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  1. I've put a bunch of wingsuit jumps on a Pilot 9 cell, demoed a Horizon, and ultimately ended up demoing and buying a WinX. I've never had a bad opening on my WinX, whether I'm wingsuiting or freeflying. It's more fun to fly than the Horizon I demoed, and has a very good flare. I stand up on no wind days without trouble. It might be worth trying one out. Best of luck in your canopy search!
  2. Have you thought about a WinX? I think it meets those criteria. I have a full zp WinX 135 and it fits nicely in my Vector 307, and they have lpv/hybrid versions too.
  3. I have two N3A audibles, the old ones that require plugging in earbuds to work. I have two because I love them so much I want a spare if one dies. It tells me the altitude in freefall and under canopy. Thirteen (thousand)... Twelve (thousand)... It's so nice not to have to look at my altimeter or try to remember "Did that beep mean 6k or 5k? Did I switch from my freefly settings to my RW settings?" VOGs are on back order but I'd like to try one. I'm hoping Alti-2 or LB really looks at including a similar feature.
  4. My husband has a Pilot 132 ZPX that has about a thousand jumps on it and you couldn't tell by looking at it. Take care of it and the canopy will last a long time. For example, if you land off in a cotton field don't yank the canopy out of the briars, don't lay down on the canopy with a sweaty body while packing, etc. I've packed large new ZPX student canopies and it's so much nicer than packing regular ZP.
  5. I've never jumped a Kraken but I have a WinX that I use for both wingsuiting and freefly jumps. I ordered mine with two sliders, the "fast" slider and the "slow" slider. I've only used the "slow" slider and it works fine for wingsuiting in a small/medium suit. Terminal openings are very comfortable too. Not too fast, not too slow. If I ever jump a large suit I'll put the "fast" slider on but so far the WinX has been perfect for me for any type of jumping I do.
  6. Depending on where you're located in Arkansas, you may want to check out West Tennessee Skydiving near Memphis. Great place, fast plane, awesome AFF program. I made my first jump at 29 years old. I do wish I had gotten into the sport sooner, but you can still have a great time! There are jumpers in their 70s, 80s, and beyond.
  7. I have two N3As and I dread the thought of one or both of them crapping out. It reads the altitude to me through an earbud. It's very convenient. "Ten........Nine.......Eight....." It's nice when working with students to not have to look at my altimeter. I can give more of my attention to the student while staying altitude aware. I really don't need the features of newer fancy altimeters. Just read me the altitude.
  8. Seriously? After all the jumper was dealing with, let's not encourage people to worry about their handles. Saving your life is more important.
  9. I have a Mirage MT (main tray size is 120) and it fits a regular zp 135 WinX comfortably.
  10. BSBD Gary. No matter who you are, if you showed up at our dz and Gary was there you had a friend. He will be sorely missed.
  11. I use one with my JFX 94 and V306. I love it. Is it for everybody? No. But it's a tool I like and will continue to use. I can pack without it, but I have tiny hands and my folds come out nicer with a pack monkey. That gives me more peace of mind.
  12. If it's any consolation, what you're experiencing is very common. At a glance it could seem like gravity does all the work, how hard could it be? Truth is it's overwhelming for many people. Some of us failed an AFF level multiple times and went on to make thousands of jumps. We all start out at "square one". Best advice I could give is to lean on your instructors for tips and help. They are the best equipped to talk you through it all. And the wind tunnel, in my opinion, can help a lot. Best of luck! Welcome to the sport!
  13. I'm just now seeing this thread. How cool! I'd love to play with the code.
  14. If your reserve PC only goes out 3 feet you may want to talk to your rigger and/or bring that up with Sunpath. Especially for a wingsuit rig with a potentially huge burble. I've never personally seen an Aurora but I've owned a newer Javelin and my husband has an older Javelin. Both reserve PCs flew across the room and would gladly break your nose if you were standing too close.
  15. Where can I get more info on these risers? I couldn't find much info on IPT's website. I'd like to avoid another toggle fire like I had over the weekend (likely from the slider pushing the toggle out on opening).
  16. They're all similar enough that you should probably try to demo some before you buy so you can see what suits your style. Contact the manufacturers, I believe they all offer demos.
  17. A jumper at my dz has a Vortex and he's happy with it. Says it is comfortable and it looks well constructed. Another jumper has a Volt and she has put several hundred jumps on it with no issues.
  18. I feel bad for the guy or girl whose new rig now has the label "Tacky Rig - 2018"
  19. Below decision altitude, I wish fewer people flew their canopies like drunk people drive their cars.
  20. Now that the wingsuit Cypres has been out for a little while, does anyone have any first hand reviews? Likes and dislikes? Is it worth it in your opinion if you wingsuit exclusively?
  21. +1 We have representatives because polling the entire USPA for every issue isn't feasible. Personally, I'm in favor of funding the museum.