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  1. Returning back on topic: it is not too difficult, digging on the Internet, to perform reverse engineering of any idea now. If anyone want to do it. With so much photographs and diagrams of the patent's - it is not any difficult. ____________________________________________________ You are right when you wrote it is not as difficult to make a copy, it is much more difficult to have a brain and use it, I have no doubt what you Research and Development Department is a copy-cat machine, I responded with price because I spent a huge amount of money to develop and protect my device against people like you who just spend their time to steal other people idea, with no respect for intellectual property, otherwise you would at least ask to use my drawing patent...Of course I do not believe a word about what you say about price matter.... eric fradet
  2. _________________________________________________ Alexey Sharadkin wrote me down in march 2008 in order to get more information about my device, he obviously wanted to get it for free, so I did not want to cooperate since I have no confidence in a manufacturer working in a country as Russia, not based of a rule of law . Eric Fradet
  3. Ted's life vas dedicated to his sport, he brought a lot to people from my age and my kind, the actual young generation probably does not know much about him since he has chosen to stay in the shadow... he always has been there when I have been asking for a technical information, very helpful, as it has been written down by rinaldi524, Ted has not been trying to make money in this sport, his goal was to improve it all the time, if by chance he would have the opportunity to carry on for the next 20 years, for sure he would have been done it ..there is probably so few people like him in the skydiving industry, what it needs to be mentionned..thanks for your time Ted
  4. So is this generally available now? There is still almost no info on the mirage website that I could find __________________________________________________ they have better to not advertise on it, there are laws in the US going against people infringing patents ! Mirage Research and Developpment office is only a copy cat machine, not even able to do it right... eric Fradet
  5. I am sure I will set off some alarms here, but buy the rig you like because of the rig, not marketing ________________________________________________ specially when the technology which uses Mirage does not work properly...I have been working on the device since a long time, and the correct design is the one I sold to Airborne to fit inside the next ARAPS (remplacment of the MC4/MC5), it takes less than half pound of force to disconnect the device in case of "reserve only", the technology uses Mirage is a bad copy of my device, they makes it cheap, and the simplest way does not work properly (I already tried), DRX owner should think about how much force it requires to disconnect the system in case of "reserve only", they will find out probably over 8 pounds, which is just insane....
  6. the DRX is not Mirage idea, they just try to get for free something they do not own...we'll see
  7. here you go : device to improve the positionning of the slider by magnetism
  8. I was the one who discovered the issue with the Javelin, in fact on javelin was more unsafe because the F 111 fabrics from the Pilot chute was stucked with the bottom flap because urethane coating, so the PC could not launch..the solution was double wall for those red cordura rigs, in your case at least; the reserve PC will launch but if for instance your toggles stay stucked on the pack tray, it could be unsafe....
  9. Yes this is something I know, it did happen sometimes with Atom red and black cordura from 2002 to 2005 in places which are wet and hot like French Island "ile de la Reunion", or places where happened a particular weather event, it really comes an issue when the steering lines are stucked on the reserve pack tray, Aerazur Parachutes de France has been working this winter on a double wall to fix this issue ..except adding some talc there is not much you can do, and checking out every 4 monts for instance by onening your serverve (without repack)
  10. I have a baby plane with less than 100 jumps on it, rings and ropes on the top skin 2 ma 1 s at the end. It belonged to D1142 and I am holding it for the museum __________________________________________________ My understanding is the baby-plane belongs to the Para-plane family ! then it is fantastic, I am rushing to send you a PM right now, thanks...
  11. hello, The French Skydiving Museum in Strasburg is looking for a Paraplane, I am not familiar with this canopy but we are speaking about the one with 2 pilot chutes, circa 73-74...anyone who still has one whatever is the shape, and is ready to make a little money on it while giving a long and new life for this canopy to be shown to everyone , please contact me : [email protected]
  12. Communicate to who is concerned : I, Hereby confirm that at this time, there is no longer a ban on the use of the ARGUS in FRANCE .Any skydiver can install and use the ARGUS in any harness/container system in France. eric Fradet
  13. I've seen one video of bag strip on a tandem canopy that had all the locking stows half-hitched. The canopy came out of the bag 1-2 feet out of the container _______________________________________________ line dump due to the use of bad rubber bands on a tandem sigma bag, the line stows which have been released are going to float above the bag and can capture the bag
  14. I'll try to find a photo. ______________________________________________ there are some pictures on page 77 (almost at the end of this excellent document) :
  15. On conventional freebags the force necessary to pull out freestowed lines is almost zero and once the first closing loop is pulled out running loop releases the pressure and there is almost no force needed to deploy the other one ...... THERE IS NO SAFETY FEATURE LIKE THAT ON DHT ------------------------------------------------------------ for your knowledge the Atom tandem reserve bag from PF/Aerazur also does NOT have any running loop but an elastic band to hold EVERY stow, similar to the DHT one, and I can tell you it works pretty good so far, Atom Tandem is very popular in Europe
  16. The big Advantage of this TSE RSL version : it works better when you are doing a cutaway proceedure while you are on your back, since the tension of the lanyard will be in direct line of the reserve handle, while if the RSL lanyard pulls when you start to face the ground, the tension is roundabout it can interfere with the upper arm of the skydiver
  17. Hehe, take a look at a Vector 3 next time you get a chance. The main flap (that protects the pin) does not open when the container opens. __________________________________________________=> the man who found this design is the one who makes the.................Infinity rigs ; Kelly Farrington
  18. Hehe, take a look at a Vector 3 next time you get a chance. The main flap (that protects the pin) does not open when the container opens. I always know if my flap was secure because it's still closed when I lay my rig down to pack it. _________________________________________________ => you would be surprised to learn who invented this device !
  19. "What the hell are we doing jumping gear where a collapsed drogue will lift the bag but won't clear the risers?" _______________________________________________ as a technical adviser I have to deal twice a year with exactly this same type of incident in France, with exactly the same scary situation as yours, not enough drag from a baglock cannot separate risers from the harness specially with a light passenger, it happens with any Tandem ( Atom, Advance, Vector) except maybe the Strong where the drogue collapses after the main will be deployed so the Dual Hawk has enough drag to release the risers,
  20. Ok, who invented the collapsible slider? _________________________________________________ as far I know a french man Pierre Auvray came up in 1987 with a central way to collapse the slider, then Brian Germain in 1996 came up with the design actually used by PD ( 2 lines ) anybody has more clue about this question ?
  21. hello Paul, PdF (now Aerazur) uses it only as loops on steering toggles for the main canopy Ninja. you still need to be meticulous while doing the hole, it is a weak point ! all the best, eric
  22. hello, this special technic has been used for decades in the navy, Loic jean Albert introduced it about 5-6 years ago, and Parachutes de France uses it sometimes (not on all canopies)..nothing wrong has been found so far about this..
  23. Bird is still alive, right? _________________________________________________ I guess so, last time I heard about him (in 2003!), he was a taxi cab somewhere in Florida ! I have no idea about the name of the movie, the weird thing is : back at this time the movie was made with real film cameras (35 millimeters) to be divulgued worlwide and it looks like I am the only one who has seen it... I am getting confused, probably someone else who was hanging around Z Hills beginning of the eighties has seen it, there was used to show it at the drop zone...
  24. I am not quite positive on this one, since I remember I was in Z Hills in september 1980 and then december 1982, both times Jerry Bird was there, I could be confused in between dates, but for sure I remember the film Jerry Bird made where I can still see him throwing rock from the top of Angel falls before jumping, so I would say, the film will tell the dates better, in february 90 I jumped Angel Falls and Jimmy Marll our guide at this time also mentionned Jerry as the first one to jumped off, but this is not for sure either .
  25. here is an original one, with 4 loops ready to receive the "0" rings, I believe Piisfish's one has been modified since also as you mentionned the top of the reserve bridle is sewn tight, not with a big loop like it is now