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  1. Excuses excuses There are a couple of DZ's open all week (between them) within a few hours of you (Hibs and Langer) Both have camping areas, shower facilities, cheap food and dont charge you a penny for being there... In such good weather.....there's loads of opportunity for hanging out, learning a few things ( if you can listen more than you talk) ...maybe even getting qualified enough to earn your jump tickets through packing It doesnt have to cost you a fortune All it takes it a little application......and a bit of spare time. You seem to have little of the former and plenty of the latter .
  2. Exactly.... Most of us work and get to play at the weekend.( and some of us even get paid whilst we are typing here) Some of us dont work...like you. If you were serious about jumping , but couldnt afford it....you wouldnt be on here....you would be at the DZ earning a ticket anyway you could. But on one of the sunniest weeks of the year all over the UK...look where you are ....on the internetz handing out your wealth of experience, in disciplines you know nothing about How serious are you about progressing again ??
  3. but difficult to do if you spend ( what appears to be alot of free time) on the internetz...
  4. Is that a discussion or a statement ? What experience do you have with any aspect of the above in order to qualify you making a statement about it ? Have you even personally seen any wingsuit flying/flocking/proximity flying.....or is your only experience of it watching youtube videos?
  5. 33 jumps per year for 3 years? And you are posting about wingsuit flying and BASE jumping? You should spend a little less time on the internet and a bit more time at the DZ . (but maybe that says it all....)
  6. You seem to spend most of your time justifying your internet ramblings with your complete lack of experience in what you are rambling about. Maybe that time would be better spent actually 'getting' some experience....'talk' less, 'do' more Its an idea ....try it.
  7. really ? I never knew there was a difference whats proximity flying anyway....is it flying close to your friends? I would have thought proximity flying is a very specific skill and open to lots of variables. Wouldn't flying in a straight line for as far as possible from a set start point to a set end point ...with no immediate hazards around, be a better & repeatable indicator of how well a suit can perform next to another ( all pilot skill variables considered) ?? I guess you know best on that. wow...thanks for letting me know that, I was wondering why his legs were bent. I thought he had stomach cramps holding in a fart, couldnt hold it any longer and let rip ....giving him the sudden speed . Its good to know there are such experienced skydive/BASE wingsuit pilots ( like yourself) around on the net to jump in and help all us beginners with these tricky things....I mean most of the guys who are really good , only seem to answer on stuff they have loads of experience with.....how lame is that ?
  8. Why would it..? The 'brochure' suggests the Verso is a suit designed to be relatively easy to rig/fly and backfly in Apart from the rigging....what aspects of the above can you not see in the linked skydive video that you would see in a 'BASE' video. There is even a plethora of other suits flying relative with it which you can help use to judge its performance.
  9. The new 'rules' for us ...are here. http://www.bpa.org.uk/doc_uploads/bpa%20wing%20suit%20training%20manual.pdf Firstly....its important to note, in our organisation (The BPA) that most skydiving disciplines have a 'sticker' based system showing your basic competency in that discipline There is usually a 'basic' and 'advanced' grading for each discipline. 'Basic' and 'Advanced' ...Those terms are relative of course, but basically the competencies required for getting each grade are put up by our organisation ( BPA) and if you are assessed to have completed them....you are awarded the relevant 'sticker' to put in your FAI licence book. It also makes things a little safer as you are not allowed to do certain things without having the relevant qualification /'sticker' (example.....a bunch of new jumpers with no freefly experience would not be allowed to do a head down multiway !) Having the 'sticker' is just a quick, easy way (along with a log book) of a DZ or an Instructor knowing where you are 'at' ....important if they don't know you, and alot safer than just letting you do whatever you want, irrespective of your actual ability. In the BPA environment , it was inevitable that we would be 'grading' wingsuit flying and slotting it into our 'sticker' based competency system. I think Mark Harris et al have done a great job at taking a stab at drawing together best practice in WS flying to put it into a structured format for this type of grading system. Its not perfect..and its not radically different from what is already best practice....but its a good start. It seems to have the support of our more experienced wingsuit flyers and Instructors. Most of the noise against it seems to be coming from beginners who may find its not quite as easy to just do what they want to do, after WS flight #1 ....and maybe a few individuals sulking because they were not automatically listed as an authorised BPA Wingsuit Instructor Its true there are few, true serious WS 'incidents' ( well reported ones anyhow)....but waiting until there are, before doing anything about it.....is bad practice in my opinion. As the number of people getting into the discipline increases , having a decent , nationally adopted system in place that looks at all aspects of safety in wing suiting can only be a good thing. I personally think a standalone BPA /USPA etc implemented set of guidelines is preferential to the manufacturer based system....where ( how can I put this tactfully) the geographical location of the instructor may sometimes be of more importance than experience/ability, in terms of getting an 'Instructor' rating ;)
  10. So where's all these UK hot shot wingsuit skydivers then....? No UK team entry..?? hmm (UncleCharlie doesnt count.....he's one of 'dem 'Euro' Europeans now.... ) Good luck and well done Jarno and crew for getting this 'off the ground'
  11. I agree with the above considered points When I started flying wingsuits I had a few problems with fatigue at pulltime (a desire to reach back and pull your pud.....but a slow muscular response/grip and ability to carry out what is quite a simple manouvre....often resulting in a weak pitch ......followed quickly by a big wince as you waited for the result of that) The reasons I remembere were: Being too tense...too stiff Overflying the suit Gripping the grippers too hard First batch of flights on my SM1 I (re) experienced that fatigue.......but was able to recognise it and relax my body position...sacrificing some performance Over all as a beginner I'd say not gripping the grippers with a death grip was most significant in reducing fatigue that affects your pull... oh.....and trying to relax in flight more..
  12. I love my Peleng....yes optical quaility is NOT as good as more expensive fishys....but its a good cheap workhorse lens... If you are using a fisheye lens you kinda have a good idea on what focal length you will be using...as such its not that much of a drama to have to set it up manually on the Peleng... Value for money....cant beat it.
  13. Zoter


    Was the PC leg mount pouch mod done by TonySuits or was it a retrofit?? Could you post some close ups of it...both with PC stowed and extracted?
  14. I considered it before I posted it. Please dont take offence... This was the description given to me, a description of which I strongly disagree with as Ive seen these rigs, and know of people who have them....and they certainly are not described in any way bad ! Read the context of the title ...( did you miss the question marks ?) and the content of the post... Its a question ( and described pretty much exactly as it was given to me)...nothing more or less. This is in line with the only opinions I know of this container as well....thankyou
  15. ...well thats how it has been described to me by an individual on another forum...who thinks most riggers would describe it this way.... Personally I disagree I know a few people who have them...and have had them....( Jarno...you had one as well didnt you) and their experience seems to be the opposite. If you have experience / knowledge as to 'why' they would be described this way....could you post it here?