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  1. Why does dropzone post the plane crash so many days in a row? I have respect for the people who have fallen but is it only me that feels a little eerie each time you come to drop zone to see that on the front page? Just Curious anyones thoughts lol
  2. chalz

    Move near A DZ

    Anyone want to make this a full time hobby? I'm a bartender at a restaurant out here in Orange County and I've caught the skydiving bug. Looking for one to three people to move near a DZ ie Perris or Elsinore
  3. Hang in there, literally experience the same thing you do word for word... booking some tunnel time for next week ahead of my planned 3rd AFF level one jump before the 6th of August.
  4. Looking for a good deal on wind tunnel time now, not sure if you started AFF yet.... I really thought each level up til 4 or 5 would be a breeze but already having difficulty on level one, little bit of back issues as well but think that problem is more in my head than its negative impact on my arch. That being said I was super nervous about getting back in the sky (more financial reasons) than any but have a renewed sense of "hope" lol on passing the levels once I lock down some tunnel time.
  5. Started AFF, thinking it was going to be a breeze, always knew I had the gusto to jump, that was never the problem. First jump went terrible, tumbled out of the plane over ten seconds to get level Or at least that's what it felt like. Hand signals on the ground went perfect, looking at them while falling to the earth not so much. On both jumps given (the finger) to pull chute and it was like huh? What are you pointing at? I feel like my brain overthinks the simplest of concepts. Hey, it is what it is. Anyways...jump two went I'd say 30% better than the first... Got out the plane, leveled quicker, still not a great arch, four second count, check, circle of awareness, check, missed first practice pull, got the other two, circle of awareness and instructor pulls chute, forgot to lock on to altimeter and when I checked we were coming up on 500 hard, first time was around 4500 feet (I believe). I'm relatively intelligent and watched people fail the ground course schooling which I had no problem with but they killed it in the wind tunnel, I was terrible in the wind tunnel but tested well, prefer to be the former.... Kinda looking for a mentor if that's a thing, got some good advice on Perris' experienced skydiving facebook page, off to hit the wind tunnel next week to hone that arch. Any tips, advice, locals, etc... any and everything helps, feeling a bit overwhelmed, but rather feel overwhelmed than underwhelmed and risk my safety one day. Cheers