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  1. IDIOCRACY SCRAMBLES Date: Saturday, September 5, 2009 Time: 8:00am - 11:00pm Location: Raeford DZ Come Join us for the 3rd Annual Idiocracy scrambles in Raeford on Saturday September the 5th! ALL you need is an A license and 5 jump tickets ($24 each)! teams will be selected Saturday morning! Pancakes prior to in the am! For all those familiar this is also the September jump club event so come jump with us!
  2. Its good........if you are near the school. I do know verizon works out here, most the time its pretty good. how about sprint J ... and please tell me it works or my gf is going to go effin nuts .... she has already taken away sun, mon and tues from me but i told her thats it ... my ass is gone on the 17th ... but for real tho .. .please tell me sprint works out there!!!!!! sprint is decent outside in raeford. nextel is so so, 2 way works but phone part is like pissing in the wind
  3. In addition to the GWPP, the locals have also decided to give out a special award in honor of the first pond swoop at raeford. The Rob-W Monster Swoop (RWMS) award will most likely be an empty bottle of rum or maybe a gold painted set of water wings. 98!!! We are still refining the qualifications; nothing definite yet. Amount of water displacement seems to be the top qualification so far...
  4. This is one of my fortes! Koolaid in the shower head. (unscrew it and fill it with red koolaid. super glue the locks to the house. change out there car key with a similar one. clear jello in the toilet. (fucking hilarious) that and saran wrap. turn the door knobs on there house around. (key on inside) take the wheels off rolling chairs. waterballons under couch cushions. stink bombs in ac vent. should i go on?
  5. Wake her up. Do her hard. Go shower. Good response. Seriously, having to sneak out in the morning, so as not to wake her - l a m e. She'll get over it and she's not worth your time, IMHO. edit: then again, I don't know the specifics - could be kind of harsh. my intentions of our "date" were more of an evening event. Aside from that i didn't want to answer the 9 million questions at that time seeing i had not ever mentioned anything about me skydiving to her (Hard to believe right?) Simply put i had one mission the night before, and it had nothing to do with my activities planned for the following day, i just figured it would be "rude" to kick her out afterward at 3am.
  6. Not being there when she wakes up the next morning :( (it was Saturday morning with no wind, 70 degrees and blue skies... and it probley didn't help that i used the downstairs shower so not to wake her) First load was quickly aproaching
  7. Mountain Dew :( Alcohol would require me to not be lazy and get in the car and spend money. (that's not happening right now_
  8. Tattoos and piercings are hot, especially when its a suprize and you cant see any of them until "after hours"
  9. 2 Tandems @ CSS, then they wouldnt do AFF so i made the move to raeford. Did AFF on labor day weekend and the rest is history. been there EVERY weekend since!
  10. 2009 goals: -Safe jumping (not foggle myself or anyone else) -D license by august 1st -Coach rating -AFF rating -Own Rig -Base jump -helicopter and balloon jump -attend everyday of skyfest -do a wingsuit jump -HAVE FUN!
  11. 69 :D did AFF in September. 63 in 3 months after getting solo in mid October. Made at least one jump a weekend since September 1 until this past. (damn holidays and closed DZ :() now i'm about to die waiting till Saturday :D
  12. Redline165


    First of all... who watches it? im in love with the show. for those that watch the show, are the writers on a damn strike again or something? jesus. its been what seems like 2 months since the last new one.
  13. Jolie without a doubt, Jenn is cute, but AJ is just plain hot. If anyone has seen wanted... When she gets out of the "healing water" tub. pure sex :D
  14. I dont think that static line jumps would really help unless you completly wanted to skip the freefall. once you do another jump or so, you will start to realize that in comparison to most up-jumpers, you have alot of canopy time as an AFF student. i know that sensory overload is probably still wide open during canopy flight (reason i say probably is because i was so pumped that i really don't remember many details about the first one... haha) I'm glad you made it out okay, but the purpose of a PLF is to keep from breaking bones and getting seriously injured so from your description it sounds like it did its job. there never pretty but imagine what would have happened if you tried to stick your arm out to stop your fall? either way depending on the situation you will be sore and banged up for a few days. Ive had one rough landing after a little bit of wind chance, no experience, and a stupid decision, but i got up, dusted myself off, got packed and jumped again that day. the next day i felt like a train wreck but i was good to go for the next weekend of jumping. Have a talk with your instructor about it, im sure they will tell you that no one stands up every landing, and no one ever will, and that you shouldn't get discouraged from it. I was taught to not look straight down at the ground and to start flaring right about when you can kick someone in the head. you will start to get the feel for it, IMO once you get it once or twice, (especially on bigger canopies) you will learn the sweet spot and go from there. What i did/do alot of is watching other people. i'm jumping a slightly wingloaded canopy now and its a different ball game to land it, ive talked with some people about it, but ive learned the most from just watching experienced jumpers come in and land. But again, i'm still a low timer, Please talk with your instructor about it. id hate to see someone give up over one bad landing, if that were the case all of us would be very bored on weekends :D
  15. I was told last month that they thought it might be done before the SkyFest event in June. Not sure if they knew the start date then, I would imagine it would be if they broke ground yesterday?? Sounds like it will be a nice one? i never really got a 100% answer, but from what ive heard it will be done well in time for skyfest. that's not stone, only thing i know for sure is that it was marked and that construction was to start soon
  16. Ive had 3 differnt ones, a stock with a 4 spyder center diff, lasted a good while. broke 3rd gear. a "not stock" syncro trans (i assembled but i guess it would be a stage 5 on sheps site) destroyed that after about a half dozen high boost launches. Now i have a magnus Dog box. welded diff and LSD front. never got to beat on it to bad, but it felt strong.
  17. Pure sex is a built Supra with a T76.....or bigger and spray. I'v only seen one on the road and my luck i got him to go WOT and blow my doors off. Good thing my seats clean up easy!!!! Supras are hands down my favorite cars ever. period. give me an RSP 6 speed with black leather interior over a C6-ZO6 anyday. (read i said ZO6, not ZR1 :D) I was lucky enough to get to play with many of them, a freind of mines car that i helped him build made 1502whp. one of the best days of my life was getting the dog walked by that car with me on my 05 R1 with full bolt-ons. started at about a 35mph roll, i had him till well into the triple digits, and he blew past me at something like 150+. that car was insane, it would lay rubber off of a 305 drag radial rolling into the gas at 90 mph in 4th. stupid and useless, but damn it was fun. sometime i miss my old job :(
  18. Its hard to take a TH400 car with a little power behind it on the street or track, especially with ladderbars. I can only imagine, i built a Supra with a TH400 for a customer once with a GT4202R. through a 6 speed that car should have made around 1400whp. SOB made 872 on the dyno... but good god all mighty it would get the fuck out of its own way. We raced many busas and streached 1000's with that car and only ever lost to a turbo'd GSXR-1000. That car broke EVERY SINGLE time we took it to the track. couldn't keep a rear end in it off the line, but couldn't launch out of boost because it would take till the 1/8th mile to spool.
  19. Sounds about right, most ive seen out of a stock b16 was 179 with a hellova tune. there fun cars and can suprize people on the street. pretty useless at the track tho without slicks and gas. i started out my career at a honda based performance shop. we were one of the first to put a K20a into a hatch. took forever to build because of custom everything and we(I) had to hand make the wiring harness. ran good tho when we were done. the car we did that on now has a turbo and is running around 450whp.
  20. Whipples are for babies... go big or go home, Twin turbo GT's are where its at :D Ive ran many-a 03-04 cobras with whipples. AWD takes there lunch money every time, even from a roll MOST of them cant hang, altho i did get a good run from a lightning on slicks once. the Flying brick effect got him up top tho. Personally i think whipples sound like shit, but a kenny bell. OMG pure sex
  21. OMG i HATE runflats. @#$%#$@%#$%@$# to replace. At Acura we have whats called PAX tires, and basically there the same thing except there is a rubber/plastic ring on the rim inside the tire to assist with the load of a tire with no air. But, chances are that with runflats you will not have to worry about a blow out. If you saw how thick the sidewalls were, you would feel comfortable shooting a few rounds into it and keep in trucking.