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  1. Zoter


    Nice suit....fit looks ace. I'm glad....It wont be just me to get all the 'look at that freaky big wingsuit' looks on the Nethers flightline when I walk out in my Super Mach 1
  2. Zoter

    Brazilian biggest way

    Thats a lovely picture ! Guy on the left.......didnt he trust the other 6 or something?
  3. Zoter

    In January I Couldn’t Spell EMT . . .

    Good for you. I work in Healthcare (Cardiology) and I've always said that when I leave this job....I'm looking for something /anything other than a job in Healthcare.....but....I think an EMT /Paramedic Job is the one thing in Medicine that I could be tempted to stay in to do. Congratulations....it couldnt have been easy ( unless you did get someone else to take the EMT-B test for you... )
  4. Zoter


    I really messed up an ankle last summer running ,tripping and bending it 90degreeswhilst running/jumping a fence to get on a load... The next two jumps I was in quite a bit of pain but was filming and didnt want to let the team down...stupid...but I felt it was OK to do. All's I can say is I did some 'awesome' one footed landings that day.....approaching slower than usual...but with some speed to bleed....before a few hops to a graceful 'one footed stop' I'm not saying thats the right thing to do....but when you really dont wont to bear any weight on one leg...you can adapt your landing without 'spanish landing' it....thats my experience.
  5. Zoter

    Texel Boogie

    I was hoping to come...... But JDam was sending me sloppy mankiss emails....and we havent seen each other for a year or so.....I'd have to question his intentions Nah...work schedule beat me to this one....but isnt there another one in August..??
  6. Zoter

    Jump to work?

    Thats a stunning pic Micke....
  7. Zoter

    Have the BASE forums gone to shit.

    Absolutely not There is loads of information archived just waiting for you to search through.....if you have the right questions to ask. Have a question...? Search for previous incarnations....if nothing answers that...post a new thread. Learn who the 'derka derka dorks' are and who people are who will give you an informative web reply..(there are equal numbers on both sides) Beware as there are many who will claim to be the latter , but without the obvious warning signs of the former ( midgets, drug , cocaine etc etc) Thats your work to do.....take the sensible information your are given and then go do some more research on it.....and hopefully you will find answers to your questions.
  8. Zoter

    What A Night

    Congratulations ! That sounds great.....and not a midget /hooker /ninja....(yaaaaawn) in site.. Well done to both of you... THIS is the kind of post thats good reading..
  9. Zoter

    How to watermark a video ?

    Kinda depends on what software he is using.... On Premiere Pro...simply create a title thats the rights size for what he wants or import a predesigned title into the project . The title (his watermark) ... place it on the empty track above his video and make it the same length as his video track by dragging the the edge to match the end of his video. (ie His video in track 1 and the watermark in track 2) and then simply adjust the opacity of the watermark track to approx 30-40% so its visible but subtle... In other editing suites its the same kinda thing...add it to a separate track and adjust the opacity.. Fade in and out as required....
  10. Zoter

    #33 . . .

    Thanks for the reminder Nick..I'll be sure to raise a glass In an effort to learn from the mistakes from those who have been before...I cant say I fully understand /can visualise what happened here, or 'why' the choice would be made to put the PC in the BOC on a S/L Could someone elaborate..?
  11. Zoter

    YOu are all adrenaline junkies and Nutters

    Does anyone know the author to that article...? The other question I have is ......why...? Sunday Times...?? Article on 'how' to get into BASE jumping....??? I dont get it....was it part of a feature on extreme sports etc etc??
  12. Zoter

    Canopy size

    I'm not going to offer you advice on your canopy size, I'm sure someone with more experience will. I will offer you my own personal experience and thoughts I weigh 217lbs and have a Troll 305 MDV. Bigger canopies weigh more and so the time from extraction to deployment may take marginally longer, which is just something that needs to be kept in mind when deciding to jump low objects. I cant say its something I could quantify but i definatley have noticed a difference in the time it takes for my canopy to be 'flying' compared to that of others with smaller canopies....for no other reason it seems other than canopy size.. I have no time on unvented BASE canopies , but for my size and likely objects a vented canopy has to be beneficial. Somebody I trust gave me good advice on sizing once saying ' You will almost never regret having a larger canopy, If in doubt ...go larger" I think you also have to look at the objects you are going to be jumping.... If you are Swiss or Norwegian and doing mostly big walls, you may well want a different size canopy to that you would 'want' doing low 'A's at night with small landing areas.
  13. Zoter

    Lowish objects, strong tail wind, stowed

    What specifically is the problem about high tailwinds and deploying a stowed PC in comparison to going handheld in high tailwinds.....? Are you talking about an issue with PC inflation or an issue in the bridal being blown 'forward' Briidal management going HH in higher winds has been an issue/concern on a couple of jumps I have done...ie ....the bridal when HH has blown about quite a bit on and immediatley off the exit point... Could you elaborate on your post a little bit please ...and thanks
  14. Zoter

    Falling through a formation

    Pretty much every 4 way cam I know has hit the formation at some time.... Rather than the scolding Jimmy is giving you I would suggest that if you know why you hit the formation ...and its something you can learn from and not repeat , then it happened and you learned from it. Jimmy, I'll respectfully suggest that you are in a minority of people with that many cam jumps that didnt hit the formation at least once whilst you were learning. More to the point would be ...analyse the situation ...why it happened...and guage your reaction to it happening...what did you do...? ...did you put hands out in front when you realised imapct was imminant or did you fight for drag till the bitter end......these are the things to take away from the situation, as well as a strong realisation of the potential dangers of hitting the formation.
  15. I have one of these and have been playing around with it a bit recently....on my PC109 The spot is good....excellent illumination TBH and doesnt drain the battery too much...the dimmer control is useful too. The IR source..? Its a 'little' dissapointing , but then again it depends what you want to use it for.... On max intensity the projected beam of IR is quite narrow.....gives you a a kind of 'box' of light ...within the frame of your video...that doesnt go across the full width /height of video. Projected useful range in my opinion is well short of 20M.... Its better than the inbuilt IR source on the sony range....and good for illumination of people/things quite close to you...but it certainly doesnt fully illuminate your immediate enviroment if thats what you needed It also stands up off the hot shoe....so if you had plan to 'wear' it on your camera helmet ...for 'whatever' reason...you will need a top mount or non enclosed side mount...and it does present an extra 'snag' hazard in such a situation ( but would easily snap off I reckon with significant force)