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  1. Second that, jump sigmas with 330's and the top tip from my examiner I still use to this day is to get the student to basically cross their arms and arch. TM to do like wise besides crossing arms no input just let it unwind, has worked for me several times. Obviously this doesn't suit all and every occasion, but with a square canopy above me and over a 1000 tandems have never had to kick out of a tandem line twist yet. "YET" weather holds make me hungry!
  2. Hi guys awake again, yes I did watch all the vids available before I performed this test, and I simulated the test as close as possible to this. After I walked it out the first time, not expecting such force it stopped me in my tracks. So restowed the lines had a good look at what was happening at the mouth of the freebag, yes two of the knots where the rubber band attatches were above the flap. Walked the rig out a second time expecting a bit of force, thats when the scale hit 60 kgs. Spoke to Nancy from J/S she did alleviate most of my concerns, the majority of my repacks are yes on the most common type of freebag where very little resistance is required to extract the reserve. Whilst the Racer does require more force, she assured me it was well within all the TSO requirements. If anyone needs tips on packing these she directed me to Jump Shack DVD Packing Manual on dvd or available on youtube Now back to packing. p.s she did mention, although they had simulated reserve deployments with the knot above and below the freebag flap. She suggested that the knot remain below and only the rubber band pass through the eye in the flap. weather holds make me hungry!
  3. Speak to your instructors mate!!!! They know your experience level, wing loading etc. Then have a look on forums for similar gear for pricing. Good luck Blue Skies. Slow is Fast!!!!!!! weather holds make me hungry!
  4. Packing a Racer 2008 model for the 3rd time, and during the test of the reserve bag extraction forces, was extemely surprised by the amount of force required to extract the reserve from the free bag. Walked the rig out full line stretch, then the force stopped me, thought O.K, not walking it out quick enough. Tried again the scale hit 60 kgs 130 lbs before it released from the freebag, one side still closed on the freebag. Jump Shack states that the P.C will produce 190 lbs of force at terminal, I wouldn't have wanted this rig on my back if I had to get out of a plane due to structural failure low an dirty !! Rig has never been chopped, 1 owner , all rubber bands still as new as the day he bought the rig. Thoughts ???? weather holds make me hungry!
  5. Not just your normal pin check Here's an extract from Capewell S.B 6. Apply a load of 15 lbs. (6.8kg) straight up and 90 degrees to the axis of the pin for a period of 3 seconds and then release the load (Fig. 2). Inspect the pin for any deformation or bend. If the pin is straight, continue with step 7 below. If the pin is not straight, as visible without magnification, remove the pin/ripcord from service immediately. 7. Mark the inspected side of the pin with the felt marker to avoid repeatedly testing the same side of the pin. 8. Rotate the pin one-quarter turn and test again as in step 6. 9. Repeat the procedure in step 6 until the pin has been tested in four positions and rotated one-quarter turn in the same direction prior to each test. The pin in question only reached a force of 8-10 lbs on the very first attempt. It literally surprised the shit out of me on how little force was required to snap the pin with little or no bending involved. Hence this thread, all i'm trying to do is let people know that there are still "brittle" pins out there that are outside the dates noted in Capewells' S.B. Link to full Capewell S.B sorry couldn't attach file. Mat weather holds make me hungry!
  6. Hi again, just recieved an email from Parachute systems who were more than helpfull (new pins in the mail), and it's the first case they have heard of their pins breaking. So if your unsure about your rig see a rigger and get it checked. Yes both the rigs have aad's, but which would you prefer ? An aad fire or a pin check???? Mat weather holds make me hungry!
  7. Be aware guys these pins are still out there!!!!!! 2 rigs both made by chute shop now trading as parachutesystems. Both rigs are Vortex II 150 d.o.m 98 and 99 original owners original pins. 1st pin snapped during repack cycle by another packer and the other snapped during the 1st infield test at a force of approximately 8-10 lbs. Australian Parachute Federation sent out a service bulletin regarding pin checks to coincide with Capwells s.b(not sure of the manufacturer of the pins at this stage). Photos now attatched weather holds make me hungry!
  8. Too true Eric, that is my main concern regarding this problem, I have no doubt that the pilot chute and freebag will operate as per normal but it's the lines under the risers and bag that I am most concerned about. Regarding the weather it has been a long wet hot and humid summer here, very similar conditions to ile de la Reunion as there is only one degree difference in lattitude. weather holds make me hungry!
  9. Appreciate the info guys, waiting for a response from pdf, unfortunately my mate is still without a rig as I am not prepared to sign this one off. I have heard of packers using talc for there own rigs, but i'm honestly not sure if this would solve the problem and it would still leave doubt in my mind. I looked at the sb regarding the javs and does anyone know what sunpath did to resolve this problem, can anyone recommend a safe type of solvent or cleaner that I may be able to use? Mat weather holds make me hungry!
  10. Anyone else had this, the rig is a 2004 atom legend, cordura, blue in colour and 1 owner since new. I washed the rig in pure soap and water rinsed it thoroughly and noticed the reserve packing tray had turned to a milky white colour. After air drying it for a few days I put it in a room with a dehumidifier(live in the tropics) and it dried out back to original condition. Am now repacking it for the second time and upon opening the pack am not happy with the amount of adhesion in the reserve pack tray area. The rig has never been scotch guarded and it is only apparent in the reserve pack tray area as mentioned. weather holds make me hungry!
  11. G'day Roger, might remember the dodgie aussie packers that passed through a few years ago Mat n Anita. Any how mate have been flying and packing hangies for over 12 yrs now. Parachutes australia still make the 26 lopo. Most roundies are packed the same and it is not as critical to have front and rear orientation of the canopy as there is generally only 1 riser. The main thing is closing sequence and routing of the bridle(check with harness manufacturer). The hang gliding federation of Australia also has info. Good luck and you can contact me at [email protected] Blue skies p.s the australian parachute federation no longer covers riggers or packers for packing anything outside the A.P.F. Which basically means no cover if shit were to hit the fan. Something you might want to bear in mind regarding cover and insurance. weather holds make me hungry!