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  1. Hey, great question. Bottom line is that we are trying to make clear that everyone will need to go through the basic "class" (few minutes) on tunnel hand signals, really not a big deal. Just want to make sure that first timers think that we are just going to throw them in... Thanks for the interest! Kent
  2. Hey folks, we finally made it happen. Yesterday we took our first flights in the SkyVenture/iFly tunnel in the SF Bay area! It's been 4 years in the making but we are there. We will have the $500/hour discounted pricing until the end of the month so better grab them if you are interested at We will be flying skydivers (they don't need all the fancy stuff...) much sooner than new customers. so check us out if you want to be the first in the area to fly with us. Thank you for all the notes of support, and we hope to fly with you soon! Kent