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  1. I'm surprised that you would touch a post like that with the famous 10 foot pole.
  2. The Forum Rules: No personal attacks. No jokes about or references to pedophilia. None. No advertising in the forums. Post to the correct forum and stay on topic.
  3. Found this.... ( Current?) Registering prohibited firearms If you did not re-register your prohibited firearms by the January 1, 2003 deadline, you have lost your grandfathered privileges for them and must deactivate or dispose of them. But as long as the firearms were registered on December 1, 1998, they are grandfathered and you can sell or give them to someone who is licensed to acquire that class of prohibited firearm. Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch.
  4. Good luck with that.... Sadly, some of the posters here are so lame they evaporate like a beer fart in a high breeze when they are asked a straight up question. Some, even scamper away from non-published PM's. Schadenfreude
  5. "I am not going to bother to read this thread as the RWCs are sure to have had plenty of disgusting things to say in defense of the Marines in the video. When you folks get to meet you maker, you will have a lot to answer for. " Don't recall anyone in the whole thread saying the marines were right. You won't admit to reading the thread. Just like funjumper101 is probably not your only SN. Is it..? come on.. fess up.
  6. This article is ridiculous....... The out of touch whackos at commondreams actually and in print declare that Hillary Clinton is a neocon, and a hardliner? That you quote and post this drivel is astonishing. Despite what others have posted, you must be better than this.
  7. Good luck getting an answer/opinion out of Dreamdancer.
  8. Oh wow.... I did hurt your feelings. Aw, man......... So, here we are, and you're off topic, for what is it, the third time, trying to insult (???) someone, I imagine. Dood..... Embarrassing.
  9. Uh Oh....... I hurt your feelings. Dood........ Sure, say what you wish, but at the very least be accurate or have some knowledge of what you are posting about.
  10. I have met Col.West before. I think that more than an Art. 15 is called for in this instance. Art15's are handed out for traffic tickets on post/base.
  11. The UCMJ is US law. Service members are indeed subject to civilian law. Then, aside from the 98 cent bullshit about Wendy, we agree. In the future, if you wish to enter a debate, just jump in. No need for the macho attempts at chivalry or the redneck bar stool drama. EOM.
  12. You are agreeing that there are controls and limits to behavior by service members. And that the system can and will function in this matter because the conduct in debate is illegal by US law, and is not a policy of the US military or the government?
  13. So you meant me, but on rereading that post you discovered that I wasn't joking about Nazi's committing genocide. And since you, unlike some people here can't "Man up" and admit he's wrong, you keep pretending I wrote that, that's indeed: Oh, and you are a right about one thing, falsely accusing someone of condoning genocide is probably a PA. Wheeew...... Calling Dr. Kallend, Calling Dr. Kallend.
  14. Now, they're marines, and not pussy warriors.......? Possibly, but only after a lawful CM. So, you allow the system is OK enough for you? No lynching or summary executing, Taliban style..?
  15. so about 8 of you all agree with each other and yet you keep arguing and belittling each other weird Crazy this is something I really hate about this forum That's a statement I can agree with. Some folks won't even take yes or no as an answer. For them it's all about egos and intellectual auto-manipulation. But it is a dandy thread.
  16. QuoteI have nothing to apologize for, I don't believe I offended her in any way by defending her against your little dig at her. But whatever .... I'd expect these pussy warriors to go down - clearly out of line.[/repl A dig at Wendy? If it was, then I'm sure Wendy could/would speak for herself. You are not only incorrect, but also ..."clearly out of line."
  17. The words of someone who has no intelligent response left. While most US soldiers are honorable, to defend these few guys, who clearly have no honor, does nothing but dishonor the majority. Wanna bet.? Check out post #97. Otherwise, Great thread.
  18. Like you said, what? Another attempt to flame? Dood.! Those lame ass one liners have been roundly bashed and been cause for interjection by Mods, in other threads. Anything on topic to add? If not, then post an apology to Wendy, and power down.
  19. No, I would not be quiet, I'd be smart enough to "walk a mile in their shoes" before declaring that they were wrong, WHICH I HAVE. Good for you, but I disagree about walking in their shoes. I don't have to be a murderer to know that murder is wrong. I don't have to be a rapist (or rape victim) to know that rape is wrong. I don't have to be a torturer to know that torture is wrong. This event was tactically unnecessary, strategically counterproductive, and just plain wrong. It reflects badly on the USMC and on the USA. NO EXCUSES. Agreed.......... I believe that you are reading my posts, yet not comprehending. I have posted that there should indeed be a GCM. Do you have a problem with bringing charges, and a GCM? A GCM is no small matter, either.
  20. Being off topic and an attempted flame, do you have anything on topic to add? Wendy holds her self as an intelligent person, and capable of making her own responses. Why do you insult her? BTW...Are you a Mod? We know who your GF is. We already went over the Knight in shiny armor way back in the debate. Hypocritical actually...... Reading some of your posts, you are in exactly zero position to criticize any poster on this entire web site.
  21. Someone says they understand why somebody did something. Your words, yes? OK.... so what? That ain't a crime is it? To say that one understands an act is not to agree with the act or even the motive behind the act. To distinguish whether the victims are American or another human inhabitant of our planet is not valid to me. Kinda cold blooded statement, Wendy. We could beat this horse all day, and still get nowhere. Now that I have seemingly defacto hijacked this thread.... Since you are a mediator or an arbitrator, don't you have anything productive to do? Answering e-mails is time consuming for me, as I do have a very full and busy life. I'm getting kinda bored with this topic and the myopic responses that are flowing in on the tide. As you posted; best to ignore some posts. I do look forward to your future posts.
  22. in post #57 you wrote, "Yes, I will vote for acquittal at the GCM." That's about as much "condoning" as anyone could ever hope for.[/repl We disagree... Being brought up on a charge and GCM-ed is some grim stuff. If I were to be the sole jurist on a panel, that could fit your case. Mens Rea............. for example.
  23. That is one of the things I was attempting to explain yesterday. Hoo-ray.... Someone gets it. I stand on my previous statements. In combat, troops should follow the Code of Conduct, and the UCMJ. What others do is on them, and their superiors and then they must answer for their conduct. I do have doubt that the Taliban fighters who have mutilated bodies, and so forth, will be charged under whatever code of conduct, if there is any, that the Taliban uses By the way.... Did you know that any and all battlefield pick ups, or souvenirs, are technically the property of the US government. That is how extensive the UCMJ goes to control the behavior of troops.
  24. "As far as the "being quiet" are you saying that you can understand why Taliban or insurgents would do things like behead American soldiers?" You lost me..... You're saying the jarheads beheaded those dead guys, too? I didn't see that crap anywhere.
  25. Then who was it? Way outside the rules, here. Borders on a PA, if I understand Quades explanation of what the rules are for this site. Since you admit to have been joking about Nazi's massacring people, then perhaps you should seek counseling. Sad...... Not good at all.