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  1. Brutus

    Winx canopy volume

    Hello, I currently have a Mirage G4 M0 size holding a KA-120 that fits a little loose. I´ve checked the Mirage sizing chart but I can not really figure out if a Winx canopy would fit in it? I´ve asked Atair and they told me that a Hybrid version of the canopy would definitely made it, but I have been offered a fully ZP one, not a Hybrid. Anyone has owned a fully ZP Winx canopy? How much volumen does it have compared to a Storm for example? Anyone can give me some advice
  2. Brutus

    Head up tracing

  3. Brutus

    HD relaxed feeling

  4. Brutus

    New European Head Up Record

    A selection of European skydivers, concentrated this week at Skydive Empuriabrava, with the organization and expertise of the members of the Fly Warriors team, has established a new European Head Up Record. After 16 attempts, a formation of 43 jumpers has been built successfully. Congrats to everybody
  5. Brutus

    Give me five

  6. Brutus

    Mr Goddas rules

  7. Brutus

    Mixing 2 passions

  8. Brutus

    Zohan "the Giant"

  9. Brutus

    Join me for Spring jumps

  10. is one of the best DZs in Spain. Located in Castellón. Close to large and non crowded beaches, cheap accommodation around, many places to taste nice Spanish dishes. Very good vibe, many funjumpers and not so many tandems. They run a Pilatus Porter but manage to make a lot of loads a day
  11. Brutus

    Windobona Indoor Skydiving Madrid

    Windobona team has arrived to Spain! It´s a great place to fly, to view, to learn no matter what your flying skills actually are. All the staff is close, friendly, really looking to help you and make your experience the best.
  12. I did and I will in the near future. I got injured and need to build my foundation again on the canopy hook turns