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    Wrist Mounted Altimeter

    This ARES II was in the shipment that was stolen along with the Sigma H/C, student harness and reserve canopy. These were stolen from the front porch of a non-profit group in Williamsburg, VA.
  2. arlo

    Tandem Reserve

    brand new, light blue VR-360 tandem reserve. apparently stolen from someone's front porch post delivery.
  3. Student Harness for a Micro Sigma Tandem. Package was apparently stolen from the front porch.
  4. arlo

    Tandem H/C

    Brand new stock Micro Sigma H/C (also stolen from shipment were the passenger harness and reserve). All black with different colored logo embroidery
  5. hard to believe it's been 5 years, girlfriend...
  6. here's a link to a FB page that was created. there are a shit ton of press reports out now about it. there's also a paypal link and the latest update of search efforts. please blast this out because the more exposure it gets, the better our chances of someone seeing him and reporting it. thanks! arlo
  7. dave is still missing....
  8. okay, just got on here to check something and ventured into this forum to find THIS. scott, you are such a rockstar. ...back to your regular scheduled program.
  9. hey guys, there is a little more info available about the memorial service. i've included it below. please let me know if you have any questions. not sure if i have the answers but i can surely find them out. arlo =========== As you are aware, our friend Robert Jones passed away May 30, 2009. Rob spent his time living life to its fullest and sharing his life with his wife, best friend, and life partner Kathy Gillespie-Jones. Kathy has chosen to honor Rob by holding a Celebration of Rob's Life on June 24, 2009 from 6pm to 8pm. The celebration will be held in the Alice Hall Community Center located at 38116 Fifth Ave, Zephyrhills, FL. After much thought, we've decided that in lieu of flowers, donations may be made to an account established to help fund Rob's granddaughter's (Brianna) education. Rob and Kathy have quietly paid for Brianna's education for years now, and we know that Rob would want to continue doing so. This is a simple savings account set up through Wachovia Bank and is in Brianna's name. Currently, checks should made out / sent to: Brianna Edge 5107 Lantana St Zephyrhills FL 33542 We're in the process of setting up a paypal account, which should take approximately a week to complete. The family would like to thank you for the outpouring of support and love during this time. We look forward to seeing you and hearing your wonderful stories about Rob at the Celebration of Rob's Life.
  10. sweetie, would you at least consider hanging onto your gear for a couple more hoorahs? i mean, for the love of god, i live a few hours from you and we need to jump. you've always been there for us from the get-go (just in case you forgot, that's been over 10 yrs for me and dave and more than that for billy :). i just think it'd be cool for us to celebrate that in a way that brought us all together. i'll raise a toast to you sweetie. i know jack thinks he really loves you, and i'm sure he does (hi jack! ) but he just underestimates me. ;) damn outlaws.
  11. talk about coming out of retirement... jim, i fucking love you. :) i don't care what those old fuckers say about, well, other old fuckers. you are always going to be my favorite bozo. :) sending you tons and tons of love and happy horse shit from san diego (yep, i'm closer to you now than EVER before). dave acts like he loves you, but you know who really means it. oh yeah, and FUCK HIM! is said with the utmost respect. xoxo and waiting on #3000 so i can sting it.
  12. sunday will be a year.... girlfriend, sister...missing you just as much today as i did the day you left. but you KNOW you're always with us. i wear your hat at every single party that we you know you're being WELL represented. with eternal love...
  13. kent, i remember when this started wayyyyyy back when i was working in orlando and you made your first flight. congrats on finally seeing it realized. :) best of luck! arlo
  14. nice job getting those instructors too, btw. you must have some pull. do you have a social events coordinator for the opening gala?
  15. happy birthday asshole!!!!!!!!!! i miss you so much, but i'm sure you're lazy-eyeing it somewhere. :) matter of fact, i will give my cat kissa some catnip in your honor! muff muff johnny... you're number 1...with love.
  16. kv, you were very much missed this year. seriously. if you and CB had been there, we would've completed it. we left those two open slots waiting for you to fly into them, but nope. nada. zilch. no one ever filled them. i think dd said he'd give you a nice welcome back present if you come back though.... anyway, big congrats to you guys on what looked like a SUPER FUCKING BAD ASS successful demo!! to be honest with you, i would've done the demo too. you guys are rockstars. love from fl...
  17. that was andy delk (airspeed organizer) dumping out of a compressed to signal the first wave of break-offs. there wasn't anyone in the center to dump out. :) there WAS no center. those were indeed some bad-ass shots by willy. the man rocks with the camera.
  18. at the bottom of the write up is a link to some of willy's photos. damn he's good.
  19. hey bo, here's a link to a little more clinical explanation for it. it's fucking awesome news and a step in the right direction. just wish it was discovered 8 yrs ago. anyhow, i'll keep your family in my thoughts thru this anxious time while awaiting test results. i'll keep my fingers crossed that the test is negative. love from fl... a
  20. Pill Improves Survival Rate, New Study Finds By LINDSEY TANNER AP CHICAGO (June 4) - For the first time, doctors say they have found a pill that improves survival in liver cancer, a notoriously hard to treat disease diagnosed in more than half a million people globally each year. The results in a multinational study of 602 patients with advanced liver cancer are impressive and likely will change the way patients are treated, cancer specialists including the study authors say. Patients got either two tablets daily of a drug called sorafenib or dummy pills in the study, which started in March 2005. Some patients are still alive, although on average, sorafenib patients survived 10.7 months versus almost 8 months for those on dummy pills. That type of survival advantage "has never happened" with liver cancer "and is a major breakthrough in the management of the disease," said Dr. Josep Llovet, the lead author. "That may not sound like a lot of time," but for liver cancer, "this is actually a quite impressive gain," said Dr. Nancy Davidson of Johns Hopkins' Bloomberg School of Public Health. "It is the first effective systemic treatment for liver cancer, which is such a huge problem internationally." Sorafenib attacks cancer with a targeted double-barreled approach. It zeros in on malignant cells themselves and cuts off the blood supply feeding the tumor. It is believed to work on tumors within the liver and those that have spread elsewhere. In the study, tumors didn't shrink or disappear but in many cases they also didn't grow. "You are not curing the disease but you are delaying the progression of the disease significantly and strikingly," said Llovet, of Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, Spain. The study was halted early, in February, because of the good results, and patients on dummy pills were switched to sorafenib. "This is a very good step forward in this disease," said Dr. Emily Chan of Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center in Nashville, Tenn. Results were prepared for release Monday in Chicago at the American Society of Clinical Oncology's annual meeting. The drug, sold under the brand name Nexavar, is approved in the United States and dozens of other countries to treat advanced kidney cancer. It is marketed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corp. and Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc ., which funded the liver cancer study. They hope to receive approval for liver cancer use from U.S. and foreign regulators. Llovet has done consulting for the sponsors. Liver cancer is diagnosed in about 19,000 Americans annually but is much more common elsewhere and is the fifth most common cancer globally. Risk factors include chronic liver infections and some forms of hepatitis. The disease is common in China and countries without widespread use of the hepatitis B vaccine, which is routinely given to U.S. infants. Liver cancer doesn't respond well to conventional chemotherapy and is often diagnosed too late for surgery to be an option. Many patients die within a year of diagnosis. Robert Throckmorton, a 73-year-old attorney in Orange County, Calif., said his doctor told him "You better get your affairs in order" after he was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer last August. But then the doctor offered sorafenib off-label, and Throckmorton readily agreed. He did not take part in the study. After nine months on the drug, Throckmorton said his cancer shows no sign of progression and he has no significant side effects. He said he walks three miles six days a week to stay active and feels fine. Instead of thinking about wills and funerals, Throckmorton is looking forward to get-togethers with his eight children and 18 grandchildren, and even a possible church trip to Uruguay with his wife. "I have good energy," Throckmorton said. "We are optimistic."
  21. arlo

    Well hell........

    congratulations you old fart (and i say that with the utmost love and respect). xo
  22. godspeed and peace, my friend. i hope your family finds the strength to get thru this. they will continue to be in my thoughts. blues time.
  23. that fucking rocks. thanks for posting this talbert. the first time i ever heard his name was when craig was talking about him 6 or 7 yrs ago - said that scott rhodes was the best skydiver ever...his role model. i figured he must've been pretty damn good to warrant that comment. i haven't had the pleasure of meeting scott yet, so in the mean time, congratulations to him on an award well deserved. take care, a