it at 1.1 and I'm right at 63 jumps right now. I feel fine with it, no problems to report, however, I won't downsize for a considerable time. I like the canopy and have no need to go smaller for quite a while. I would like to go elliptical before going small, in that vein, has anyone heard the "smart" path to that? I figure instead of downsizing to a 170 when the time comes, I'd like to go to an elliptical, say 170 or 190 Elliptical? Do they make them that large? peace, jjf P.S. I've read alot of Germaines stuff, hoping to get his book for christmas. Definitly a great teacher. It's a gas, gas, gas...
  8. jumpinjackflash

    Stupid things I have done

    Truly, and? I was being a prick. I was irritated with PCCoder's comment when I read it. Though, my reaction to it was equally ignorant. I do see the need for this thread big time. I rely on everyones experience here and the things they've learned. As I know I'll make alot of mistakes on my own, I am trying desperately not to make all of them. Information like this is key to that. j It's a gas, gas, gas...
  9. jumpinjackflash

    Stupid things I have done

    No, not at all. Feel free, I do stupid shit every day. Which was the point of this entire thread, too which, you jumped in this thread, and remarked was "stupid". I just was dumbfounded when I read through this thread, and saw what your comment was, then found out you biffed. Blew my mind, that's all. You have to admit, your comment, made absolutely no sense. It's a gas, gas, gas...
  10. jumpinjackflash

    Stupid things I have done

    I've got to jump in here.... Every time, I read something like this, I have an urge to do a little research. I pull up your (PCCoder) profile, and serach posted threads, and find your latest as???? Now, I'm not trying to stir the shit here, I just have to ask, do you still think reading these posts belongs in "Stupid Things I have Done"???? A little freaked out right now, as to both reading through this entire thread (couldn't help myself when I started, couldn't stop), then finding your little comment above, then, finding out what the latest news is on you??? Any correlation? jjf It's a gas, gas, gas...
  11. jumpinjackflash

    Stupid things I have done

    ROFLMAO Damn Ron, this explains alot. Now I know why your such a safety freak. It's a wonder you didn't take yourself out of the game early on. Glad your around to beat on us.
  12. jumpinjackflash

    AAD: Theoretical Explanation

    Wow, that definitly makes it hard to determine. It would be nice to hear from Airtec on how a postmortem is done on these things. I mean, it would make sense for it to shutdown if it failed, and then boot back up in an auxillary mode, i.e. refuse to provide service, which would indicate it had failed. However, if all one needs to do to reactivate the device is boot it back up, then, well, that's not only useless, but I would think dangerous as well... Anyone on the board from Airtec that we could ask? j It's a gas, gas, gas...
  13. jumpinjackflash

    AAD: Theoretical Explanation

    Hey Michael, I was just thinking, reading this post, I've heard alot about "saves" with Cypres, and they have a hell of a record, great device. However, in the interest of pure numbers, have there been many go in with working Cypres that haven't fired??? Any numbers on these kinds of failures? I'm assuming this hasn't happened very often. Typically, when I hear of someone going in, and no reserve is deployed, there seems to be no AAD installed either. Anyway, just curious, Jack It's a gas, gas, gas...
  14. jumpinjackflash

    And once you have tasted flight....

    Ah Hell JP, I can always rely on you for sound advice. I'll remember to flatten out nice and give it my best and grip the hell out of the grass! jjf It's a gas, gas, gas...
  15. jumpinjackflash

    And once you have tasted flight....

    How bout the fact that you die before you hit the ground? That's my favorite. It's a gas, gas, gas...