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  1. sedsquare

    Pack Monkey experience anyone?

    I think Bamafest is Labor Day weekend. We'll be there this weekend! I think since you're my rigger it's important to clarify that you're my favorite pack monkey/packer
  2. sedsquare

    Pack Monkey experience anyone?

    I have a pack monkey. I love it. It makes my folds come out so much cleaner. People get so angry over a $25 device that I think improves my packing. Does every new jumper/packer need one? No. Can you learn to pack (and pack well) without one? Yes. Is it useful for me personally? Yes.
  3. 50 minutes now. Before I moved, it was 6.5 or 7 hours one-way, depending on traffic.
  4. sedsquare

    Cellular/ GPS Tracker for Canopy?

    Does anyone have more detailed tech specs on this? My DZ does not have GSM cellular service. Only CDMA. Our DZO had invested heavily in the Iota trackers which worked perfectly until the company went under. I'm keeping my ears open for similar solutions.
  5. sedsquare

    Reserve recommendations

    Boring is good! I'm definitely not saying the OP is a bad reserve. I chopped on my back from a spinning malfunction and the OP opened beautifully. It saved my life and I am thankful. Currently looking at all options to make sure I'm using the right tool for the job. I have a demo requests in currently to try out a PDR and a Smart.
  6. sedsquare

    Reserve recommendations

    Thank you everyone for the suggestions. Yes, after that reserve ride, I'm considering selling the container for a bigger one to upsize the reserve. Better safe than sorry.
  7. sedsquare

    Reserve recommendations

    Wing loading was 1.3.
  8. sedsquare

    Reserve recommendations

    So I just had a reserve ride on my OP 126. It was surprisingly harness responsive, which caught me off guard. Some people might like that, but I'm not a fan. It was more responsive than the Sabre 1 I used to have. Does anyone know if other reserves are more boring? Maybe the PDR or the Aerodyne Smart?
  9. We could get into the debate about whether or not senior citizen's discounts are discrimination too, or we could just all go to a boogie and party!
  10. Her jumps are half off if she pre-registers. We're celebrating SISterhood and the discount helps more ladies attend. And guys, you know you want the ladies to attend
  11. The deadline to register is coming up soon! Last year's boogie was a blast and we hope to see you this year
  12. Canopy collisions below decision altitude are a significant cause of fatalities in this sport. I'd strongly recommend against spiraling below 2000 feet. Turbulence is generally just an inconvenient bumpy ride, not a danger*. We've all been lightly loaded and bounced around under canopy at some point. Just keep your hands up and fly predictably. *If it's so bumpy it's dangerous, stay on the ground until conditions are safer. Discuss any questions about this with local instructors.
  13. Everyone is invited to join us May 11-13 at West Tennessee Skydiving near Memphis, TN for our 3rd annual SIS boogie, 80s Ladies style! All proceeds go to benefit The Foundation for Womens' Cancer. Ladies who register get HALF PRICED JUMPS in the famous Mullins King Air. 7 minute ride to 14,500 ft included. Ladies who register are also eligible for some AMAZING prize giveaways you won't want to miss! Seriously, check the Facebook page for the list of prizes from our very generous list of sponsors. Specialty aircraft include hot air balloons, a helicopter, and a Pitts Special bi-plane for inverted jumps. If there's enough interest there will be a high altitude 23,000 foot jump as well. Friday May 11th features an Alter Ego Pink canopy course. Learn to rock your landings! Saturday after jumping there will be a dinner and 80s lip sync battle for some really cool prizes! Facebook link: Registration link: The deadline to register is April 17th. Come join in all the fun!
  14. Note for some who may be unaware, most women can't do a pull up unless they do upper body strength exercises regularly whereas most guys who don't even exercise can do at least one. If strength is still an issue for a jumper I've found that hanging exercise bands over a pull up bar and pulling the bands down can build muscle in a way that simulates flaring a canopy.
  15. I've got an extra Alter in my helmet bag that I'd be willing to part with if it still works and if you want it. I still jump an Alter on my wingsuit rig because of the angled left side mudflap mount. I know nothing of how 3D printers work but if I could, I'd love to 3D print just the mount and then anchor an N3 or Atlas to it.