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  1. Indeed - for the English speakers, this link will make life a little easier: https://voortbestaanteuge.petities.nl/?locale=en What is at risk here is the closure of yet another skydive centre in The Netherlands. It will not only impact the sport in the country in a big way, but affect hundreds of small businesses in the area. From the local bars, restaurants, campsites and hotels to the rigging lofts and suppliers. Hell, the airfield itself is threatened with bankruptcy given 50% of their revenues are from the parachute centre. The National Parachute Centre Teuge is a club - profits are put back into growing the sport, maintaining excellent equipment, facilities and the 3x Cessna Supervans. The FAI Worldcup and European Cups were hosted by Teuge in 2015 and all who visited and participated were treated to wonderful hospitality and facilities. Don't let this be another drop zone that gets closed down. It affects each and every skydiver. Please share this as widely as possible. Much appreciation and Blue Skies to you all
  2. National Paracentrum Teuge in The Netherlands http://paracentrumteuge.nl/Welcome - fast planes, open 7x week in Aug and €20/jump. Depending on dates, the NL Championships may be on as well. Great DZ, people and facilities
  3. Not a good looking picture! On the other hand, I had one of my excess brake line stows unravel after 50 jumps. Contacted the dealer who I purchased my rig through and Mirage had a brand new replacement set of risers sent (overseas) at no cost within the week. I can't fault that kind of customer service
  4. If a Sabre2 doesn't open naturally most of the times, and by most of the times I mean almost every time, either you need to learn how to pack it, or you need to fix it. As I said, you have a problem with it. Well my Sabre 2 opens pretty slow and needs a little help. Have had since new and still behaves the same way after 70 odd jumps. WL1.2 on a 170. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvjyEYFQNUo And Nick - sorry to hear about the arm. See you back in the air soon!
  5. Why not do it at Klatovy? Great dropzone and close to home. I did mine at Seville and it is great getting all jumps from 15,000ft+. Course price was excellent and accomodation excellent and cheap. Empuria is certainly one of the most expensive options if money is no object.
  6. My experience has been to the contrary. Had a faulty altitrack and they replaced it without issue. email response took a little while; but problem resolved quickly. Know two others who had similar experiences
  7. Guess I was really lucky then. My instructor is also a Master Rigger, so spent Day 1 doing ground school, theory and practice. Facility had a hanging harness for practicing EPs and also purpose built 'rigs' to wear and practice deployments and EPs. Got the opportunity to cutaway and pull a reserve handle on a rig that was just in for a repack; so an added bonus. I'm guessing mileage may vary; but it depends on the instructors and the schools as this is not required per the SIM for a Category-A jump from what I recall.
  8. My 1st purchased canopy was a Pulse which I found opened great on every jump. Another jumper thought it opened briskly and hard; but I knew no better. Started jumping a Safire2 which snivels plenty and opens really softly. I personally think its a great canopy - docile if need be, but also pretty sporty if you want it to be. Guess what I'm saying is demo a number of canopies and don't limit yourself to just PD - there are other manufacturers out there.
  9. Nice deal. At prices I pay that works out to around 28 jumps per month. Anything over that I'd be scoring. Too bad I live so far away
  10. Was jumping an MC1 and had another guy cut across me 100 odd feet off the ground. Stole all my air. All I could see was the planet coming at me at a rapid speed. Text book PLF, but landed on a uneven mound which resulted in some titanium additions to my ankle. My next jump under a round a few months later I nearly ended up landing on the hard runway (was sweating bullets at the thought), but managed to make it to soft grassy field and had a very soft touch down instead :)
  11. I got disc degeneration L5&S1 - had it for 20+ years. Pain and hassles come and go but working on core strength and the above have played a big part in helping. When I used to windsurf a lot, my back never felt better
  12. Mike - Welcome to the skydiving world. I started my journey years back in the military when I was still fit & healthy jumping rounds. Never gave it a second thought leaping out the door, whether it was without kit, or fully loaded or in the dark of night. Fast forward 20 years and I got roped into jumping rounds for commemorative jumps. Was like riding a bike - loved it. Bit the bullet in March and did my AFF & USPA A-licence (1-1) in Seville with an awesome instructor. My exits were mostly all shit. Didn't look forward to my hop-n-pop even though it was from 5 grand (have jumped rounds from 700ft), but it was probably the best exit I did and was under canopy in almost no time. I've now got just over 120 jumps in and still feel a little nervous jumping out the door first jump of the day, but put in a bunch of back to back jumps and it all goes away. Solo jumps suck and it is so much better jumping with others - also helps concentrating on other things. I've had a really bad spot, jumped with an alti that failed on me, had twists, turbulence and made a few stupid mistakes; but all ended well. I go through a rigid routine every time I turn up at the DZ and run through my emergency procedures without fail at the start of every day - not just in my mind, but doing the physical movements to ensure I build the all important muscle memory. I've now got my B-licence and am just starting this journey, but look forward to each and every jump. Get those consols out the way, work on getting your FS1 and CH and let the fun begin :)
  13. Good deal. In Holland I pay EUR20 per 1,000 in value. They do give 25 towards a repack if you use your reserve and cover lost canopies in case of cutaway
  14. From what I know AADs are a mandatory requirement on all Spanish DZs as result of an incident some years back. Whether you turn it on, a personal call and I'm not sure or haven't seen anyone but students AADs checked on a flight line. Place is great, but have been short of jumpers so far. Pity, as opening weekend was busy and hoping this weekend is too - some great raffle prizes up for grabs for jumpers
  15. I'd love to have all my jumps recorded on my GoPro; but unless I could find the perfect way to secure it so as not to introduce a snag hazard or a distraction when jumping; I can't see myself ever mounting it. Far better that I leave it to the professionals - that way I can see myself on camera and try to work on my mad skills instead - I sure as heck need the coaching above my own footage!