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  1. I am satisfied to say that after contacting Mirage personally via email, explaining my position and including some detailed pictures of the pin, they did ultimately send me a new handle, at no charge...and they expedited its production & shipping. So, my issue has been resolved, but I still hope that others will take a good look at their pins to be sure this was an anomaly.
  2. Rebuff: a blunt or abrupt rejection of an offer. Yes, 5 days ago, Mirage offered in an email (to the rigger that brought it to their attention) to halve the cost with me (which was reflected in the previous post); No, I have not yet contacted them directly. Mirage hasn’t yet received a reply, they have not been “rebuffed”. Semantics and squabbles about choice of words aside, when this all came about, Mirage presumably could have used the serial number of the rig to get my personal info with which to contact me directly, or asked the rigger to have me contact Mirage directly, neither of which occurred. Granted, as I said, I have not personally contacted Mirage, for a few reasons: like doing some research and looking here to see if anyone else had had pin problems, mistakenly thinking that the initial email exchange between my rigger and Mirage would come to a satisfactory resolution, and wanting to get the handle/pin removed from the rig to get a closer look and better photos. I understand a business not just kowtowing to any request they get to replace items that are alleged to be defective. However, in this instance their first instinct was essentially, not our problem, it's been out there a while. Then it seemed to change to, "Someone has taken a tool and dug at this ripcord..." so its cause is undetermined. Well why wasn't that the first response? Or, how about, "Gee, that doesn't look right. It could be defective, or someone could have damaged it. Why don't you send it to us and let us inspect it, or send some more detailed photos and we'll see what we think?" And, although I know full well that it has not been at all tampered with, I might have at least accepted that they took a good look at it, and/or had their manufacturer look at it, and made some determination. Instead, the current course of events came about. And now, they have had those 2 original photos that were posted, viewed by the pin manufacturer who has also concluded a tool was taken to it....from those 2 photos; actual ripcord or any further photos unseen and unrequested. So, now that I have had the reserve "temp-pinned" and removed the handle from my rig, attached are some much more detailed and close-up photos of the pin. (The raw files were too large to upload) Albeit untrained, it looks to my eye as though the swage has cracked in a few places, and there is a nice smooth channel where part of the cable used to reside...of course I'm sure someone on the other side can just as easily say it's been dug at (again, for what possible reason I just don't know; and for those that agree a tool has been taken to it, please explain what would motivate me, or anyone else to do that- it's for all intents and purposes "new" w/ less than 700 jumps on it, and it's the start of our season! I want to jump, not wait for a new handle). Suffice it to say that the end result, will seemingly be my complete disappointment in the service of a company that I touted to those I jumped with after the purchase of my first custom rig from Mirage, and then my second more recent rig purchase from them; some $6000+ in loyalty for a $95 handle…
  3. The saga continues... Mirage rep agrees 3yrs is not the normal lifespan of a ripcord, and strands can sometimes show through, but "Someone has taken a tool and dug at this ripcord..." So now, I or my rigger intentionally dug cable strands out of the pin?? Seriously?? Maybe they appear pulled out a bit because they were stuck in the thumb of the rigger when he closed the pack job... Why on earth anyone would think that at the beginning of a season a customer would intentionally damage a reserve handle is beyond me. What, I wanted to take my rig out of service for an indefinite period while I waited to get a new, (custom I might add) handle, and hope that I didn't get the type of runaround that I am and have to pay for it? Or, my rigger dug the strands out to force me to get a new reserve handle, so he can do another pack job? C'mon, gimme a break. But now, in the same breath as accusing me of intentionally causing the damage, they're willing to halve the cost of the handle with me... They've also clarified the "It's been out there since 2012" comment, as meaning "it's been in the field and repacked 6-7 times"...No kidding? Not quite sure what that means, guess that I've had lots of time to sabotage my rig to replace a dirty handle (though it's not even that!) Funny that I showed those pics to another manufacturer (who wished to remain nameless) who took one look and *called* me directly to say that it was in no way right that it happened, that were it one of their handles, a new one would have been in the mail the same day along with a bunch of swag as an apology. AND, they went so far as to apologize for the poor customer service of their competitor! Was this just capitalizing on an opportunity to try to win a new customer, maybe... but they were very genuine in my opinion. Ok, I'm done venting for now...just find it aggravating. I suppose I'm stuck waiting for God knows how long, paying half the cost for a new handle(though that'll probably change after they see this). However, I'm not going to pass that cost on to the next owner of either of the Mirage G4's that will likely be on the market come the end of the Northeast season....
  4. They got the photos of the pin from my rigger same time as I did when he questioned it being a defective handle. That in turn prompted a couple follow-up emails w/ the aforementioned comments that the handle's "been out there since 2012" and that I'd have to foot the bill. I didn't intend this to be a "bash Mirage" thread; I've got 2 rigs that I love and had no issues with, right up to this point. Just wanted to see if anyone else had had similar pin issues, and get some input.
  5. Thanks all for the input. I too would expect, as a few others have mentioned, that *GOOD* customer service would warranty the handle....however, the replies my rigger got when he contacted Mirage were, "It’s time to replace this handle. It’s been out there since 2012." and when asked if Mirage was going to warranty it, "There are multiple full inspections before accessory parts or complete harnesses leave the facility. Any beginning signs of resulting in this wear would have been noticed. There will be a standard charge for the replacement of this handle." So I guess that means the useful life of a reserve handle/pin is well under 4 years of actual use,
  6. Anyone else recently have any problems with an inferior pin on their Mirage reserve handle? On repack, my rigger found that the steel cable has pushed thru the side of the pin (see pics). The rig was manuf in 8/2012, and with our season in the NE had less than 3yrs service (~700 jumps). No reserve rides, and the handles been pulled for about 7 repacks. Mirage says that since it's been in service since 2012, it's time to replace the handle... Just wondering if this is an anomaly, or if anyone else has experienced it.