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  1. So, Rhys....... What would you have done pre-9/11? Launch a nuclear attack against.... (???) OBL and his al Qaeda crew of cave dwelling cowards has admitted responsibility for the attack and murders, in case you missed the news. Additionally, you neglect to comment about the hero's on the flight that "fought back" and gave their lives to save others. Several government employees dies on that flight. Do you posit that the Pentagon was attacked by the CIA? The CIA has a few offices in the building ,too. After you solve the "Maori" problem in NZL, then you might have credentials to critique the USA. Clean up your own back yard. Hugh Essay
  2. HAH.....!! Ya got me......... Make that "FARMER" McNasty.
  3. Hi Mike...... I'm fabricating a belly band now. Bands do keep the lats in tight, and the bottom of the container from excess movement. I don't think belly bands are dangerous. Jumper inattention is very dangerous. Another poster sez, " there is nothing so dangerous as breaking a safety rule and getting away with it." So true. Take a look at the Cobra connector, instead of that old timey quick release. Hugh Essay
  4. Does anyone remember "Framer McNasty @ Z-Hills?
  5. "it is somewhat disconcerting that theories of the mass-incarceration movement do not place race and racism at the center of their explanation for why the United States imprisons so many of its citizens." Total Krap........ Nonsense from a socialist Brit. There are exactly zero mass incarcerations in the USA. Every D has a full trial, with a jury who knows nothing about the D. Judges impose sentences under strict guidelines. Move out of your Gran's flat; fix your teeth, and get a job.
  6. LOL...... Depleted uranium works just dandy, but how do you deal with the glow in the dark effect?
  7. Great comment on the drier sheet. A little clear thinking can go along way, sometimes. BoogeyMan