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  1. Here's a link to an article that made me wonder if my ground school missed something. Thanks for the great replies here. I'll be taking your advice and get together with some others to better learn the equipment. Thinking of traveling south this winter for a vacation to continue my training.
  2. Thx for all the replies. I think there is some validity in overloading someone and the first couple of jumps I didn't think about anything but what I was told. We have a 3 more days that are local DZ is open till next spring. Think ill try to get some of these things explained to me if time allows. Just wanted to know if i should have had this training already. One more question... Is it appropriate or expected to tip your instructor?
  3. Recently have begun to jump IAD. Have 6 jumps. But have not yet received a comprehensive training on the rig. Ground school did not include any time reviewing the rig. I want to see and touch the canopy the front and rear risers etc. how does this thing work, never seen an IAD. Would like to feel what the cutaway and reserve pull (before I'm in the air) feels like. This lack of knowledge has been bugging me. Just read an article that described someone else's ground school, says they spent a lot of time learning and looking at The entire rig. Is my experience normal should I be patient & wait for this in the next ground school?
  4. I'm new to this hobby, trying to figure out how to schedule my student jumps, have a few IAD jumps completed. My local jump base is open Friday through Monday, I called to schedule a couple more student jumps for Monday, but they had only one load scheduled for the entire day (tandems I think) and no fun jumpers expected since it's a Monday. So, no student jumps available for me. Is this normal at most jump bases?