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  1. Indeed - for the English speakers, this link will make life a little easier: https://voortbestaanteuge.petities.nl/?locale=en What is at risk here is the closure of yet another skydive centre in The Netherlands. It will not only impact the sport in the country in a big way, but affect hundreds of small businesses in the area. From the local bars, restaurants, campsites and hotels to the rigging lofts and suppliers. Hell, the airfield itself is threatened with bankruptcy given 50% of their revenues are from the parachute centre. The National Parachute Centre Teuge is a club - profits are put back into growing the sport, maintaining excellent equipment, facilities and the 3x Cessna Supervans. The FAI Worldcup and European Cups were hosted by Teuge in 2015 and all who visited and participated were treated to wonderful hospitality and facilities. Don't let this be another drop zone that gets closed down. It affects each and every skydiver. Please share this as widely as possible. Much appreciation and Blue Skies to you all
  2. rjblake


    After numerous discussions, I decided to go with a Pulse 210 at a wing loading of 1.1, after flying either Solo 230's, 210's or ZP Exe's in the same range. These were all rental's and I found myself happy under them all, unless it was a light/no-wind day then the flare would be non-existent. My first opening with my new container was interesting to say the least - nice and gentle and then a sharp left turn. A gentle pull of the right rear riser straightened it out and I made sure a toggle hadn't come out. All I can think is that my body position on opening hadn't been great and I'd put myself into a nice hard harness turn. Checked a few flares and all seemed great nice forward speed and slow glide path. On landing, I flared like I was under one of the student/rental canopies - mistake. Flare was strong and the speed was certainly converting to lift. Held the flare for a nice easy stand up landing. On my next few jumps the openings were all great and 100% on heading without a hassle. Snivel was in the 600ft range and better than the Solo. Nice, gentle and on heading. I got put out on a long spot and spent quite some worried about ever seeing the DZ, let alone making it back. Flew back in brakes and made it with plenty of room to spare. My landings are still far from perfect on this canopy; but that's the pilot and not the canopy. I find myself either flaring to high, or just not hard enough. These were all in null wind conditions, and all but one was a stand up (one sliding in on my butt). I’m confident I’ll work out my glitches and find that ‘sweet spot’ soon enough. I am also amazed at how small this packs compared to a full ZP 210. It looks simply tiny in comparison. I’d certainly recommend this to anyone who is a reasonably new jumper and looking for a docile but fun canopy (assuming the right wing loading). With this canopy, I also have the option to downsize to something like a Sabre2 170 and still keep the same container. I’m in no rush to downsize (I’m old and wise) and I can see myself flying this canopy for many years to come.
  3. rjblake


    Got a great deal on an almost new 2nd hand unit with cable and software - too good to turn down. Love the fit and fact that you arrive at DZ, turn it on and not have to worry about zeroing it before every dive. I still check it before every dive to make sure it is at 0ft before boarding. Check it when climbing and matches my Quattro at 1,000ft and the alti on board the plane at various heights up to altitude. Don't really use the playback function; but do download all the jumps to computer at the end of a weekend. Sync it with video which is kinda nice too. The software is not great, a bit outdated; but it works. I had a question I emailed to L&B and got an answer from Mads Larsen within 2 minutes! Now that is customer service to be proud of! I might supplement it with a digital alti and it'll be a Visio from L&B for sure!
  4. rjblake

    Optima II

    This is actually for the L&B Quattro since it is not listed under the gear section. My first audible and has been a great help. Fits perfectly in my FreeZR helmet, audible prompts are spot on and can be clearly heard both in freefall and under canopy. The low speed under canopy signals make things simpler and allow you to focus on the skies around you for other canopies as opposed to constant checks of your alti. I still do a quick double check on my alti and eyeball the height to make extra sure. Arrive at DZ, turn it on and jump for the day - couldn't be easier.
  5. rjblake


    Purchased this as my first full face helmet after getting my A-licence. Tried a number of others before settling on this one as the best/most comfortable fit for my head. My L&B Quattro fits perfectly in the provided cutout and I do not notice it at all, other than hearing the beeps very clearly. Made a dumb mistake of hopping out the plane with the visor open one jump and it was easily closed in freefall. Vision is great and only ever experienced misting up at the very bottom of the lens. Not cheap, but I'm a happy customer so far. Brilliant that it comes supplied with a case that holds my alti, gloves, earplugs, wallet, phone, keys, etc.
  6. rjblake

    Nationaal ParaCentrum Teuge

    I first got to experience NPCT Teuge when I signed up for the Pathfinder Parachute group round licence (after a 25 year layoff from army jumping). Aside from a long drive from The Hague, found it to be a great place. Planned on doing my A-Lic there, but Spain came up as an option and decided to head there to enjoy consistently good weather. I have taken friends & family there to do tandems and continue to jump there myself. From the friendly faces at manifest, to the very skilled instructors and staff and good social environment in the bar at the end of the day - highly recommend. I do wish they'd maybe start earlier and finish later - especially when conditions always seem to be best at these times of the day. Blue Skies!
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    AFF Course

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    AFF Course

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