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  1. So a friend and I were chatting about all the cool advances in technology and where things are heading these days. So with that said, what would the ultimate full face helmet have built into it? Here are a few of the things that we came up with. I did do a search for a thread like this and did not find one, so without further ado... Key features: Self tinting visor Fog proof, or as proof as can be Well ventilated Built in audible, not just a pocket, actually integrated into said helmet Flight hud with forward speed, altitude, etc. Air to air/air to ground communication system USB port for firmware updates Comfortable and NOT a retrofitted motorcycle helmet Built in camera like the google glasses Wireless video transmission What else would make up this pipe dream of a helmet? And yes, I know the cost would be high, and all the arguments about experience to fly it, etc. This is just a what 'if' thread. So lets hear it!
  2. I have 850-900 jumps on a mantle now. CX-100 side by side mounted with an XSi and it's still going strong. I can't see a reason to change it anytime soon. It's my work horse. There are times that I'd love to have the extra room of a FTPro to use for putting a flash or always on lights, but for 99.9% of my jumps the mantle fits the bill and works very well!
  3. Very nice! I'm not a video expert, but I really like the feel, music, interviews, etc. of this one!
  4. A live monkey trained to use a nikon. Attachment is relevant. Snicker, that's awesome!
  5. I LOVE my Mk3, but I'm not brave enough to jump it just yet! I'm sure that some sunset high pull shots would be stellar though... hmmm
  6. Glad your ok!! Please do post the video if your of mind as this sounds like a GREAT learning opportunity for the rest of us!! It would be great if Ian could see it, I'm sure he could provide some very good coaching based on what he see's in it and some of us, myself included would like to hear it!
  7. Shit happens. Just ask the crowd at a NASCAR or Hockey game. People who go to those events know what to expect. People at a beach hotel probably dont expect to be taken out by a skydiver playing in the pool. Nevertheless, awesome swoop. Based on the number of people that seemed to know it was coming, I'm guessing they cleared his intended flight path like a ground crew works a demo. His path seemed to be pretty cleared out all the way through to his landing area on the beach in both swoops... just guessing.
  8. Swoop'n the hardrock! Doing again from the other side! I'm kind of surprised that this has not been posted here yet... it's pretty technical and seems like a pretty high skill swoop... but he is the current reigning world champ!!
  9. I think it was the background music. Those were some DAMN nice videos and edits for such a quick turn around. I wish that I'd have saved them off. Mr. Batsch's distance swoop on day 7's video was the bomb!!! I went back to watch it again today and it was gone...
  10. Well crap... I'll never be able to downsize then because I REFUSE to even attempt to land near ours... that darn thing is 45-50 feet or more deep INTO the hanger and I'm not willing to fly my canopy in there...
  11. Na, I was lucky enough to have some paper towels handy. To the OP: As for the subject at hand, I dump from a track quite often. I also pull from full flight in my wing suits or nearly full flight, it's more of a hard stall full flight, but it's NOT all closed up, I'm still hauling ass forward when I pitch. At 80 jumps, no, I was tracking, stopping, waving and throwing. Each was a separate activity. Over time they blend together more and more so that your doing all the same things, but there is not the hard stop and think between anymore... just one fluid motion. Have fun, be safe, blue skies!
  12. barrel roll and shout "PULL" OMG, I just spit water on my keyboard LOL'ing... damn that was some funny shit!!!
  13. NO, but pounding into the planet at a high rate of speed will leave a dark red greasy looking spot until the next good rain storm...
  14. Same guy? yes Damn. You tried, you all tried... what a shame. Was he at a different DZ and on that Velo? I.e. did he change canopies at all and did he move his jumping elsewhere so as to be able to keep being reckless?
  15. I just came across this video, but I have to know, is that tear or a vent of some sort that you can see on the tail wing of this suit?