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  1. sedsquare

    Gary Peek

    BSBD Gary. No matter who you are, if you showed up at our dz and Gary was there you had a friend. He will be sorely missed.
  2. sedsquare

    Pack Monkey?

    I use one with my JFX 94 and V306. I love it. Is it for everybody? No. But it's a tool I like and will continue to use. I can pack without it, but I have tiny hands and my folds come out nicer with a pack monkey. That gives me more peace of mind.
  3. sedsquare

    Howdy, AFF fail on first level 2x

    If it's any consolation, what you're experiencing is very common. At a glance it could seem like gravity does all the work, how hard could it be? Truth is it's overwhelming for many people. Some of us failed an AFF level multiple times and went on to make thousands of jumps. We all start out at "square one". Best advice I could give is to lean on your instructors for tips and help. They are the best equipped to talk you through it all. And the wind tunnel, in my opinion, can help a lot. Best of luck! Welcome to the sport!
  4. I'm just now seeing this thread. How cool! I'd love to play with the code.
  5. sedsquare

    Javelin Aurora

    If your reserve PC only goes out 3 feet you may want to talk to your rigger and/or bring that up with Sunpath. Especially for a wingsuit rig with a potentially huge burble. I've never personally seen an Aurora but I've owned a newer Javelin and my husband has an older Javelin. Both reserve PCs flew across the room and would gladly break your nose if you were standing too close.
  6. sedsquare

    Riser design & toggle fires

    Where can I get more info on these risers? I couldn't find much info on IPT's website. I'd like to avoid another toggle fire like I had over the weekend (likely from the slider pushing the toggle out on opening).
  7. sedsquare

    Pack Monkey experience anyone?

    I think Bamafest is Labor Day weekend. We'll be there this weekend! I think since you're my rigger it's important to clarify that you're my favorite pack monkey/packer
  8. sedsquare

    Pack Monkey experience anyone?

    I have a pack monkey. I love it. It makes my folds come out so much cleaner. People get so angry over a $25 device that I think improves my packing. Does every new jumper/packer need one? No. Can you learn to pack (and pack well) without one? Yes. Is it useful for me personally? Yes.
  9. 50 minutes now. Before I moved, it was 6.5 or 7 hours one-way, depending on traffic.
  10. sedsquare

    Cellular/ GPS Tracker for Canopy?

    Does anyone have more detailed tech specs on this? My DZ does not have GSM cellular service. Only CDMA. Our DZO had invested heavily in the Iota trackers which worked perfectly until the company went under. I'm keeping my ears open for similar solutions.
  11. sedsquare

    Reserve recommendations

    Boring is good! I'm definitely not saying the OP is a bad reserve. I chopped on my back from a spinning malfunction and the OP opened beautifully. It saved my life and I am thankful. Currently looking at all options to make sure I'm using the right tool for the job. I have a demo requests in currently to try out a PDR and a Smart.
  12. sedsquare

    Reserve recommendations

    Thank you everyone for the suggestions. Yes, after that reserve ride, I'm considering selling the container for a bigger one to upsize the reserve. Better safe than sorry.
  13. sedsquare

    Reserve recommendations

    Wing loading was 1.3.
  14. sedsquare

    Reserve recommendations

    So I just had a reserve ride on my OP 126. It was surprisingly harness responsive, which caught me off guard. Some people might like that, but I'm not a fan. It was more responsive than the Sabre 1 I used to have. Does anyone know if other reserves are more boring? Maybe the PDR or the Aerodyne Smart?
  15. We could get into the debate about whether or not senior citizen's discounts are discrimination too, or we could just all go to a boogie and party!