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  1. I have 850-900 jumps on a mantle now. CX-100 side by side mounted with an XSi and it's still going strong. I can't see a reason to change it anytime soon. It's my work horse. There are times that I'd love to have the extra room of a FTPro to use for putting a flash or always on lights, but for 99.9% of my jumps the mantle fits the bill and works very well!
  2. Bill_K

    Need a bigger helmet for my GoPros

    I'm more interested in what they are doing to edit 30 plus camera's worth of footage into the video's they are making. I must say though that GoPro is very innovative or at least the people using them are... pretty cool stuff going on in that clip right there!
  3. Bill_K

    Full face camera helmet

    There is a reason they don't have their face shields... it becomes very impractical. Want to keep it from fogging up on the plane, can't camera's are in the way. Want to open it up to clear your ears under canopy, can't cameras are in the way. I'm sure it can be done, but it's just not very common or practical.
  4. Bill_K

    Windows 7

    Sort of in the same boat as you are. I am hopeful that my upgrade copy will get here this week. My system is still pretty damn fast, but I've tweaked the heck out of Vista to get it that way.
  5. Bill_K

    CX 100 condom

    That's pretty damn cool!! How quickly can you take it on and off or get to the memory stick? I bought one from para gear that works pretty well, but slows down getting to the memory card pretty good.
  6. Bill_K

    Canon XS or XSi

    I use the XS. I purchased it because I already had several SDHC type memory cards, plus I reasoned that by saving a little on the body I could afford to buy better glass. I've taken well over 10k pictures with my XS so far and so far I have no complaints with it. The upgrade from the stock 18-55mm to a Canon 10-22mm made a huge difference to me in picture quality as relates to skydiving. The 3.5 frames a second has been more than plenty, also the two cameras handle what happens when the buffer fills up a little differently I think. When I was doing the research I actually liked the XS better in that department. Not sure if that helps or not or if that was what you were looking for.
  7. Bill_K

    Gaffer's tape

    There are brands? I just buy the stuff that paragear sells. Works great for me so far.
  8. Bill_K

    Rawa CX100 Box

    Contact Mike at ChutingStar, I believe he has some in stock.
  9. Bill_K

    Just another Photo contest~

  10. Bill_K

    Photos from Flock & Dock 5.0

    Kewl!!! Keep'm coming! Damn I wish I could be there.
  11. Bill_K

    An appreciated letter

    I will second that your article in this months Parachutist is great! I very much enjoy reading your writings. You are still going to be down in PR for a few days right? I really do want to meet you in person finally.
  12. The Cypres only cuts the reserve closing loop! It does not deploy the reserve as a Skyhook or DRx system does during a cut away. By cutting the loop it allows the spring loaded pilot chute to come out hopefully... beyond that a Cypress does not actually ensure that a reserve will be deployed.