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  1. North Florida Boogie is the weekend after Fitz. Should be a great time!
  2. Beautiful, 130 acre private airport. Owners are incredibly nice. Full service kitchen and frequently free meals. A new DZ, has only been operating a few months, but definitely on track to be one of the best DZs in Florida!
  3. I did 17 in one day, came back the next day and did 16 more. All out of a Cessna. Did a total of 92 in that 7 day period. All Cessna jumps
  4. I'm also a static line instructor. When you do a static line jump there is approx 6 hours of ground school before the jump. Everyone is always scared at the start of class. By the end of class, they're still scared, but confident about the jump. I wouldn't let them jump until I'm confident as well.
  5. Yeah... That was the only time it's ever happened though. Only cuz the student was over 270. I still get paid normal price anything under 270.
  6. I don't know what happened to the end of my post, but last line should read, "But he has over 10,000 tandems and around 5000 sport jumps."
  7. The DZ where i work will take a student at 16. They need a parental consent form signed and notarized. The parent or legal guardian has to be present at the time of the jump. I work at Skydown Sport Skydiving in Caldwell ID. Just west of Boise. As far as weight goes, as long as they fit in the harness, we'll take them. But they pay extra for being over 220 pounds. Extra for the excess wear on the equipment. To cover extra fuel costs to haul them up. And for the extra work on the instructors part. Biggest passenger I've taken weighed 275 pounds.He was charged $600 for the jump. I was paid $150 instead of the usual $35. I've taken quite a few students that weigh from 240 to 260 pounds. The dzo i work for has taken someone at 320 and charged $1000 for that jump. But he has overQuote 10,000 tandem jumps and around 5000 sport jumps.
  8. So i was jumping my 98soft Xaos 27. I only have 50 jumps on it and it's the only crossbraced canopy I've ever jumped. I load it at 1.8 to 1. The canopy has less than 100 total jumps. It was a windy day. About 25 mph winds. The ground wind was higher than the uppers. I was flying in on straight final, didn't hook it all cuz i wouldn't get much of a swoop anyway so i didn't see much of a point in doing one. I was still making a little forward drive in the wind, but not much. At about 80' the canopy bucked and i looked up just in time to see the left 2 end cells fold under but then reinflate. This caused the canopy to spin hard to the left. I pulled the right toggle to stop the spin but it kept turning. I did a 320° turn from 80' before slamming the ground hard. At 50' i was completely parallel to the ground, diving straight down. I went into a full flare and was lucky enough to get back under it before impacting at approximately 45mph. I dislocated my elbow and got some pretty severe road rash on my face. Some stitches under my eye and in my lip... But i was able to stand up and walk away (barely). I have it all on video. I guess my question is, does anybody have any thoughts on what may have caused this? It's been talked about extensively for the past week at my DZ, no one seems to have an answer. We talked about an unseen dust devil in the grass, wind shear, downdrafts, even gremlins in the canopy! The video doesn't show any cause either. It was like i did a 320° hook from 80'. Just looking for different thoughts and ideas.