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  1. They said that the accomodation facilities are in progress but unable to tell when they will be available. I stayed in Silicon Oasis, good price and very comfortable. taxi ride is around 70 Dirhams to the dropzone.
  2. Hi Chris, Thank you very much for this useful information, I hope they offer accommodation service at the DZ soon, but so far is not available. I just checked with them and they also mentioned Premier Inn as the nearest hotel, I think I will stay in that one and once I go the first day to the DZ I will check if there is any better option. As for the food,cookies and redbull will be more than ok! Blue skies Edgar
  3. Hi all, Those who have visited Skydive Dubai and Local jumpers, do you know which is the nearest hotel to Skydive Dubai Desert Campus and if it's easy and not excessively expensive to get taxi or bus transport to the DZ and back to hotel? any ideas or tips on transportation, hotels and food around will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  4. Thank you Skymama! Doing well and enjoying it a lot!! unfortunately at the moment I stopped on jump #14 because I had to leave the country a few weeks for work, but as soon as I get back home I'll get a re-currency jump and continue jumping as much as I can, or as much as my wallet can resist LOL
  5. Thank you Mathias! I hope I can visit Urugay some day Un abrazo!
  6. Hi! I completed my AFF at SkydiveMex in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico a few weeks ago and going through my student jumps. Thanks to all the experienced skydivers posting valuable information here for us, newbies on this sport. Blue skies Edgar Garnica.