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  1. I just got a Yepson. I would love to see pictures of how others have attached it to the D bag.
  2. Just flew my PDR 160 at WL 1.5 the other day. Totally boring. Nice and stable gave me plenty of time to stow my handles. Feather soft landing. This was my second ride in a year. Very happy with it.
  3. In recent years I have stayed at the Hotel Portofino. Suprisingly nice hotel and only a short walk into town. I am pretty sure they have a Skydiver rate so I suggest you mail them if you are interested in staying there.
  4. Skydive Algarve seems to be the up and coming place in Europe. Open all year.
  5. It only came off in little bits (1mm) at the ends of where the handle was dipped. No danger of it peeling off in a pull situation.
  6. I used to have a D handle as my cutaway handle. I plastidipped it red. it was very tactile to the touch but the plastic started to peel away after time. All in all I liked it and will do it again.
  7. Skydive Algarve seems to be the up and coming place in Europe. I have certainly been impressed with the place. I will be there at Christmas.
  8. Yes, please keep this thread going.
  9. I know I should RTFM but how do you bump the fps down? I recently bought an A6000 and am still trying to learn the ins and outs.
  10. Empuriabrava is undoubtedly one of the worlds best situated dropzones. Unfortunately I think they have lost their mojo. Jump prices are over $36 and a pack job costs almost $9 and they will only pack fun jumpers after they do tandems and students. A wind holding is put on as soon as a sparrow farts. Last 3 times I have visited there has hardly been enough fun jumpers to put a plane in the air. Having said all that, I will be there for 3 weeks in July.
  11. Thinking of a trip there in November or the Christmas boogie. Let us know what you think of the place.
  12. Is it possible to ask what modifications you made? I have the sleeve and AS100 and am wondering how to modify it.