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  1. Thanks a lot, I'll be headed down to Skydive Elisinore for my days off at the start of November. Europe after that!
  2. I work the oil rigs in Canada and I will be saving money for the winter to buy my own rig and take the summer off to jump as much as possible! I hold a USPA A license that I acquired at skydive Madrid (it's an awesome dropzone but I would like to be closer to a city). I am looking for a good dropzone that jumps 7 days a week and is close to a city with decent night life to go out every now and again. I was thinking Gojump in Gransee (near to Berlin) would be a good choice. If anybody has any suggestions, or things to say about this dropzone it would be appreciated! Blue skies!
  3. Came here to jump for a weekend while in Poland. Had an awesome time with the awesome people there. A bit of a language barrier if you only speak English, but big smiles from everybody. And overall some of the most fun I have had at a dropzone.