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  1. Excellent, thanks very much.
  2. I just got a Yepson. I would love to see pictures of how others have attached it to the D bag.
  3. Bip

    Reserve recommendations

    Just flew my PDR 160 at WL 1.5 the other day. Totally boring. Nice and stable gave me plenty of time to stow my handles. Feather soft landing. This was my second ride in a year. Very happy with it.
  4. In recent years I have stayed at the Hotel Portofino. Suprisingly nice hotel and only a short walk into town. I am pretty sure they have a Skydiver rate so I suggest you mail them if you are interested in staying there.
  5. Skydive Algarve seems to be the up and coming place in Europe. Open all year.
  6. Thinking of a trip there in November or the Christmas boogie. Let us know what you think of the place.
  7. I am 54. After a 11 year break I started jumping again in 2007. After trying out various canopies I settled on a Pulse 170. Nice light toggles on a fun flying wing has been the perfect combo for me. It is also a dream to pack. I am about 190lb in the skin. My elder brother has also just converted over to a Pulse 190 and is very pleased with his choice. Makes for hassel free skydiving.
  8. Me and my brother are flying down on Thursday night.
  9. Bip

    Pulse Canopies.. Any thoughts?

    There might be but I doubt it. I am coming up for my 500th jump on my Pulse. The only reason I would change it is to buy a different colour.
  10. Bip

    Vector3 V348 with a 170 and packing?

    I have a V348 with a pdr-160 and a 170 Pulse. Packs up nicely. I used to have a Spectre 170 in it. I have never had an issue with packing. Aesthetically it looks a bit better with the Pulse than the Spectre.
  11. Bip

    How to freeze time

    I know just how you feel. Oh the pain of waiting.
  12. Bip

    New Canopy Options

    I am currently jumping a Pulse-170 which I would recommend to anyone. It might not be as racy as some but the toggle response is nice and tight, it flies a long way and is a dream to pack. I moved from a Spectre-170 to this canopy and I do not regret it.
  13. Bip

    What do you think?

    I think your pilot might be difficult to see in the air or on the ground if you have a cutaway. I would go for a bright color for you canopy. Bright colors almost always look cool.